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5 Fake Prescription Generator/Maker Tools (2021)

Sometimes you need medicine that you regularly buy. But the medical stores won’t give you medicines without the doctor’s prescription. What you will do in such an emergency situation?

Have you ever forgotten a prescription you received from your doctor? Have you ever lost a prescription that was important? Did you try creating a similar prescription as an alternative to get the medicine you already know or regularly use?

There comes the use of fake prescription generator. Just enter the information of medicine, doctor name. That’s it! You are ready with your fake medical prescription to show in the medical store or to someone. Fake Medical Prescription Maker Generator

In this article, we are going to list some of the best and working fake prescription generators or maker tools to make fake doctor prescriptions.

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Fake Prescription Generator

The prescription generator or prescription maker usually generate custom medical prescription with specific details that can be entered into boxes you are provided with. 

In this article, we are going to list out few online doctor prescription makers through which you can create prescriptions with a simple process. Create a duplicate or fake medical receipt just like the original using a prescription template that can be edited and customized to suit your needs.

Custom prescriptions can be made using these flexible tools. You can easily create prescriptions! You can quickly generate a prescription using the templates these fake prescription generator tools provide.

Free Online Prescription Maker and Generators In 2021

The purpose of this article is to describe the best online doctor prescription generator tools as well as how to create a prescription using free prescription generators, and their features.

Prescription Maker

Prescription Maker WebsiteThe purpose of this website is to make writing prescriptions easier for doctors. It is very straightforward and easy to make your own prescription on this website. It is as simple as visiting the website, entering the details in the relevant fields, and generating the medical prescription.

The fields on the website include doctor name, qualifications, address, mobile number, patient details like name, date of birth, age, details regarding diagnosis, etc. You can even add the drug details.

Custom Prescription Maker

Custom Prescription MakerPrescription Maker is another online prescription creator tool that allows you to make your own prescriptions.

By filling out the needed information on the website, you can now make a fake medical prescription. Your custom prescription with your entered text will appear on the site to download by long pressing on the image or by left-clicking on it on PC.

The great thing about this fake prescription maker is it shows the created prescription in hand-written form. That means it looks like an original one!

Custom Prescription Maker demo

Custom Prescription Maker demo

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Top Fake Medical Prescription Maker Apps for Android and iOS

Prescription Maker

Prescription Maker is an Android app that allows doctors to write prescriptions easily. It allows the created prescriptions to be shared as PDF files or it can even be printed. When entering a drug name/drug, auto-complete suggestions appear when previously prescribed drugs have been entered. Also, already saved prescriptions can be searched by patient name.Prescription Maker

During the next visit of the patient, you can copy a previously saved prescription by simply altering a few details. Additionally, the user can adjust the paper size of the prescription when printing it.

The Prescription Maker Premium version allows users to get rid of unwanted advertisements in the app. The premium version also adds few more exciting features like customizations with the hospital logo or the use of any image as a prescription watermark.

STAT App: Prescription Maker With Drug Database

Doctors can create prescriptions using STAT, an app for creating prescriptions quickly. It is possible to write prescriptions and share them as links, save them as PDFs, or print them.STAT app Prescription maker with drug database

A unique feature of the app is the ability to add medications by selecting them from a database of 150,000 brands. The database can be updated with new drugs. You can use it in future prescriptions once it has been added. Also, there are options to include the history of the patient, examination findings, investigations, and advice within each prescription.

Having an app like this will be useful for doctors who see patients over the phone calls or through WhatsApp.

Prescription Maker For iOS

STAT Prescription Maker iOSIf you are looking for a medical prescription maker app for iPhone or iPad, this app is surely handy for you. Prescriptions are simple to make through this app. Using stored Prescription templates, you can quickly create prescriptions.

How To Make Fake Doctor Prescription?

When generating the prescription online, there are a lot of websites and apps that can be found on the internet. However, you should choose a working and easy-to-use option so that you can create fake receipts without having to pay.

It’s possible to find dozens of apps and sites that make fake medical prescriptions. But this article gives you an introduction to working generators to make and use without any hassle. Using a fake doctor prescription tool, the user can create prescriptions and share them without any risk.

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