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Top 17 Best Thermometer Apps For Android and iOS (2021)

There are so many free thermometer apps to choose from, but which app is best for you? If you’re feeling a little fed up with abnormal temperature in real-time, worry not – you’ve come to the right place to know about the best thermometer apps for your smartphone.Best Thermometer apps

If you’re a single person living or if you are in a situation where you need an app to find body temperature in difficult situations, there’s a chance that you’ve downloaded a thermometer app from Google Play Store or iOS app store. And if you have already installed the app, there’s a possibility that you’ve ended up trying an app that doesn’t work. Or maybe you’re simply looking to try the best thermometer app that also works to check the room temperature

Below you’ll find a list of 17 popular thermometer apps worth exploring. These are the apps that you can download and use for free.

17 Best Temperature Thermometer Apps for Android/iOS

Body Temperature App

Body Temperature AppBody Temperature App, the amazing thermometer app, created by the same folks at Brandish Apps, gives you a unique and unmatched experience of checking body temperature and tracking the record value of your body temperature from your smartphone. With a comprehensive option to store your body temperature data, you will never miss out on anything that happens to your body because of abnormal temperature.

It’s no secret that the Body Temperature App is one of the most downloaded, highly-rated temperature apps on the Google Play Store. It’s a tad too easy to keep track of the body temperature records of your family members. All the features on the app are free for users, and it also lets you convert temperature in Celsius to Fahrenheit. 

If you are looking for an Android app that checks the temperature of your body instantly in one click and also allows you to show health records to doctors to get prescribed medicines quickly, this is the right app for you.

Download Body Temperature App for Android

Digital Thermometer For Room Temperature

Digital Thermometer For Room TemperatureIf you are searching for a lightweight and free thermometer Android app to measure your room temperature, Digital Thermometer might be the perfect pick for you. As the app’s name says, Digital Thermometer For Room Temperature is the app that focuses only on the basics like measuring humidity and outdoor/indoor temperature. 

As of now, the app has over 100,000+ downloads on Google Play Store and 4.6 ratings make it a worthy candidate in the list. The app is easy to use with its beautiful interface, but it’s ad-supported. Overall, it is a go-to-go app for measuring the degree or intensity of heat present in a substance or object.

Download Digital Thermometer For Room Temperature App for Android

Real Thermometer

Real ThermometerReal Thermometer is the most innovative and modern app that gives you the ability to measure body or object temperature for free from your phone. Stay updated with your body temperature record and never miss to find the nearest doctor as soon as possible in unusual temperature situations that you won’t find anywhere else.

Luckily, the app does cover all the outside temperature measuring features alongside body temperature that are never seen before on the other apps. With this app, you can get exact temperature data of the body in Celsius or Fahrenheit.

Download Real Thermometer App for Android

Download Real Thermometer App for iOS

Smart Thermometer

Smart ThermometerIf you’re looking for a whole host of options for checking temperature instantly from Android, Smart Thermometer is the app for you. It has a feature to measure the temperature even if your device doesn’t have an integrated temperature sensor. If you’re looking for an alternative to the thermometer app, Smart Thermometer is an app that perfectly matches you. 

The interface is pretty clean, intuitive, letting you navigate historical data with charts anytime. Just install this free temperature app on your Android phone and start tracking it. You will be able to get updates of your body temperature on the fingertip. Just open the app and start checking temperature instantly on your device.

Download Smart Thermometer App for Android

Fever Tracker

Fever TrackerFever Tracker provides you a fast and accurate way to store the temperature of the body and everything that keeps you in touch with your body. Fever Tracker is an app specially designed for users who want to keep on track of all details regarding fever, which means if you want a simple diary app to show doctors the fever information then Fever Tracker will always be there for you as a free app. If you want to get logs of temperature, medicine, and events in the graph, then this is the app that is built for you.

Download Fever Tracker App for Android

Thermometer – Hygrometer

Thermometer HygrometerOn number fifth of our list is Thermometer – Hygrometer. It is a fun and easy way to monitor outside temperature and CPU temperature through smartphones. Thermometer – Hygrometer works quite similar to all other above apps and comes loaded with plenty of features. This is a free app and is available to all Android users. 

You can manage your stored body temperature or any other temperature records conveniently and easily from anywhere, using the app. Just like Smart Thermometer, this app also offers you a way to know the wind speed and humidity accurately.

Download Thermometer – Hygrometer App for Android


ThermometerAre you looking for an app that is a popular app, where you can get all details of the current outdoor temperature, humidity, and pressure based on your location? Thermometer++ is the app for you. Now let’s straight jump into the topic that how to know temperature from the Thermometer++ app.

It is very simple, just open the app and the simple interface of the app takes you through clear instructions to know the temperature of the outdoor condition, humidity, and pressure, etc.

Download Thermometer++ App for Android

Download Thermometer++ App for iOS

Body Temperature Fever

Body Temperature FeverBody Temperature Fever is a smart app for all your Android phones, made for the way you record fever temperature. Boasting a wide range of features, it’s designed to be a great fever tracking application for Android smartphone users. With its option to keep the track record of the entered values, Body Temperature Fever ensures you always have a healthy body. 

Unlike other apps, it provides various options like storing records with custom tags and notes. So, it doesn’t matter whether you want to save the temperature records in Celsius and Fahrenheit, the app allows you to do both.

Download Body Temperature Fever App for Android

Thermometer For Fever

Thermometer For FeverWhile Thermometer For Fever may not be as famous as some of the other apps on the list, it’s got everything checked off to be an ability to give you the data around your body temperature. From the beautiful interface to the option to track temperature in the graph, it’s got you fully covered. Aside from featuring an option to measure body temperature, it also lets you measure indoor room temperature.

Thermometer For Fever comes with a pretty clean interface that makes storing the past temperature records quite straightforward. Besides, it also features many other options like measuring mobile temperature, the tracklist of temperatures with the estimated results, etc.

Download Thermometer For Fever App for Android

Body Temperature Checker

Thermometer For Fever Body Temperature CheckerBody Temperature Checker is one of the leading temperature thermometer apps offering the option to save the maximum & minimum range of already checked temperature values. However, you must check your body temperature using a thermometer and save the values on the app to compare the other previous records stored on this app. 

If you want to view the full history of person records that you are stored on the app, it is very easy. Body Temperature Checker is a decent-looking body temperature measure app. Once you open it, the app takes you to the screen where you can pick what you want to do on the app, and then if you wish to find indoor, outdoor, or body temperature, you can do that as well. 

Download Body Temperature Checker App for Android

Fever Thermometer Checker Diary

Fever Thermometer Checker DiaryFever Thermometer Checker Diary is one of the best temperature diary apps out there. However, the app also offers other features, including view stored data in charts, enter details in multiple formats like Celsius/Fahrenheit. One of the great features of this app is to send stored data to doctors or family members as images or text.

If Body Temperature App is one of your favorite apps for checking body temperature, you’ll be a fan of this app as well. The user-friendly interface gives you the power of the Fever Thermometer Checker Diary app wherever you go with instant access to the body temperature values you stored in the app and also the app supports multiple users access.

Download Fever Thermometer Checker Diary App for Android

Body Temperature Measure App Info

Body Temperature Measure App InfoIf you’re looking for the highest-rated body temperature measure app to save temperature values, then this is your app. You’ll get immediate access to the database of the value you stored. In addition, it allows you to easily view the temperature ranges of your body on graphs. 

It also provides specific fever and symptom guidance in real-time. Plus, Body Temperature Measure App Info now gives you the ability to find the nearest hospitals based on your current location. The app garnered more than lakhs downloads in the Google Play Store with an average of 4.9 out of the 5-star review. 

Download Body Temperature Measure App Info App for Android

Body Thermometer App

Thermometer For Fever Body Thermometer AppThis is another best digital thermometer app for Android that could help anyone who wants to measure the temperature for free from an Android phone. The great thing about Body Thermometer App is that it offers the option to view body mass index(BMI). So, as you open the app, it gives you worthy suggestions according to your body BMI. 

The app covers other features as well like Humidity measurement, outdoor temperature measurement from the phone, etc. It is an app that you can also use to track temperature in graphs.

Download Body Thermometer App for Android

Finger Body Temperature

Body Temperature TrackerIf you are looking for an Android app that brings a whole lot of new experiences of placing your finger gently on the fingerprint sensor of your phone to get your body temperature details, Body Temperature Tracker is the app for you. The great thing about this app is that it comes with a reminder option to remind you to check your temperature, just like reminder apps.

Finger Body Temperature is an all-in-one app where you can either track your fever or store data of temperature values. The app mainly focuses on maintaining the record at regular intervals, and it has lots of other options as well. Most of the features on the app are is free to use, but it shows annoying ads.

Download Body Temperature Tracker for Android


Smarttem‪p‬Smarttem‪p‬ is a new and feature-packed thermometer app for iOS smartphones. Guess what? To monitor your baby’s body temperature anywhere anytime, it offers a feature that makes use of iPhone/iPad Bluetooth connectivity. The Smarttem‪p‬ thermometer app is developed by Infanttech and the app is fast, and it also has an option to set temperature limit. Once your baby’s body temperature goes above the limit set by you, the app notifies you.

The best thing is that most of the app is, most of the options and the app are free for every iOS users, and it offers users multiple options to store and sync body temperature data check anytime from anywhere.

Download Smarttem‪p‬ for iOS


iThermonitorThis is one of the best infrared thermometer apps that every iPhone user knows. This popular app provides you the option to make your phone a thermometer by default.

The major part is that when you open the app, it also offers a temperature chart and fever-related events. Also, this app provides you a fast update on the temperature as it updates the data automatically every 4 seconds. Amazing, isn’t it?


Download iThermonito‪r‬ for iOS

Download iThermonito‪r‬ for Android (Beta)

Thermometer Free

Thermometer FreeIf you are searching for an app that shows the temperature of your current location on your Android smartphone, then you need to give Thermometer Free a try. The simple app offers a wide range of features to give accurate results on temperature. 

This app uses data from various sources to provide you the accurate temperature information. Apart from that, it also has an intuitive interface which makes it easy for users to go through dozens of options easily.

Download Thermometer Free App for Android

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Is there a thermometer app for iPhone?

Smarttem‪p‬ app for iOS works well on both iPhone and iPad to check the temperature of the body from the smartphone.

Is there an app to make your phone a thermometer?

We have listed all the working digital thermometer apps in this list. Almost every app will work in every situation. 

How to check the current temperature meter for a room?

Just download any app from this list and after the installation, open it. Note that some apps require an internet connection. You need to click on the respective option to find the body/room/indoor/outdoor temperature

Once you click on the options, the app will gather the available data to show the actual temperature in Celsius and Fahrenheit.

I hope this article helped you to measure the body and room temperature. Please share this article with your friends and also if you know of any other such worthy apps, let us know in the comment box below.

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