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Lever vs Greenhouse Comparison (2023)

Lever vs Greenhouse Comparison

Lever and Greenhouse are industry-leading solutions that help companies find, evaluate, and hire qualified candidates.

Both these tools are top collaborative hiring solutions, enabling you to include anyone who is relevant in the hiring process and offering you all the tools you need to hire more effectively.

Nonetheless, considering the wide variety of applicant tracking systems available on the market, Lever or Greenhouse which suits your needs best?

Here is the answer to this question in our detailed Lever vs Greenhouse comparison.

Lever vs Greenhouse Detailed Comparison

Lever vs Greenhouse: Overview


LeverLever combines both ATS and CRM capabilities into a single, enterprise-grade recruiting system enabling teams to source new candidates efficiently, build relationships, and generate reports with custom and pre-built visual analytics, eliminating bias in hiring at each stage of the hiring process.

From the start, this tool has been designed with user experience in mind and its developers have spent time understanding the recruiting industry instead of simply adding features for the sake of having them.

Rather than an overly complicated process, Lever provides a system that provides you with all the information you need and makes it easy to collaborate with other members of your team. Lever’s goal is to make hiring conviction-inspiring for everyone. 


GreenhouseGreenhouse provides a comprehensive recruiting solution with an applicant tracking system (ATS) that is among the best in the industry. It remains a powerful tool that can be customized to fit nearly any recruitment process. These are typically suited to companies with large recruiting teams constantly hiring new employees.

You can make a good impression on your candidates by offering the best recruitment experience through professionally designed careers pages, tailored interviews, and follow-up emails that are automated.

Lever vs Greenhouse: Pricing

Both Lever and Greenhouse’s prices are not listed on their site, but they offer different plans with different prices depending on the size of your organization. 

Lever Pricing

The price depends on the bundle you choose and the number of employees. Below is the approximate pricing of Lever.

  • 1 – 10 employees: $3.500/year
  • 11 – 25 employees: $4.500/year
  • 26 – 50 employees: $5.000/year
  • 51 – 100 employees: $7.000/year
  • 101 – 250 employees: $13.000/year
  • 251 – 1000 employees: $22.500/year
  • >1001 employees: $140.000/year

Greenhouse Pricing

Greenhouse pricing depends on your company’s size, and each package can be customized to meet your needs. Below is the approximate pricing of Greenhouse.

  • 1 – 10 employees: $6.500
  • 11 – 25 employees: $8.500
  • 26 – 50 employees: $7.000
  • 51 – 100 employees: $10.000
  • 101 – 250 employees: $15.000
  • 251 – 500 employees: $23.000
  • 501 – 1000 employees: $23.000
  • >1000 employees: $24.500 and up

Lever vs Greenhouse: Plans

Lever Plans

  • LeverTRM
  • LeverTRM for Enterprise

Besides the LeverTRM and LeverTRM for Enterprise plans, Lever has four additional add-ons.

Greenhouse Plans

  • Essential
  • Advanced
  • Expert

Lever vs Greenhouse: Features

Lever Features

  • Applicant tracking
  • Candidate relationship management
  • Collaborative hiring
  • Talent Analytics
  • Automation workflows
  • Inclusion of an array of hiring tools
  • Management and approval workflows

Greenhouse Features

  • A powerful applicant tracking and onboarding system
  • A selection tool that helps you find candidates who possess technical expertise, job experience, and the right personality for your organization.
  • Provides a simple way to hire inclusively
  • Provides a superior candidate experience

Lever vs Greenhouse: Pros and Cons

Lever Pros

  • It has an intuitive user interface and is user-friendly. 
  • The platform combines the functionality of an ATS and a CRM together
  • Provides role-based visual analytics for more than 20 key TA metrics in its basic TRM package.

Lever Cons

  • It’s a bit tedious to set up
  • There is no tracking of outbound emails or job postings
  • There is no pricing information on the website. 
  • It does not have a mobile app.
  • There are no background or reference check features on the platform

Greenhouse Pros

  • Easy to use
  • Mobile app
  • You can customize everything
  • A comprehensive recruitment and onboarding process
  • Automating many recruitment stages is possible

Greenhouse Cons

  • There is no transparency in pricing
  • Features that are unnecessary for small teams but you have to pay for them
  • There is a lack of detail in prospect profiles for many teams
  • The interface that is difficult to use
  • Lack of robust reporting and analytics
  • The quality of customer service is average.

Lever vs Greenhouse: Conclusion

In conclusion, Lever is not suitable for businesses with occasional hiring requirements and a limited budget. The company doesn’t currently offer any free plans or free trials.

In case you run a large company or enterprise that performs frequent hiring and wants to improve diversity, equity & inclusion (DEI) in the workplace, Lever is a good choice.

Talking about the Greenhouse, it streamlines the hiring process and assists you in finding the right candidate for any technical or non-technical position through its superior applicant tracking options and enables you to retain employees by providing them with an enjoyable onboarding experience that will last a lifetime.

When it comes to the negatives, Greenhouse is a bit complicated to use. It has limited reporting and analytics. Moreover, their support is just average. The platform doesn’t offer a free trial or free plan, but it offers a live demo. Interested customers can schedule a free product demo.

The software has an unclear pricing structure and features that are unnecessary for most small and medium businesses, making it more suitable for enterprises and larger businesses.

So, with this comparison of Greenhouse vs Lever, which one is your pick? Do let us know in the comments section below.

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