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Best Windows Apps for 2023

Given the number of available apps for Windows, finding the most useful ones may be a tough challenge. For instance, if you are fond of programming, you will likely benefit from apps related to the IT industry. Conversely, if you are heavily into design, you will need different tools. 

But what if you are into various things? Whether you are interested in listening to music, watching movies, working, or studying, below are a few apps that will help you make the most of your routine.Best Windows Apps

Best Windows Apps to Use in 2023


VistaCreateWhether you are a student or an employee, you will have to design visuals at some point in your life. Banners, posters, cards, and calendars are only a drop in the bucket of what you might need to create. 

Regardless of the item, you can make it unique and astounding using VistaCreate. VistaCreate is one of the most promising and successful design apps these days. The platform contains tens of thousands of professionally designed templates, animated objects, fonts, formats, and music tracks. 

VistaCreate is available as a web platform and Android & iOS app. And the best thing about VistaCreate is that you can access all these perks without being charged! Using animation tools, layering, duplicating, resizing, presenting, and a wide range of other features – all for free! Of course, you can pay and get a premium account; but if you aren’t engaged in design professionally, using a free VistaCreate plan will suffice!


BraveOut of a dozen security-related matters, digital hygiene is arguably the most critical one nowadays. It’s essential to be aware of what apps you use and whether they keep your personal data under lock and key. 

It is no secret that social media platforms and browsers work hand in hand, exchanging info to provide the user with more pertinent information (at least that’s how they justify it). Indubitably, sometimes algorithms work perfectly fine, providing you with links including products you’ve craved. But what if you don’t want that? What if you desire to boost your security on the web? 

Well, this is when Brave comes into play. Brave is a novel browser that prioritizes privacy and safety. It is secure, swift, and stunning. You decide what search engine you want to use and if you wish to see any ads. If you allow the ads to appear, you will get a sweet bonus every time a paid aid pops up (no spoiler, see it yourself). Brave is free and works impressively fast on Windows.

Spotify Music

Spotify MusicListening to music is an indispensable part of our lives. We do it everywhere: on the go, at work/school, and, above all else, at home. If you want to get the most out of listening to music at home, downloading a Spotify Music Windows app is a must. Spotify is currently one of the best audio streaming services, including millions of songs and artists. But you already know that. 

It’s a fact that Spotify on Android and iOS focuses on a paid subscription, only allowing free accounts to have six skips per hour. But get this: a Spotify Windows app opens up much more freedom for users who have free versions. Not only can you play any song from the PC/laptop, but you can also skip tracks as many times as you want!


AudibleThere is nothing wrong with listening to music, but let’s agree that doing that all the time is impossible. Sometimes, you want to listen to something other than songs, for example, audiobooks. If that’s the case, you won’t find any better app than Audible. 

Audible is a heavy hitter in the audiobook and podcast service world, encompassing a massive selection of audiobooks. Compared to the mentioned apps, Audible is a paid tool by default, but is spending $8 monthly too much to become well-educated and eloquent? We don’t think so, do you?


NotionNotion is a multi-faceted note-taking app that has recently become in the spotlight, and rightly so. Notion is a revolutionary tool that includes multiple features. For starters, its sync version works fantastically, enabling you to reach your notes from any device quickly and easily. 

Second, you can add and remove new drafts, change fonts, add people to them (for more productive cooperation), and share notes with others. 

Last but not least, the app has a free and premium version. If you are a student, you can get a free premium packet by signing in through your academic mail!


It may be difficult to stay attentive these days, especially when you don’t know how to combat distractions. Worry not, though, as FocusCommit will power you up and let you tackle various tasks effectively. 

There is no hidden secret in the app – it just helps you break down assignments into doable pieces and take short pauses between working sessions. Although simple, this Windows tool is incredibly efficient. Try pairing FocusCommit – be focused with pomodoro timer with an app blocker like Cold Turkey for a better result. 

Final Words

Since Windows is the most prevalent OS, it has the most extensive list of apps that can come in handy. That’s why the question of what tools can be the most beneficial to you depends on your interests. Nonetheless, above are several best Windows apps that will make your life significantly easier in 2023. 

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