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11 Best Watermark Remover Apps for Android and iOS (2022)

Looking for the best watermark remover apps? Well. Most of you know the purpose of a watermark. The watermark is applied to any image or video just to make it difficult for people who use the original content without giving credits.

Some people use copied content (without watermarks) and their content goes viral and also grabs users’ attention. The original content creator rarely gets any credit. It will be very painful for the original owner who created/owned the image or video. 

But, do watermarks really work? The real answer is NOO. Because, today with many free watermark remover apps available on the internet, people easily erase the watermark from photos and videos. Many others just put their own watermarks or any other images on the original watermark to hide it. 

If you have a question in mind on “How do I remove a watermark?”, then this article with 11 free watermark remover apps for Android and iOS will surely help you to find the best watermark remover app.Best Watermark Remover Apps for Android iOS

Best Watermark Remover Apps for Android and iOS For Free

Note that this list is not sorted according to the higher rank or lower rank, we have mentioned the top 11 best watermark removal apps for Android and iOS without any order. So you need to choose the best and suitable one for you, based on what it offers as every app loaded with different features that the other doesn’t offer which makes it tough to compare.

Remove Unwanted Object

Remove Unwanted ObjectLooking to remove and erase the watermark from the image? Looking for a one-click watermark eraser app? Then you must try this watermark logo eraser app. With a few clicks, you can quickly remove unwanted watermarks added by someone on their images.

Remove Unwanted Object app makes use of AI methodology to remove watermarks or unwanted objects that are present on the picture automatically.

Watermark removal on this app is so easy like never before. Especially designed for Android phone users to get rid of unwanted objects, this app removes the things from the picture in a simple click.

Remove & Add Watermark

Remove & Add WatermarkRemove & Add Watermark, you can remove any watermark on images or videos and make them look like they were created by you. This app will surely help you to remove all unwanted watermarks added by someone on their image/video. Once you install and open this app, you get the option to choose an image or video. After picking the item, the app will display a pop-up that will ask you whether you want to remove or add the watermark. 

As you are looking for the easiest way to erase a watermark from a picture or video, click on the REMOVE LOGO option. Now, you will be redirected to a screen with preview and the adjustable rectangle with actions(specify more than 1 area) to specify the area of the logo, in this screen can also click on the Custom Duration button to define the duration for which to apply filters. You can also choose the zoom option and pinch with fingers to better choose a small watermark area.


PixelRetouchAppsNewLook has developed an app called PixelRetouch which would help you in removing a watermark from any of your pictures. It allows you to erase the things that you don’t like within a matter of minutes with simple tools.

Not only do you benefit from this watermarks removal app, but there are also some useful object removal features, allowing you to erase the things that make the image look ugly. 

Smart Object Remover 

Smart Object RemoverSmart Object Remover is yet another app to remove the watermark from the image. Basically, it is an object remover app with hundreds of inbuilt features that you remove unwanted objects present on the image. 


Remove Objects – Touch Eraser

Remove Objects - Touch EraserRemove Objects app offers plenty of features, including touch erase, background erase, touch up, etc. This object removal app also gets high marks for its easy to use nature. Other features include adding animated effects, animated text.

All this adds up to an impressive level of watermark erasing with the cursor offset size and erasing size adjusting tool. Well, the app also has options to remove defects or duplicate objects.

Video Eraser

Video Eraser - Remove Watermark from VideoDo you want to get rid of watermarks in an otherwise perfect video? Now you can with this best video watermark remover app right here at your palm in your Android device.

Not only videos, but one can also erase the watermarks from images using this app. This app comes in handy when you are publishing or sharing an image or video that has a watermark. This easy to use app has all handy tools.

Remove unwanted object from photo

remove unwanted object from photoRemove unwanted object from photo is an excellent tool to remove watermarks from any picture. This app can easily remove unpleasant watermarks on the pictures that make your picture look odd.

This app is very easy to use and once you install/open the app, it lists all the helpful tools from which you can erase watermarks easily. Undoubtedly, this is worth trying for a free watermark remover app loaded with dozens of features. 

Remove Object from Photo

Remove Object from PhotoTechloop has produced a quality app for removing watermarks from photos. This app’s nifty features include options to erase image wires and posts, power lines. You can remove any part of the image.

There are also some interesting features including a quick eraser and FineRemover for quick and easy removal. You can set the erasing size and Clone Stamp tool. Even though the app is free, it is supported by ads. You can pay a small charge to stop ads.


iWatermarkWith this Android app, you can remove any watermark from the photo, you can erase the watermark. This is one of the best apps that lets you erase watermarks from pictures using just the tip of your finger.

It will help you save time to remove unwanted watermarks from your image in a simple and effective way. There’s a lot to like here, then, but the downside is that the lots of ads compared to many of the watermark remover apps on this list. That said, you’re getting a handy tool to add watermark wherever you want.

eZy Watermark

eZy Watermark Photos FreeeZy Watermark by Whizpool is one of the powerful watermark remover apps to erase unwanted parts from your pictures quickly. If you are looking for a popular watermark remover app to get rid of watermarks like logo/text etc, then it is a great app for you.

The features you need like adding/removing watermarks are all available on the free version of eZy Watermark. The Pro version of the same app offers some more exciting features that are worthy.

Frequently Asked Questions

How To Remove Watermarks From Photos Without Any Apps?

Nowadays, smartphone brands are adding photo editors inside the gallery that can do lots of things including changing effects, adding stickers, adding doodles, and even erasing the objects. So, here are simple ways to remove watermarks from photos without using apps.

Erase Watermark from Photos on Xiaomi Smartphones without Any Apps

If you are a Xiaomi smartphone user, then Xiaomi’s custom MIUI OS has an inbuilt photo editing feature which lets you erase unwanted objects and even watermarks without installing any other apps. Here’s how you can do that.

  1. Open pre-installed default gallery on Xiaomi phone
  2. Now, choose the photo on which you need to remove the watermark
  3. Then you need to click on the Edit option in order to get the list of editing tools
  4. Slide and you will find an option called Erase
  5. Click on Erase and select the area of the watermark or object which parts to be removed.
  6. Boom! This will erase the unwanted objects from the photo you have selected.

Remove Watermark from Photos on Realme Smartphones without Any Apps

Realme’s new Realme UI custom OS also comes with features to erase objects from any picture on the gallery. Here is how you can make use of that eraser option to remove the watermark from pictures.

  1. Open default gallery app on your Realme device
  2. Pick the photo click on the Edit button
  3. Slide left and you will find the Eraser option and select it
  4. Choose the portion of the photo from where the watermark or object has to be removed. 
  5. That’s it! Within a second it will erase those portions without showing any marks of removal.

Which is the best watermark removal app?

This was all about apps that’ll help you remove the watermark from any images or videos. Out of all, my favorite is Remove Unwanted Object. Do let us know about your favorite watermark removal app in the comments below.

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