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GoPuff vs Instacart: Which is the Better Delivery Service?

Gopuff vs Instacart Comparison

Here is a detailed comparison article on GoPuff vs Instacart. We will show the differences between GoPuff and Instacart so you can choose which one best suits your needs.

Instacart and GoPuff rank among the popular grocery and household delivery services. Both the companies have seen their use increase during the pandemic. Both Instacart and GoPuff provide grocery and household delivery services in the United States. They compete fiercely for the same customers.

Although Instacart works with existing retailers to deliver goods directly to consumers, GoPuff manufactures many of its products and ships them to customers via a micro-fulfillment center.

To make grocery delivery available to all, both companies are building partnerships with convenience stores and grocers. However, which company is a better option? What are the differences between the two?

Can’t decide between ordering from GoPuff and Instacart? To help you decide, we’ll discuss both services’ pros and cons as well as their pricing and service models in this article.

GoPuff vs Instacart: Comparison


Instacart lets users shop for groceries from local stores using an app or website, and the order is delivered later by a personal shopper on the scheduled day. 

The company usually offers same-day deliveries within a five-hour window when customers need groceries urgently. Shoppers can visit their favorite stores on one day, then pick up their order or they can place an order in advance to have it delivered the next day.

While Instacart does not sell groceries, you will be notified if a product you ordered is unavailable, and you can find another product that meets your needs.

You can use Instacart to order groceries without signing up for a membership. Without a membership, you can expect to pay more for delivery and service, depending on how much your order costs and how quickly you need it delivered.

By joining Express, all orders higher than $35 will be delivered for free. In addition, you will save money on many of the fees non-members must pay.

Let’s take a look at the pros and cons of GoPuff vs Instacart.


  • Offers same-day delivery
  • Partnerships with multiple large supermarket chains
  • An option for saving money with Instacart Express membership
  • If you are an Instacart driver, your pay is based on hours worked, not orders completed.


  • No service available in rural areas
  • There is a delivery fee and a service charge of 5% when not using Instacart Express
  • Poor customer support
  • Membership cost is expensive


The GoPuff delivery platform allows customers to order more than 3,000 products in various categories.

Among the thousands of products available on GoPuff, customers can find alcohol, pet food, office supplies, cleaning equipment, and many other items. The company also offers freshly prepared meals through Gopuff Kitchen.

The company’s service is available either via its website or via its Android and iOS apps. Once the location and payment information has been entered, customers can browse through the thousands of items offered by the company.

Once you’ve ordered the product, you can simply wait for it to be delivered to your door. A Gopuff independent contractor handles these deliveries on a per-delivery basis.

GoPuff’s membership plan called GoPuff Fam offers some perks as part of its monthly membership program.


  • Items are delivered from fulfillment centers across the country
  • Most areas are covered by 24/7 delivery
  • Offers flat-rate delivery
  • If you are a GoPuff driver then you have the potential to earn up to $21 an hour. 
  • Additional ways to earn extra cash – GoPuff drivers can earn extra cash through incentives and bonuses. Also, drivers receive 100% of all tips.
  • You can make extra money during weekends by doing part-time work on GoPuff
  • Depending on your schedule, you can work when it is convenient for you. 


  • Products are limited
  • The app is not responsive
  • It is extremely laggy when using the app and it freezes and reloads
  • Sometimes orders will be significantly delayed, items will be crushed, etc.
  • The minimum age for becoming a GoPuff delivery driver is 21, making it an unsuitable option for teens.

Services: GoPuff vs Instacart

Gopuff delivers food and drinks, cleaning stuff, baby stuff, pet stuff as well as alcohol in some markets. Everything from snacks, chips, ice cream, and candy to fresh groceries like eggs, milk, bread & cheese, beverages like energy drinks and juices, beer, wine, and liquor is delivered by GoPuff.

Furthermore, you can find paper towels, toilet paper, cleaning products, electronics, nonprescription medicines, and beauty products.

Instacart, on the other hand, delivers groceries, fresh food, beverages, snacks, and alcohol. They also have the option to filter by diet type and view nutritional information.

Delivery Fee: GoPuff vs Instacart

GoPuff will deliver your first order for free. You will not be charged a $1.95 flat-rate delivery fee on your first Gopuff order. However, after your first order, GoPuff charges a flat $1.95 delivery fee. It does not matter how large your order is, you have to pay the delivery fee. If you order alcohol, you have to pay an additional $2 delivery fee. 

Instacart charges $3.99 per same-day order valued at $35 or more. There will be different prices for shopping club stores, one-hour delivery, and orders below $35. Delivery fees on Instacart will be clearly indicated when you select your delivery window. 

There is also a heavy order fee on Instacart that is meant to cover operations costs and applies only to heavy orders such as cases of beverages and pet food, etc. The fee is charged when the estimated weight of these items exceeds 50 pounds.

Membership: GoPuff vs Instacart

GoPuff membership (Gopuff Fam) costs $10.95 for a one-year commitment, or $5.95 a month if you opt for monthly billing. The yearly subscription saves you $5. 

Customers can join Instacart Express membership to receive additional discounts and benefits like free one-hour delivery. In exchange for a low monthly $9.99 or annual cost of $99, you receive free delivery for any purchase over $35. A member will be exempt from many of the fees that non-members are charged.

Payment Methods: GoPuff vs Instacart

GoPuff accepts credit and debit cards, Apple Pay, Google Pay, and Venmo. Instacart accepts all major US and Canada credit and debit cards, and EBT cards in certain states and stores, China UnionPay, Apple Pay, Google Pay, and PayPal. 

Which is Better Overall? GoPuff vs Instacart

There is, unfortunately, no clear winner here. it depends on your order size, total order cost, availability of product and service in your area, and features you prefer. GoPuff and Instacart are excellent options for grocery shopping online. 

Using Instacart makes it easy to buy items from familiar retailers like Kroger and Costco. But, the membership, delivery, and other fees associated with Instacart are expensive. Moreover, it is not a good choice if you buy small items. If you only have small orders and don’t want to pay the high fees associated with Instacart, then GoPuff might be right for you.

While Instacart does have higher fees and charges especially if you consider their membership fees, and heavy order delivery fees, they make up for it by having a much larger customer base.

Note that many rural areas do not have access to both GoPuff and Instacart. Moreover, items on both these services may be higher than when shopping in stores since the items are more expensive and delivery and service fees may be charged. Those with limited knowledge of technology or without access to a smartphone or internet will find it difficult to use these services.


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Is Gopuff the same as Instacart?

Both Gopuff and Instacart have a similar vision, but they differ. Instacart partners with existing restaurants and retailers, whereas Gopuff produces much of its product line internally and delivers it directly to its customers.

Does Gopuff charge for delivery?

Yes. GoPuff charges a delivery fee is $2.95. There is an additional charge of $2.95 for ordering regulated products like alcohol, tobacco, and vaping products.

How is Gopuff different?

As a delivery service, goPuff stands out as it eliminates middlemen.

Who is Gopuff competitor?

GoPuff alternatives and competitors include Instacart, Shipt, Rappi, and Burpy.

The above article on the difference between GoPuff and Instacart should have helped you decide which is right for you. GoPuff vs Instacart, which one is your pick and why? don’t forget to share your experience in the comments section if you’ve used these services. 

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