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7 Best Graphic Games for Mining Ethereum

Best Graphic Games for Mining Ethereum

The crypto market is actively developing. Today, you can earn money on it even with the help of games, which, by the way, are constantly improving and becoming more and more interesting. Especially attractive are the options that allow free Ethereum mining. Let’s take a closer look at the 7 most popular games that allow you to earn money.

Best Graphic Games for Mining Ethereum

1. Axie Infinity

The developers of this game were inspired by Tamagotchi and Pac-Man. It is made in the style of a team battle. Players can create a team of three different creatures and earn money through the following actions:

  • Breeding and upgrading game characters for use in battles;
  • Selling digital creatures to other players;
  • Completing tasks, such as growing resources or winning a game with artificial intelligence;
  • Selling NFTs created in the game.

2. RollerCoin

This game allows players to mine Bitcoin while having fun. The user simply completes various tasks and missions. There are no complicated algorithms, but there is a good opportunity for mining. To increase efficiency, the player can make various settings and updates. One starts the game with a small farm, which should be further improved to earn money.

RollerCoin offers its players mini-games. They also provide an opportunity to get bitcoins. In fact, it is an interesting way to relax while earning money at the same time. Therefore, it is advisable for players to keep an eye on cryptocurrency rates to understand which coins are better to mine.

3. RobotEra

The game offers a lot of activities:

  • Resource extraction;
  • Adventures and missions on the planet Tarot;
  • Character creation;
  • Land management.

NFTs created on the basis of RobotEra can be profitable. The advantage of the game is that users can influence its development by voting.

4. Alien Worlds

The main events of the game take place in space on seven planets. To earn money, you need to complete tasks, cooperate with other players, and, of course, develop your gaming space by creating new NFTs for sale or rent. Mining does not require the active participation of the player. Money is transferred automatically.

5. CryptoKitties

The game is suitable for cat fans because it involves their breeding. To get the best characters, users need to cross digital cats. The most valuable are those with unusual characteristics and rare genes.

Earning money with CryptoKitties is quite easy:

  • Breed kittens;
  • Buy them at a lower price and offer them at a higher price;
  • Sell game characters at the auction.

6. Mirandus

The game has no quests or maps, but the choice of activities is quite large. Players can choose what they want to do. For example, it is possible to explore the wilderness, do business, create a new settlement, or serve as a knight for the king. During the game, participants receive tokens that can be monetized later.

7. Town Star

This is an interesting mining project from the developers of Farm Frenzy. The game is essentially a strategic simulator where you need to manage a city in real-time. To do this, game participants build buildings, interact with other players, and hire employees. Every day, Town Star offers new tasks to earn money on. The items in the game are limited in number as NFT assets. They can be sold both inside and outside the game space.

Blockchain-based games provide an opportunity to not only relax but also earn money. This makes them even more interesting. Players in the digital world have a specific property that they can sell, buy, or improve.

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