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11 Online Disposable Chat Rooms (Temporary & Private Chat Rooms)

Would you like to chat with your friends or colleagues without being tracked? If so, read on. The following is a list of the best online disposable chat rooms, where you can talk about a secret mission or a night out anonymously. These websites let you create a temporary chat room that disappears when the last person leaves. You don’t need to register and there is no software to install.Top Online Disposable Chat Rooms Websites to Create Temporary Chat Room

The purpose of chatting online is not just to send a message to someone you just met, but to form a bond between you and someone who is completely unknown to you. In case you want to talk to strangers online, here are some of the best temporary chat room websites.

What is Disposable Chat? How Do They Work?

Disposable chat rooms or temporary chat rooms are designed to allow you to communicate with others without using anything other than a web browser.

Disposable Chat sites offer a simple way to start a web-based chat room, allowing you to share a unique URL with friends with whom you wish to chat with. The link can be shared and it redirects users to a simple chat room interface where they can send messages.

Your chats will disappear as soon as you close the screen. Even chatrooms can be created with a password so that only those with the password can access it.

Top 11 Online Disposable Chat Rooms Websites to Create Temporary Chat Room is a pioneer of online disposable chat rooms. Established in 2010, this simple tool is for people who do not take privacy seriously. Neither your chats nor the passwords for chat rooms are encrypted. 

You can use it as instant messaging, without having to sign up using GTalk, Jabber, MSN, Yahoo, or any other service. There is no charge for the service, and it provides a simple user interface.

It is important to be careful when setting passwords since they will appear in URLs and source code. Chatrooms are automatically destroyed after two minutes as if nothing existed when the last person left them.

Temp provides anonymous chat rooms for free. Messages on this disposable chat service are delivered in real-time.

Impressing thing here is that the chat rooms can have an unlimited number of users. Moreover, there are no tracking cookies on the web. chatroom doesn’t save messages. So, any users can’t scroll back through past messages when they join a chatroom

This simple tool offers two themes to choose from dark and light. Their website is both mobile and desktop-friendly.


Y99Y99 is another private disposable chat rooms website through which people can send text messages to each other instantly. A Y99 temporary chat room functions as a virtual space, where people can instantly send and read messages to each other.

It is possible to use y99 chatrooms on various screen sizes and devices. There is no need to download any app for using the free temporary private chat room service, as it can be accessed through any mobile and desktop browser.

Tlk allows you to host or join online chats quickly and easily. With just a few clicks, you can quickly create a chatbox that you can share with your family, friends, and coworkers. It’s as easy as typing in the name of the chatbox and clicking Go. No need to log in, just join a channel with a nick and start chatting.

For people who want a quick chat, or if you need an online meeting, or if you just want to talk privately, this website is for you. You can create a chat room by simply entering a URL.

Another key feature of is that it allows users to embed the chat room on any website. No coding is required, just click the embed button, generate the code to copy, and then paste it anywhere.


ChatCryptWith ChatCrypt, you can communicate securely with military-grade encryption on the web. The AES-256 algorithm is used in CTR mode to encrypt messages with a secret password that is provided by the user.

Neither you nor your recipient needs to install any additional software. Messages will remain private and secure between those who have joined the same room with the same password.

To open a chat room, simply click the OPEN CHAT CLIENT option on the home page. Give your chat room a name, and create a username and password so your members can access the same room. 

ChatCrypt offers users the safest way to have a private online conversation that can’t be spied on. Its interface is easy to understand, engaging, and works flawlessly. Chatcrypt will only store encrypted chat messages for 10 seconds on its server.


StintoWith Stinto, you can easily chat online. It is not necessary to register, just click “New Chat” then enter a random URL and configure basic settings such as what the chat room will be called and for how long it will remain empty before being deleted automatically. For your friends to join the chat room, you should send the URL. 

There’s no need to download software or install it. Simply use a modern browser. Stinto lets you share pictures with others. You can share photos, sketches, diagrams, and other images with others by uploading them to your chat.

Also, Stinto offers the option of reporting abusive chatters. Additional commands are available for administering the temporary session. Using them gives you authority over the session. You can type /clear to delete all chat messages. Type /erase! in order to remove all chat messages and remove all members.


NoHistory fyiAll you have to do is type what you would like to share, and a dedicated link will be sent to you. You can send this link to someone you want to read it. They are all encrypted and will be destroyed upon first reading.

It is also possible to control how many people can join the chat room. You can also get an immediate notification when your secret message is read. Users can also make their secret messages password-protected.


Hack ChatHack.Chat provides a secure temporary private chat room service that can be used to discuss sensitive topics. You can name your chatroom whatever you want! Since there is no channel list, private discussions can take place in a secret chatroom.

Other users can join your chat by either using the Android app or website. You don’t have to register. All you need is your nickname and the chatroom name. It’s that simple! Hack.Chat does not store any personal information or your messages on their servers.

Typeto is an extremely user-friendly online disposable chat room. Just use it to chat with your friends and teammates. However, it doesn’t support sharing media files, only text messages are supported. There is no need to provide your name or identity on this website.


ChatzyThe Chatzy service allows you to chat privately with people you know or people. Chatzy allows you to set up chat rooms and invite your friends with ease. It does not require registration.

With Chatzy, you can choose from thousands of font icons, emojis, and image-based emoticons. To add emojis to the chat, click on the smiley icon to the right of the input field. Use double square brackets if you want to include emoticons in your chat posts.


Chattory‘Chattory’ is an online chat room website that can be used anywhere. To get started, you must create a chatroom. By clicking ‘Create New Chat’ at the top left corner, you can easily start a new chat at any time. 

Once you create a chatroom, you can simply share the link or Chat ID with your friends. Clicking the direct link to the chatroom will take them directly to the room, or they can use the ‘Join Chat’ button where they will need to enter your Chat ID.

You’re done! You can type your thoughts in the text box and press ‘Enter’ to submit them. The members of this chatroom are listed on the right and they will be able to read all messages posted in the chatroom including old messages.

‘Chattory’ is an easy-to-use, simple service that connects people. In addition, new chatrooms can be set up quickly and are free to use. Chattory does not require registration. You can connect instantly with your friends or colleagues using this service by just visiting the website.

Final Words

We’ve all encountered disposable chat rooms websites that are unresponsive, and they can be extremely frustrating if you intend to spend an extended amount of time there. These temporary chat room platforms mentioned in this article understand the importance of your time and aim to reduce your workload and simplify your chat experience and meet new people, so you will not experience any problems. 

There is no need to register with these platforms. Moreover, they are free to use. No fees are charged for chatting. Without registering, you can even chat with strangers without cost, send videos, pictures, and send private messages. It’s free to communicate with people around the world. 

What are you waiting for? Use these platforms and create your private disposable chats. If you know any other better private chatroom services don’t forget to mention them in the comments section below.

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