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13 Best Electronic Health Record Apps for Android & iOS (2023)

Believe it or not, the electronic health record app on your iPhone and Android can do more than just thought. You can easily add medical records, documents, prescriptions to the EHR applications. 

Keeping paper medical health records creates more pressure. It needs more time, effort, and space to ensure safety and security as they are easily misplaced or lost. The best way to remember things quickly is using EHR apps.

Best Electronic Health Record Apps

When it comes to health, a little improvement can make a difference, which is why people say health is wealth. If you want to record all your health information, you don’t need to have a health record card or paper to have them along with your every time whenever you go. All you have to do is download a health electronic records app.

There are so many options on Google Play Store and even on iOS App Store. It might be difficult to make an easy decision without regretting your selection.

To help you start, here are the 11 best apps to help you save your personal health records and stay healthy. Check them out below and choose the one that makes sense for you.

13 Best Free EHR Electronic Health Records Apps for Smartphones

These apps will surely save you time and energy as you don’t have to take remember wherever you go. These electronic health records are easily and quickly accessible from anywhere anytime. These apps work across all your devices, no matter if you’re using iPhone or Android, and these feature-packed apps will help you live tension-free life on top of your day-to-day tasks. 

Best Mobile EHR Apps for Android

Medical Records by MedClin

Medical RecordsMedical Records allows you to create medical records and patient records. You can also keep track of your health information. Use it to store your medical data in order to stay fit and healthy. Medical Records app combines flexibility with dozens of handy tools like attaching medical documents of any format, controlling blood pressure, and charts to compare blood pressure measurements. 

Users will also get the option to export health records created using the app to Excel Sheet. The app also offers the option to save the blood sugar or blood pressure or blood glucose report as PDF. You can even view them as a graph. It even has modules like radiology, blood pressure, lab tests, and prescription. Do you know what is the best thing about this app? If you are a physician/doctor, you can use this app to store clinic information and patient medical records. Easy to use and perfect for those who are looking for Android Electronic Health Records (EHR) app.

Download Medical Records App for Android

Medical records – Data, Monitoring and Drugs

Medical Records App by Paolo ColomboAnother great option for the best android electronic health record app, which most users use for monitoring health activities is Medical records by Paolo Colombo. Like the above app, it is a powerful and feature-packed app, but it is a tad easier to use for most people who love a clutter-free interface. 

It has options for adding records of allergies, emergency contacts, blood pressure, intervention, drugs to take, vaccine, glycemic levels, and a lot more. and so much more. For searching hospitals and medical centers, there are plenty of other functions on the app. It is an excellent app for people who want to take medications periodically.

Download Medical Records App by Paolo Colombo for Android

Ur Vitals

Ur VitalsDo you want a medical record vault-app just to make life easier, especially if you want to save your medical records, prescriptions, reports, and expenses for future use then Ur Vitals is one to consider. With the Ur Vitals app, you can store any medical record documents permanently by uploading them to the cloud so that you can easily access them from anywhere with the app’s secure login. 

This mobile EHR app stores any medical documents you want. Ur Vitals will give you the option to share the medical reports with a doctor as well. There are multiple features offered in the Ur Vitals app, like the smart scan option to upload health-related documents, the option to save prescriptions, etc.

Download Ur Vitals App for Android


UpdocOften it is considered as one of the best EHR applications for Android. This powerful and comprehensive app works well on Android devices. It lets you add unlimited medical records inside alongside providing other features that are handy. You can focus on the specific medical record of someone that you added to keep a detailed history of symptoms. 

By default, the app has the option to include photos and exam results of the symptoms. You can also do things like sharing logs with family members, automatic cloud backup, sync across different devices and platforms, and a lot more. It has a graphs section where you’ll find the health progress through graphs.

Download Updoc App for Android


RXNTRXNT is an amazing and wonderfully-designed app for electronic health records. It has been around for years and it’s still one of the best mobile EHR software apps you’ll find. With this app, you can note down medical records, prescriptions, doctor schedules, and a lot more. You even get alerts if the assigned tasks are not completed on time, and even you can send automatic patient reminders. 

It even has a sync option in case you like to link with Google Plus or Outlook calendars. It offers an easily accessible simple interface for users. If you are looking for a versatile mobile EHR app then RXNT is a great pick.

Download RXNT App for Android

IMS Patient App

IMS Patient AppIn a busy life, you just need an app that takes care of a patient’s health. IMS Patient App is one of the free apps you can download from the play store. It will help you by storing your health information securely. With IMS Patient App, you get a fully-featured mobile EHR software alongside dozens of key features. 

This app lets users add any medical records in a well-organized searchable way for patients. You can also upload prescriptions. One of the key highlights of this app is its ability to send messages to any clinical staff. Furthermore, you will be able to turn your smartphone into a portable workstation for healthcare providers.

Download IMS Patient App for Android

Map My Health

Map My HealthMap My Health is another very lightweight mobile electronic medical record app that provides easy-to-use Electronic Health Record (EHR) solutions to all types of patients for their convenience. It is very easy to use with its interactive interface. 

Unlike hard copies, the app stores the data for a long time and it will be easily accessible for users from anywhere anytime. Map My Health is similar to other mobile EHR software alternatives I’ve shared in this article.

Download Map My Health App for Android


IMSGoIMSGo is one of the most widely used and polished mobile electronic medical record apps. Once you install this application on your Android phone, you’ll be able to add patient records, medical records to store so that you can view them from anywhere in the world. 

This application supports patient appointments as well and has an option to view, add, edit, move, and cancel appoints of any patients. It lets users view and review lab results also. The application also allows you to transcribe your voice notes into visit notes through its unique speech-to-text option. 

Download IMSGo App for Android

EHR / EMR Health records

EHR EMR Health recordsYet another neat and clean mobile EHR for Android with flexibility and dozens of trackers. With this app, you can even set reminders for taking tablets or any medicines. Doesn’t matter whether you want to store doctor appointments or medical documents or your test results, EHR / EMR Health records app can solve all your problems by providing combined experience in one app. 

It is especially for you if you want to monitor all the medical reports in the graph. This unique app has an astonishing user interface. With a variety of fully-featured e-prescription features, we are pleased with the quality of medical record storing experience it offers.

Download EHR / EMR Health records App for Android

Best Mobile EHR Apps for iOS

DrChrono EHR / EM‪R

DrChrono EHR EM‪RDrChrono EHR / EM‪R is one of the mobile EHR apps for iOS. If you want to overcome the tension of carrying traditional medical records even in odd situations then DrChrono EHR / EM‪R is an excellent iOS app for you. According to the developers of this app, DrChrono EHR is an all-in-one EHR app for iPhones and iPads. 

The app can minimize the risk of multiple data entries from its feature to enter a patient record that passes instantly to others. It can also make error-free data entries through the art EHR system of the app.

Download DrChrono EHR / EM‪R App for iPhone

AdvancedMD Mobile‬

AdvancedMD Mobil‪eAdvancedMD is rated as one of the top mobile EHR. With this essential app for iPhone, users can easily customize medical forms, macro buttons, medical speech-to-text, and drawing tools. Users will surely find it a more organized EHR app. 

Moreover, users will find it very easy to use because of its interactive interface. In your daily life, AdvancedMD will surely give you an edge on patient management as well as billing functionality making it one of the comprehensive apps to improve medical care by reducing the overall time flow.

Download AdvancedMD Mobil‪e‬ App for iPhone 

NextGen EHR mobile app

NextGen Mobile Solution‪s‬NextGen is an app that can transform mobile into portable workstations for healthcare providers. It can save the time on typing or clinic staff time or effort by providing the option to record point of patient details. Just create reminders for taking tablets, medicines, drugs, or anything. Easily check any doctor schedules that you saved anytime from anywhere. 

As soon as you install and open this app, you will find out how the app will let users review medication histories by adding, editing, and printing patient charts, medications, problems, allergies, immunizations, scanned documents, lab orders, and results.

Download NextGen App for iPhone 

Epic EHR mobile app

Epic Haiku Limeric‪kEpic is yet another iOS app that is a quick and secure app to store records of patients. It offers a secure method to save all the documents of patients and access those from other facilities. 

In fact, you will have control over what medical document you store in the app. Additionally, Epic EHR app ships with a simple, impressive as well as user-friendly interface that will ensure a better experience. This app can be a lifesaver in many situations for sure. Undoubtedly, all the features will are free on this app.

Download Epic App for iPhone 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is the EHR application?

An electronic health record app or EHR is an app that comes with a set of EHR features, all accessible through Android or iOS smartphones. 

What are the uses of mobile EHR apps?

Mobile electronic medical record apps offer users or patients improved documentation, medical decision-making, and physician efficiency.

Which features should I look for in a mobile EHR app?

With the many mobile EHR available on the internet, picking the right one for your medical or clinical usage can be a challenging task. Before you decide to pick one app over the other, consider all its feature by testing them. Read this article and test the listed all app to know which mobile EHR app suits your needs better.

What is the best electronic health record app?

It is pretty tough to name a single app from several best electronic health records apps for smartphones since there are a lot of applications developed especially for this task. 

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