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14 Cool Fancy Text Generator Tools in 2022 (FREE)

Think about how many images, videos, captions, posts have been posted on social media every day. A good-looking profile picture and a status/caption is a better way to impress others. For this reason, you must look for a picture and a text that looks good. If you are writing a caption, an about section, or a post to attract or excite others then you should use fancy texts. 

best cool fancy text generator tools

Before we dive into the best fancy text generator tools for 2022, though, let’s talk about what a form fancy text generator exactly is. 

What is the Fancy Text Generator?

Fancy text generators are the tools that help you to change plain or predefined fonts to unique fancy texts. But, what is the use of it? Well, as we mentioned earlier, a caption or a post with fancy texts might help you to see posts from a broader range of people than just your own circle of friends because of its uniqueness. Of course, a different type of text will surely catch the eyes of others.

As we say, the first impression is the last impression, so the fancy texts create your first impression. The fancy text gives you an edge over others who use those boring similar plain messages or the predefined fonts. 

Want a unique and impressive fancy text? Here are the 14 best cool fancy text generator tools, you can use in each of your captions and posts.

14 Best Fancy Text Generator Tools in 2022

1. Cool Symbol

Cool Symbol is another tool for getting your sentence or text in fancy texts just right. On your first visit to the site, you will see a text box to type/paste the line. Just enter the sentence or the line that you want to convert into fancy texts.

cool fancy text generator

Once you start typing, this generator will instantly start showing the typed texts in fancy texts. It has more than 19 fancy text styles so that you can choose your favorite one. Just click on the copy button to copy that fancy text line to the clipboard so that you can paste them anywhere.

2. Mega Cool Text

Mega Cool Text generator

Mega Cool Text gives you the best 90+ fancy texts based on your entered texts. The Mega Cool Text generator shows the different fancy sentence. When ready, you can copy the generated fancy texts. The downside of the site is it doesn’t have the copy button to copy the generated text in one-click.

3. Messletters

Messletters is a completely different fancy text maker website. Unlike the above generators, here you need to type the texts and then you need to choose the strips to change the style.

messletters font style changerAlthough you may not be able to see fancy fonts as you saw in the above tools, this tool gives a fresh look to the text. You can easily decorate your text with horizontal or diagonal stripes, commas, dots, bows, and others. The user interface of the site is also simple.

4. Cool Letters Generator

Cool Letters Generator is a free fancy name generator that helps you to create an amazing fancy text. You can generate the fancy text sentence, the name for your captions, posts, and many more. cool letters fancy text generatorYou need to just add your text in the box given and it will generate the fancy version of that text. If you want a generator with several features, then this is the must-try tool for you. Options like sublime 1, sublime 2, sublime 3, and Zalgo give you more customizable choices. 

5. Weirdmaker

Another free tool, Weirdmaker is one of my favorite fancy text generators with a great UI. After adding the text in the box, you will get the result in the different fonts with the different categories like a new font, classic, decorate, contouring, handwriting, reverse, capitalize, love, etc.

Weirdmaker stylish text generatorSo, you will get lots of options to select the best one. You know that the catchy fancy texts can help you to boost the reach of your post, so, use the fun fancy text generator tool to generate the most suitable one.

6. Yal 

Yal is another rocking tool for the cool fancy text generator. It gives certain results of using the text or sentence you entered, just like other tools in the category. This tool has 110 thousand different characters, including letters of various languages, special symbols, decorative letters and symbols, emoji, etc.

yal text style changer

Upon typing the text in the Write something… box, you need to click on the Tweaks, Shapes, Fonts, Styles to get the customized fancy version. 

7. Fancy Text

Fancy Text is quite different for the rest of the other generator tools. After entering the text, you need to customize as per your preference. You may need to try multiple symbols with your text before you find an attractive cool fancy text, but eventually, it will give you a better result.

fancytext.coMost people use other cool fancy text generator tools because it gives the result in one click. Here, you need to easily mix the text with different symbols to create the best one.

8. Font Villa

Font Villa is another stylish text generator tool you can use for free. All the fancy text you find with this tool, are catchy and attractive. Hence, using this tool, you will definitely get a good fancy text. Just, give a try and feel the difference of result. Using this tool is very simple.

font villa cool text generatorJust type or paste the text in the given text box. It will instantly provide you the fancied version of that text. It gives tons of results in one tap. However, if you need more results, click on the LOAD MORE FONTS button to load plenty of other fancy texts with different fonts. 

9. Instagram Fonts

Instagram Fonts is the next simple and effective cool Instagram font generator tool on our list. Instagram fonts may not be as advanced as other tools listed above. But it is definitely worth mentioning when it comes to generating a fun fancy text for Instagram.

Igfonts instagram font generatorJust type or paste the text to get the list of fancy text with various amazing fonts. Thus, you can surely create an appealing text of your caption or post with this tool. The only down-side of this generator is that it doesn’t have one tap copy feature. So you need t select the text portion in order to copy it.

10. LingoJam

Lingojam fancy text generator is yet another is a simple fancy name generator site that displays the fancied version of the entered text. Once you open the Lingojam fancy text generator, you get a single option to input the normal text to convert fancy text.

Lingojam fancy text generatorOnce you hit enter, it will provide you a list of all available fancy text symbols. Unfortunately, I didn’t find any option to Copy button to copy the liked cool text fonts to clipboard.

11. Mallu Bar


Mallu Bar is the best stylish text generator site. But it has very limited cool text fonts. You need to select the charsets to generate various fancy texts. Further, it also comes with an automatic generation feature, so while you start typing the text it will display the fancy text with the selected charset.

12. Stylish Text Fancy Text Generator App

Stylish text is the first fancy text generator app on our list. Stylish Text is the coolest fancy text generator on the list. Instead of opening multiple fancy text generator websites on the web browser, install the Stylish Text app on your Android or iOS smartphone. This tool gives you instant results with cool text fonts that too without an internet connection.

stylish text fancy text generator app

You can also manage list of most used styles and it even allows you to utilize them with Floating Bubble or Floating Bar and set random order to style each word in different ways. Another highlighting feature of this fancy text generator Android app is it comes with copy, share buttons that are surely helpful. Also, you can favorite, copy or edit the text just by swiping left or right.

13. Fancy text – Cool fonts, nickname generator

Fancy text – Cool fonts, nickname generator is another highest rated app to generate good looking text with different font. You can also generate the nickname with this Android app. The app has over 130 font styles and it even allows you to scan the text with your smartphone’s camera.

cool fancy text generator appAlso, you can make an emoji name through this app. Manage the list of favorite symbols, text fonts, friendly interface, one-click copy text these all options make it one of the best fancy text generator app available for Android. 

14. Devil Font Generator

Devil Font GeneratorSometimes, writing posts on social media can become boring, leading people to look for better ways to make their posts interesting and their profiles more engaging. Using an online Devil font generator, a user can create demonic letters for use in his or her messages or posts if they want their text to stand out.

To generate demonic texts correctly, one needs to be able to choose from a wide variety of text styles that are generally not available. With this simple tool, you can easily create your own demonic font and paste it on various websites. It is a type of font that is quite uncommon, so the content will appear different.

Which one is the top fancy text generator?

As a normal social media user, you might think of using only one fancy text generator tool listed above. However, I personally recommend testing all of the generators in the list and deciding which cool fancy text generator tool works best for you. Do you have any other worthy fancy text generator app or tool that is missing here? If yes then don’t forget to mention them in the comments section below!

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