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13 Best Workout Timer Apps for Android & iOS (2022)

There is something satisfying about working out. Your body and mind will become fresh whenever you start workouts. Workout timer apps are programs that help you to get an interval timer. These applications have numerous features and options that help you to create personalized workout plans.Best workout timer apps for Android iOS

With the best workout timer apps ready to go on your Android and iOS device, fitness instructors/personal trainers/marathon runners/coaches can work out anywhere, anytime.

Regardless of what you are looking for, here are the best workout timer apps for Android and iOS in 2022. You can find a much better app for timing exercises in this list of the best time training apps for Android and iOS. The type of app you choose may depend on your personal needs or preferences. 

Best Workout Timer Apps for Android & iOS

Below is a brief introduction of every app, its features, a suggestion for the type of user the app is best suited to, and a link to download the app for your phone.

Tabata Timer

Tabata TimerTabata Timer has been around since the good old days and it is a really good workout timer apps. It comes equipped with an intuitive user interface and plenty of features. Some of them include customizable colors, the option to add a description to the interval, adding images, making sequences of workouts, adding own sounds, voice assistant with text-to-speech, and a lot more. 

You can even share your workouts with friends if needed. It also comes with the option to filter your workouts by type, favorites, color, text, collapse/expand them. There are plenty of other worthy features should you want them. The app even works well with wearable devices and is integrated with Google Fit.

Download Tabata Timer App for Android


SevenSeven is an outstanding app featured in Google Play’s Editor’s Choice and it’s one of the best apps for timing exercises. The app has evolved with new updates to stay fresh with exciting features.

Some of the best features include a daily 7-minute workout challenge, an option to challenge friends to compete with them, 200+ exercises and workouts, and a bunch of other options to choose from. Seven is free with optional in-app purchases. It does look simple, and yet it offers you dozens of useful features. 

Download Seven App for Android

J&J Official 7 Minute Workout

JJ Official 7 Minute WorkoutJ&J Official 7 Minute Workout is a very well-designed app from Johnson & Johnson Health & Wellness Solutions Inc. The app boasts a ton of preset for workouts, exercises that are also customizable to create more than 1,000 variations. When it comes to video tutorials on exercise and workout, which can be very important for every individual, this app is excellent.

Custom workout creation options help you get the best workout solution you want. If you want, you can also control music and audio prompts from your device through this app. The app’s simple UI is another bonus that makes it better than any other workout timer app on the list.

Download J&J Official 7 Minute Workout App for Android

Tabata Timer and HIIT Timer for Interval Workouts

Tabata Timer and HIIT Timer for Interval WorkoutsIf you’re looking for a rest period timer apps that will work on both iOS and Android, Tabata Timer is a great choice. You can use the feature-packed interval timer app on your phone for free. The user interface is simple and Tabata Timer also allows you to choose from the hundreds of interval timer options to use with Tabata, HIIT, kettlebells, bodyweight exercises, interval running, sprints, and much more. 

This app is excellent for both beginners and advanced users, as it offers tons of options. It’s possible to change the look of this app by picking the right theme as per your requirement as the app has two themes. The app is free to use on both Android/iOS users, but there are tons of features you can access additionally on the Pro version.

Download Tabata Timer App for Android

Download Tabata Timer App for iOS


FiitIf you love using workout countdown timer apps, Fiit is an app you should try. Fiit has been around for just a couple of years for iOS and it’s one of the best-looking home workout fitness apps on our list. They also unveiled the Android version of the app recently.

The app’s design is clean, attractive, and yet it seems refined. Some of the great features include 2, 4, 6, and 8-week training plans,  live stats and track progress, the option to connect the app to smart TV, and plenty more. Users will also get 24/7 support from customer care executives.

Download Fiit App for Android

Download Fiit App for iOS

Intervals Pro 

Intervals ProIf you’re looking for a highly customizable, and yet reliable custom interval training app, that is not available for Android, Intervals Pro is a good option. This app is very popular as most of the other apps on the list, but it sure is good. Also, it does offer some features.

The app is designed for iPhone, Apple Watch, and iPad. The app features a simple design and a ton of other exciting features. Moreover, In-App Purchases does bring quite a few additional features to the table, if you are not satisfied with the free version.

Download Intervals Pro App for iOS

HIIT & Tabata

HIIT TabataBoasting thousands of active users, HIIT & Tabata bills itself as the best workout timer app around for iOS. It works across iOS devices such as iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch.

You can work out anywhere, any time including the beach, during your lunch breaks, gym, parks, or even at home by setting a timer. It offers the usual interval workout apps features like tracking time, progress, sets, and cycles.

Download HIIT & Tabata App for iOS


SecondsSeconds, from Runloop, is one of the most highly recommended apps when it comes to all kinds of interval workouts – HIIT, Tabata, Circuit. This app has almost every feature and can be called a complete fitness app with a handful of features like workout programs, meal planning, statistics tracking, timer, etc.

It supports full screen, color-coded display, which makes it easy for people who look at the app from a distance. The app boasts a variety of options and also has the ability to make custom templates to create every interval. This is one of the most feature-packed interval timer apps around.

Download Seconds App for Android

My Tabata Timer

My Tabata TimerMy Tabata Timer is yet another interval timer app that allows you to start, pause or restart the Tabata timer at any time in one click. This is also one of the most popular timer fitness app Android apps.

If loads of features or additional options are important to you, then you might want to go with another fitness timer option instead. The app is entirely free to use with zero Ads, and all its features are available in the free version.

Download My Tabata Timer App for Android

Tabata Timer for HIIT

Tabata Timer for HIITTabata Timer for HIIT is a great app if you’re considering high-intensity interval training. It has a ton of features for Tabata training and more. The app lets you create a customizable workout and rest durations, and you can also change the background music to make it better.

Whether it’s a workout or Tabata timer, this app has you covered. It’s one of the essential workout timer apps for those who are looking for time training apps for android.

Download Tabata Timer for HIIT App for Android

Interval Timer

Interval TimerInterval Timer is one of the best interval timer app apps out there, and quite probably the best choice for most of you. You can also save your presets to quickly switch between different activities. The app can be used for all kinds of activities. 

Best of all, the app works better with music and headphones. The app is cool, and it’s completely free. Although you get Ads, it’s a straightforward and simple app with every basic fitness timer feature. The app’s design also looks really good.

Download Interval Timer App for Android

Workout Timer Custom Intervals

Workout Timer Custom IntervalsWorkout Timer Custom Intervals is probably the best workout timer app for most people. This is one of the fully customizable interval timer apps in the Play Store, for a good reason. It makes writing your own exercises really easy, while it also comes with a number of other features. 

It lets you save your workouts to access them later at any time. It also has the strikeout using the text-to-speech feature, just in case you want to read off each exercise during the workout.

Download Workout Timer Custom Intervals App for Android

Workout Timer

Workout TimerWorkout Timer is an excellent choice for interval training, boxing, martial arts, CrossFit, HIIT, MMA, Tabata, cycling, running, climbing, weightlifting, and many more. This app will provide access to more workout time options than most other interval timer apps. 

Comparatively, it has quite a few options. But, all the options are very useful, unlike some other apps. Overall, it is an amazing free workout timer app. 

Download Workout Timer App for Android

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Is there any good timer app for workouts?

At this point in time, you’ve probably tried almost all workout timer apps. In our testing, we found Tabata Timer as the best interval timer app. 

What app has workouts and timers?

Almost every app in this list has both workout and timer options. That’s why we compiled a list of the top workout timer apps for Android and iOS.

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