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11 Online Fake Receipt Maker/Generator Tools for Free

Online Fake Receipt MakerGenerator Tools for Free

Receipt Maker in 2023: Lost your gas receipt, tax receipt, taxi receipt, restaurant bill, or any other receipt? No need to worry about it. We will help you to make one precisely the same-looking receipt for you. Several fake receipt generator sites are available on the internet through which you can get the exact same receipt that you lost or looking for.

These fake receipt makers will help you to create fake receipts without paying a single penny or even downloading any or even without installing software on your PC/laptop. Yes! You heard it right.

In this article, we are going to list the best receipt makers or receipt generators to create fake receipts online without downloading/installing any apps or software.

11 Online Fake Receipt Maker/Generator Tools for Free

1. Custom Receipt Maker

The first receipt generator in our list is Custom Receipt Maker, a tool that allows you to make your own custom receipts without signing up or paying anything. All you need to do is enter all the details according to your needs and just press the “Make the receipt!” button. Boom! Your custom receipt will be shown with the text that you entered.

But note that the completed receipts are generated in dollars but it allows you to enter non-dollar amounts for prices.

On the Custom Receipt Maker website, the Top Line 1, Top Line 2, and Top Line 3 are to enter the shop name, and address for the receipt. But even you can enter anything or leave it as it is. After entering all the item’s names and the respective price you have another option at the end to Generate the total or not. Choose what you like. We can say this is one of the totally free, simple, and effective receipt makers available.

custom receipt maker

Take a look at the sample receipt that we have created using Custom Receipt Maker. Amazing isn’t it? It looks so close to the original ones.

2. Fakereceipt | Sales Receipt Maker

Fakereceipt Online receipt maker enables you to effectively make free custom receipts free. All you need to do to create a fake receipt using Online Receipt Maker is, select payment mode, enter the shop/company name that you want, fill in the store address, and store return policy, 2 different sales tax names, and percentages, and you can list up to 5 items purchased.

You can even add the shop or company’s tagline, website address, tax registration number, or even more than you like to add as in their original bill. This Online Receipt Maker calculates the taxes and total payment automatically.

The exchange ID for each receipt is extraordinary and can be utilized to record your deals or check returns. Regardless of whether you have to make genuine receipts or fake receipts, this free receipt maker is intended to be as simple to use as could be allowed.

fake sale receipt maker receipt generator

3. Frabz | Fake ATM Receipt Generator

Fake ATM Receipt Generator is a simple receipt maker website to generate fake ATM receipts with huge balances, get any dates receipt, and even get a receipt for any bank in the world. This printable ATM receipt Generator offers text for a bank statement after a withdrawal. Just enter the Date, Time, Balance, Address of the ATM branch, City, and State of the bank or ATM where it is located. At last, click on Preview to get your fake receipt.

atm receipt maker atm receipt maker

4. Make Receipts |Online Gas Receipt Maker

This Gas Receipt Maker might be the best solution for creating a fake gas receipt if you lost it. Just complete the forms listed on the site according to your needs. You should be able to find the gas station’s address and phone number by searching them on Google. Moreover, taxes are included in the fuel price so it’s undoubtedly not critical to enter such fields. Taxes can be neglected by entering a zero in the tax rate fields. Else, you will need to know what your state or provincial tax rates and federal tax rates on gas are.

However, if you’re not sure what to enter in any of these form fields, simply leave those fields empty and submit the form. The gas receipt maker will return any error messages along with suggestions or examples on what you should enter or how to format the entered information.


5. LostHotelReceipt | Fake Hotel Receipt Maker

Replace your lost hotel receipt with a fake one that looks like the original using the LostHotelReceipt website. Just enter Hotel Name, Hotel Address, Hotel City State Zip, Hotel Contact Information, Guest details, Account, Date, Room, Arrival Date, Departure Date, Check-in Time, Check-Out Time, Total Balance Due, and some other fields. This receipt maker will create the exact same-looking receipt for you.

6. Samahope | All in One Receipt Generator

Samahope Custom Receipt features high-quality custom receipt styles to choose from. You can generate fake Gas/fuel receipt, Cab square receipt, Taxi logo receipt, Custom large logo receipt, Custom logo receipt, Parking receipt, Uber-style taxi receipt, Map square receipt, Map taxi receipt, Itemized receipt, Coffee shop receipt with this receipt maker website. Select the design, enter the field submit. You are done!

7. ExpressExpense | Fake Receipt Generators with Date

ExpressExpense fake walmart receipt generator.ExpressExpense is another beautiful online receipt maker and they have several receipt templates for users. Select a style of your choice to begin customizing your receipt. Along with free templates, it has some premium templates too. You need to spend some penny on that. But it is not required at all. You can generate receipt using free templates easily or use the above websites.

First, fill out the Receipt Details and then click, “Make Receipt.” Your custom receipt will appear on the screen. Generate restaurants, taxi cabs, coffee shops, parking lots, cash transactions, or other purposes where receipts are needed. Receipts you have generated will be in a . JPG format and are generally 300×600 pixels. But they can effortlessly be resized by dropping them into Microsoft Word and scaling them accordingly. This is one of the best fake receipt generators with the date.

8. Expenses Receipt | Receipt Maker

Expenses ReceiptIf you lost your original receipt then no need to worry. Expenses Receipt is one of the best receipt maker available for you to help create free receipt online without any software. All you need to have is an account on this site. This means, you just need to signup on Expenses Receipt to make a fake receipt for your replacement of the lost one.

After opening the site from the above link, select the template that you need. Clicking on the template will redirect you to the editing page where you can enter details. You can easily upload logos if you need them in the receipt. After entering all the information, tap on the DOWNLOAD RECEIPT button and it will ask you to log in to start the downloading process. So, signup on Expenses Receipt to download it for free.

9. Fast Due

Fast dueFast Due is one of the popular invoice maker tools available for free in 2023. Utilize FastDue to make, send, or download invoices online for free. The site also offers options to schedule payment reminders, manage bills and receivables, create agreements, file complaints, etc. Fast Due is also available for iOS so you can easily download the app for iPhone. But, you have to signup on Fast Due to create an invoice on the website. It’s free, so make an account to create an invoice.

10. Template.Net

Template.netIf you want to try a paid receipt maker then is the best tool for you. This site has thousands of template receipts for everyone’s needs. As we mentioned earlier, it is a paid tool you need to have a PRO subscription to get the template of receipts. Of course, some free templates are also available. This is one of the best fake receipt generator with a date you can try in 2023.

11. Free Invoice Generator

Free Invoice GeneratorInvoice Generator is yet another online receipt generator that is helping several users in the last few years. Creating a fake receipt generator with date is easy with this tool as it offers an impressive user interface with all the required options. You can also change the currency from USD to any other country’s currency. It includes almost every country’s currency so you don’t need to worry about the currency change while creating a fake one.

Final Words: Top 11 Receipt Maker Tools in 2023

So, guys, this is about the 11 best fake receipt maker tools online. I hope you like these fake receipt makers online websites and hope they helped you to create fake receipts of gas, ATM, Fuel, Hotel, Retail shops, taxi receipts, coffee shop receipts, and others. You can use all these fake receipts to show in any shop if you lost the original one or even for pranking your friends or family members. If you don’t know how to create fake receipt online then simply visit any of these fake receipt generator websites to make fake receipts by filling in all the required information.

If you know any other best receipt maker or receipt generator websites/tools then don’t forget to mention them in the comment box below. Last but not least, if you have any issues regarding these receipt makers sites then feel free to leave a comment below section.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Is it illegal to make a fake receipt?

Yes, fabricating a fake receipt with the intent to deceive or defraud someone, even just as a prank, may be illegal. It could be considered as a fraudulent act or forgery.

Do fake receipts work?

Fake receipts may work in some situations, but they are not a reliable or ethical method of doing business or transactions. In the case of deceiving or fraudulently using fake receipts, legal consequences may ensue.

How to make fake receipt online?

There are tons of fake receipt maker apps and websites available online that can help you create fake receipt maker with items easily. We’ve listed the top tools in this article. You can use any one tool that suits your needs.

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