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9 Innovative Games for Remote Workers

Innovative Games for Remote Workers

Remote work is not a new concept, but in recent years it has become the norm for many professionals, offering flexibility and convenience. However, it can sometimes feel isolating, with the absence of watercooler conversations and in-person team-building activities. The good news is that there are innovative ways for remote workers to stay engaged and connected with their teams, and one of the most effective approaches is through, you guessed it, games!  

This is why, today, we’ll explore nine exciting games tailored for remote workers to make the workday more enjoyable and interactive, or at least once a week, whichever way it’s most accepted in your company.

Best Innovative Games for Remote Workers

Virtual Escape Rooms: Unlock Team Building

Virtual escape rooms have gained popularity as team-building activities, and they’re just as effective for remote teams. The challenges is these type of spaces, require collaboration, problem-solving, and quick thinking. 

Websites like Enchambered offer remote-friendly escape rooms for your team to tackle together, even if you’re miles apart.

Online Trivia Showdown: Brainpower and Banter

Engage in some friendly competition with online trivia games. Platforms like Sporcle and Trivia Plaza offer a wide range of categories to choose from. Whether it’s pop culture, history, or science, you and your colleagues can put your knowledge to the test and have a blast on one versus one friendly competition.

Chess Matches: Strategy and Bonding

The timeless game of chess fosters the development of strategic thinking as well as the opportunity to connect with colleagues or friends via a virtual chessboard. Actually, 605 million adults play chess regularly, which is comparable to the number of regular Facebook users. 

You can try out websites like to make it easy to challenge others to a match and even set up friendly tournaments.

Virtual Happy Hours: Cheers to Connection

Missing those after-work drinks with your coworkers? Host virtual happy hours where you can unwind, play games, and catch up over video calls. You can use platforms like Zoom or Microsoft Teams to create a virtual bar atmosphere, from there it’s only a matter of imagination or a host to keep the games lively and everyone engaged.

Online Multiplayer Adventures: Team Up from Afar

Take your teamwork skills to the next level by playing online multiplayer games. Games like Among Us or Fortnite encourage cooperation, strategy, and, of course, a bit of fun competition. Team up with colleagues to complete missions or engage in some friendly rivalry. If you try Fortnite, it might get quiet competitive but, the stree-relief? It’s worth it.

Puzzle Breaks: Mind Gymnastics

During your breaks, give your brain a workout with puzzles. Crossword puzzles, Sudoku, and jigsaw puzzles are excellent choices. You can find countless apps and websites that offer these brain-boosting challenges, allowing you to relax your mind while staying engaged.

Mindfulness and Relaxation Apps: Recharge Your Batteries

Working remotely can be stressful. To combat stress and anxiety, consider using mindfulness and relaxation apps like Headspace or Mensa Brain Training, Memorado – Brain Games (or GEIST (Memorado): Brain & Mind on iOS). These apps offer guided meditation sessions and breathing exercises to help you recharge and stay focused.

Language Learning Duels: Cultivate New Skills

Always wanted to learn a new language? Use your remote work breaks to do just that. Language learning apps like Duolingo and Babbel make it fun and interactive, allowing you to challenge yourself and even compete with colleagues.

Storytelling Sessions: Unleash Your Creativity

Enhance your creativity and build camaraderie with storytelling sessions. Pick a theme or a prompt, and take turns crafting short stories or anecdotes during your breaks, at lunch, or in the morning with a coffee. It’s a fantastic way to connect on a personal level with your remote colleagues.

Remote work doesn’t have to mean sacrificing social interaction and fun. These nine innovative games can help you stay engaged, strengthen relationships with colleagues, and break up the monotony of working remotely. So, go ahead, invite your coworkers or your boss to a virtual escape room, or challenge them to a chess match – it’s game on for remote workers! Remember that these games can also help to build team morale and foster collaboration, even from a distance. Plus, it’s a great way to take a break from the stresses of remote work.

Lokesh Naik is an avid blogger and internet freak who is behind this blog. A tech enthusiast and fan of smartphones who keeps track of every little happening in the smartphone world. When not writing, he loves watching cricket.

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