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10 Anonymous Apps Like Yik Yak (Alternatives in 2022)

Anonymous Apps Like Yik Yak Alternatives

If you are looking for apps like Yik Yak, this is the place for you. If you want to step outside the world of Yik Yak, we’ve got you covered. Check out these Yik Yak alternatives on the internet right now.

Yik Yak lets you hear what other people are saying in your area live. The app stands out from other anonymous messaging apps like Yik Yak is its location-based functionality. 

With this app, GPS technology is combined with instant messaging so that users can discover discussions happening within a 10-mile radius. This is why the app has become a prominent source of news and rumors among college students.

Yik Yak lets you share your thoughts anonymously. Even though it was a popular app, Yik Yak closed its doors in April 2017 after a controversy involving bullying and hate speech.

However, the app has been relaunched in 2021 with some changes, including community guidelines prohibiting bullying, threats, and revealing personal information. 

If you are looking for a Yik Yak replacement for some reason, here are the best anonymous apps like Yik Yak. We have curated a list of 10 top apps Yik Yak alternatives currently performing well. 

Additionally, below is a table of contents that you can use to navigate through apps similar to Yik Yak on this page.

Anonymous Apps Like Yik Yak (Alternatives)


Whisper appProbably the most popular and widely known alternative to Yik Yak is Whisper. It lets you communicate with millions of people across the globe from your mobile device. 

Whisper is the best social network for chatting online and the best anonymous secret-sharing app for meeting new people. 

It is evident that more and more people are eager to make new friends and enjoy anonymous chatting. Whisper’s best feature is the fact that it is totally anonymous, providing users a random nickname when they join. 

Whisper provides its users with their own gallery of images and fonts, which enables users to remain anonymous.

Most of the posts on the homepage are liked and commented on by large numbers of people. By being anonymous, people often post their hidden secrets and weaknesses.

By swiping left, you can view groups categorized by location and interests, which allow people to discuss specific topics. 

Upon setting your location, you will be able to see nearby posts in chronological order. Whisper is said to be a combination of Twitter and Snapchat, which makes it attractive to the users of both apps.

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ASKfmASKfm offers a wide range of anonymous chat threads.  ASKfm is primarily a question-and-answer site, but there are many similarities between ASKfm and Yik Yak. Furthermore, you can use it to seek out answers to questions anonymously in over 40 different languages. 

ASKfm allows you to discover the secrets of your friends, colleagues, and neighbors. Whether you wish to be anonymous or to be open, you have the choice. ASKfm Q&A is also offering a VIP program for its users to allow them access to premium features as well as some other benefits. 

A lot of users have found it easier to get to know their friends simply by seeing the questions they ask and the answers they provide.

With more than 215 million users, there’s a good chance that your question will be answered. Moreover, there is no need to worry about being judged for honest inquiries on the platform. 


HolaHola is an app that lets users chat, video chat, and connect with random people across the globe. The app offers live swipe cards and video chat, allowing users to find nearby friends and communicate offline. 

Using the app, users can engage in voice and video chats in addition to text chats before they meet in person.

Thanks to the millions of members, you will be able to connect with people anywhere on the planet by video call. Just select your gender before starting a conversation. Real-time translation is provided for your chats as well, allowing you to keep chatting with people in other countries who speak other languages. 


KweeWith Kwee, you can also chat anonymously with anonymous people. Kwee is a simple app, and it doesn’t require users to sign up or log in. 

This app has the ability to tell whether an image you receive came from the live camera or from the gallery. Though the app is not as popular as other apps like Yik Yak for Android on the Play Store, it is used by many people.

The app doesn’t let you select the age range or gender of the person you chat with, but it appears to be easy to use and completely free. Plus, you can choose to have your messages deleted automatically after you disconnect.

Virtual Friend Shoulder

Friend ShoulderVirtual Friend Shoulder offers similar features as Yik Yak. The app comes with exciting features that allow you to interact with strangers anonymously, options like personalizing your avatar, and other ways to meet new people. 

In addition, the app gives you the ability to post questions on any topic and receive answers from other users.  This app is primarily used to meet new people and socialize with people around the world. There is even an option to talk to random strangers using the app. 

You can chat anonymously with this app, so it can be used for free without compromising your anonymity.

Virtual Friend Shoulder offers the ability to search categories you are interested in. You can choose from a wide range of categories, and each has a large number of active users. Chat Anonymously Chat AnonymouslyAs an ideal alternative to Yik Yak, makes it possible to chat with strangers while hiding your identity. This app is available for Android as well as iOS. The app makes it easy to meet new people, you just need to install it, open it, enter your information, and you’re good to go. 

If you want to hide your identity, you can add fake details and fake pictures. There are many features in the app, and one of these is the ability to receive notifications when your favorites are online. Additionally, this app allows users to connect with celebrities, professionals, and experts. 


PaltalkThis app is for you if you love engaging in conversation with strangers and would like to meet new people. Offering anonymous video chats across the globe, Paltalk works the same way as the Yik Yak. 

This app enables you to talk to strangers about the topics you like. It also lets users communicate anonymously through its chat rooms

In random chat rooms, you can have long discussions about anything you want. Additionally, the app allows you to create your own group to create a random room. The app also provides users with a chance to check out random chat rooms. 


ChatousChatous connects you with millions of people who are interested in similar topics. Its popularity is due to its ease of use as well as its photo sharing and video chat features. 

Meet hundreds of new people every day by video chatting through the app. The app gives you the option to change your username at any time without any restrictions, so you can hide your profile from the public. By using hashtags, you can find other users to chat with.

There is also a gender filter in this app. It is only available with a subscription. It has decent video calling quality. This app is worth installing if you are looking for Yik Yak alternative.

F3 – Make new friends, Anonymous questions, Chat

F3F3 is another Yik Yak alternative that has become increasingly popular. It comes with many useful features that you’ll find useful. You can share secrets with others.

In addition to the free version, there is a premium version. As opposed to the free version, the paid version lets you know who has viewed your posts and answers, who is interested in becoming your friend and is ad-free.

The F3 app offers users the option of answering or chatting through text and drawing tools. Featuring a variety of robust features, F3 is certainly taking anonymous chat apps like Yik Yak to new heights.


MocoMoco really is a good alternative to Yik Yak for finding people in your area for private chats. Moco also lets you make public, private, and group chats, as well as voice and video calls, with anyone who has the app. 

This app has proven to be a great way to meet people from around the world and stay up to date on local events. Moco offers you a variety of fun features, such as entertaining games and chat rooms.

There is also a filter option within the app, allowing the user to look for new people based on their age, gender, location, and other preferences.

These apps are ideal replacements for Yik Yak, and you should definitely check them out if you are looking for new options.

If you know any other apps like Yik Yak with pictures then don’t forget to let us know in the comments below.

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