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13 Best Online Chat Rooms Games (2023)

If you are searching for some of the best online chat room games with chat room feature inbuilt then there are loads of Android apps and platforms that can help you. Chat Room is an excellent feature to stay connected and find new friends nearby or around the world. You can start chatting with like-minded people through the Chat Room option if available on any games.Best Online Chat Rooms Games

These days everyone loves playing games on their phones. Of course, Android is a great operating system to play games. Smartphones that are launching today have a great amount of RAM and the best processor that offers a great gaming experience without any lag. This is the main reason why online games and also offline games are becoming trending. 

If you are a gamer then you might have wanted a Chat Room feature to talk with your opposite player or a rival player. Because chatting while playing is fun. Everybody loves it. There are lots of games where you can chat online. 

Online games with chat rooms are gaining more popularity because it makes it possible to talk to opposition players for free while gaming and of course it brings the wonderful gaming experience alongside providing fun. There are enough free online chat and games to make one’s head spin so we made a list of the best chat room games for Android.

Best Online Games with Chat Rooms in 2023

Habbo – Virtual World

Habbo enables you to build a pixelated virtual world alongside chatting with people. It also offers role playing, chatting, making new friends, and so on. Rather than presenting a screen to play games, Habbo gives you a Chat Room option to have a conversation. That means you can take your friendships wherever you want. 

In addition, the app gets updated with quizzes, quests, live events, and also it loads with new items every week. Habbo isn’t the feature-packed or most advanced game, but it’s easy to play, make new friends, and good for anyone who loves to have the Chat Room feature on Android games.

There are dozens of avatar looks and customization options to choose from, and they’re laid out clearly in a clean interface to make a unique look to show off. With just one tap, you can customize your avatar according to your needs. It is a great platform to chat and have fun even while playing games. Note, however, it doesn’t have great reviews overall on the Google Play Store. We can say, it is the best chat room games app for Android.

Download Habbo App for Android

Lady Popular: Fashion Arena

Here’s another app that joined this list to help fashion enthusiasts, especially women. Lady Popular is more than just a chat room game app. It also includes an active community of fashionable women so that people can make new friends. Plus it has a fashion game and options to customize skin, hairstyle, eyes, makeup, clothes, shoes, accessories, and more.

You can enjoy peace of mind knowing that you can compete against other girls from the app’s community who loves fashion. You can also find a boyfriend in the app who matches your taste. Instead of trying several games where you can chat online, try this app that can save your time.

Download Lady Popular App for Android

YoYo – Voice Chat Room, Meet Me, Ludo, Game

YoYo is one of the best and all-in-one online game with chat rooms option for Android. Also, the game has a capable voice chat room feature as well. It’s a good-looking app, with an attractive user interface and plenty of language support including English, Hindi, Marathi, Tamil, Telugu, Kannada, and Malayalam.

That could be ideal if you don’t want to chat with someone who doesn’t know the language you can speak and who speaks the language you’re not interested in. The only downside is that the app feels more limited to Indian users. So, if you are from any other country you may find trouble finding other people who can speak your language.

Download YoYo App for Android

Planet Calypso

Out of the many games where you can chat online easily, Planet Calypso is one more that got it right. As a popular and well-rated game with a chat room option, Planet Calypso provides the gameplay in a stunning 3D-experience. 

Alongside offering great graphics and layouts, this platform that has online games with chat rooms provides a great way to talk with millions of other players across the globe. The platform also has an open market for users to go through craft tools, weapons, and other items to trade and invest in. 

Visit Planet Calypso From Here

Lucent Heart

Lucent Heart is another leading free online games with chat rooms in which users are connected to any opponent from the world so that they can be friends by chatting. You can make free text chat with any person who is your opponent in the game. Lucent Heart is available for Windows. Lucent Heart is a go-to option for every chatroom game lover. It is easy to use this if you have the following system requirements.

  • OS: Windows Vista / Windows 7 / Windows 8.1 / Windows 10
  • Processor: Pentium 4 1.3 GHz or above
  • Minimum 512 MB RAM 
  • Graphics: NVidia GeForce 3 / ATI Radeon 8500 or above
  • Minimum 2 GB storage
  • Internet connection: Broadband/DSL(minimum speed 128 kbps)

Visit Lucent Heart From Here

Second Life

Much like the others on this list, Second Life is a great online virtual world site that allows users to interact with places, objects and other avatars. Where things become more fun is it lets users explore the world, meet other players, socialize, participate in both individual and group activities, build, create, shop, and trade virtual property and services with one another.

In our testing, we were pleasantly surprised at the 3D-based user-generated content. Second Life is an excellent online chat game letting people easily join in the chat and have fun with minimal fuss.

Visit Second Life From Here


Perhaps you’re the type of person who is looking for an avatar-based social app. If so, then IMVU is exactly what you’re looking for. The straight entry of this list, IMVU, does precisely why it is in this list. The app provides you with just about everything you would need including the method to chat and meet new friends. 

You can chat, roleplay, dress up, party, go on a virtual date, host an event, and join a virtual world with millions of other IMVU users from the world. And as if that wasn’t enough, you can customize your 3D avatar, create your own and unique animated emoji. The platform even lets you send messages to anyone and chat online using a personalized 3D avatar chatting environment. You can also delete IMVU account easily using simple steps.

Download IMVU App for Android

Visit IMVU From Here


When we talk about the best online social games with chat rooms feature, Roblox is what we can think of right after IMVU. It has millions of active users as well. As an added bonus, Roblox is available as a cross-platform application for Android, Windows, Xbox One, Amazon App Store, and iOS

I enjoy being able to chat with plenty of other users throughout the world with the Chat Rooms feature of the platform. One of the features I appreciate the most in Roblox is the Gift Cards option to load and use it to purchase anything for Robux or to grab a Premium subscription.  I have been impressed with the site’s millions of 3D online games, user interface, and the animation of Roblox. We also shared a way to donate Robux to friends on Roblox. Do check it.

Visit Roblox From Here

Download Roblox App for Android

Download Roblox App for iOS

Download Roblox App for Windows

Download Roblox on Xbox One

Roblox on Amazon App Store


As the biggest name in chat website games, the Salem has seen more users. Much like the Planet Calypso counterpart, the Salem allows players to play games and stay connected with friends. Most players are familiar with the instructions on how to play the Salem after signing up. First of all, you need to sign up on the platform to enjoy the games. Users have to sign in using id and password to play games on the Salem. 

Salem makes your gaming experience impressive. It is also loaded with dozens of games to play. There are a couple more features that make the user experience filled with more fun.

Visit Salem From Here


Sociable is yet another free online game with chat rooms app available across multiple platforms that include Android and iOS. One can talk to anyone nearby or anyone in the world alongside playing some exciting games on the Sociable app.

Additionally, its features include a simple way to make new friends, play your favorite games, share pictures or videos, among others. What’s more, it doesn’t cost a single penny to use the Chat room option or playing games. If you are finding it hard to pass your time this can be a good alternative as a multiplayer online game.

Download Sociable App for Android

Download Sociable App for iOS

Planet Arkadia

Planet Arkadia has been around for a long time, and it is one of the most popular online social game sites out there. As long as you love playing multiplayer games online, it’s great. It’s also easy to sign up if you want to test this best online social game.

This lets you connect with people you may not think to call or video call using the Chat Room feature. We can call this a martial strategic online social game. Chat room feature built into Planet Arkadia, which is great for people who love to connect and have fun with random people.

Visit Planet Arkadia From Here


I am not sure how many of you knew about the Yubo app. But, it turns out to be yet another impressive chat room games for Android one should try. Alongside, it offers a way to earn rewards by inviting your friends to the app. Also, you get the ability to go live and stream videos on Yubo with friends. It is quite comforting to know that I can participate in the various challenges, quizzes, and lots of competition in the Yubo app to compete with other users.

Moreover, this game provides you with endless entertainment, socializing, and fun. You can play games with your friends. Yubo is one of the most entertaining games with chat. Overall, it is the best online chat room games app for iOS and Android.

Download Yubo App for Android

Download Yubo App for iOS

Ludo King

Well. Why should we miss this legendary game? Ludo, a popular game invented in India. Till now, you can find hundreds of Ludo apps on Playstore and the iOS app store. Most of the Ludo games have a Chat room feature. One of the great things about the Ludo King game is its availability on popular platforms including Android, iOS, and Windows. That means playing Ludo with a random person or your friends with a chat room option should be seamless and simple.

Moreover, it’s all free. The app gained more popularity during the Corona lock-down period and achieved the highest downloads along with great ratings. Fret not, if you do not have any of your friends who have an interest in playing Ludo. You can easily find millions of random Ludo King users to compete with. Another great feature of Ludo King is its Challenge Friends option. You can also play Ludo King offline without an internet connection. 

Download Ludo King App for Android

Download Ludo King App for iOS

Download Ludo King App for Windows

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Where to find free online chat room games?

On the internet, you can find a plethora of online chat room games you may like. Here in this list, we mentioned some of the best games and gathered some additional details and features of that game.

Can I make friends through free online chat rooms games?

Of course, Yes. It has to be said that there are a number of online chat room games available in this list and outside this list that help you connect with new people and let you make new friends. You have to use them in the right manner. That’s it!

Are online chat rooms safe?

Well. As we said earlier, it depends on how you use them. It depends on how you play them. Be at your limit. Don’t get addicted to any game. Also, don’t use vulgar language in online chat rooms.

Are these online chat rooms free to use?

100%. We listed all the free online chat room games in this article. You can also find additional free online chat and games on the internet. We can’t assure you about the trust and the gameplay. There’s no better opportunity to give it a shot.

Finally, we have got to know about the 13 best online games with chat room feature that you should be using. Which one from the above online chat rooms games are you using? Is it one of the 13 mentioned here, or do you prefer a different one? I would love to hear your words in the comments below.

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