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Shipt vs DoorDash: Detailed Comparison (2023)

Shipt vs Doordash Comparison

Undoubtedly, Shipt and DoorDash are two of the most popular delivery services in the market today. Though they are the dominant players in the online delivery service market, each offers different services, requirements, payments, and policies.

If you’re about to choose the delivery service you’re going to use and are confused between DoorDash and Shipt then there are various things you need to pay attention to.

For better perception, here is a detailed article on Shipt vs DoorDash. Before we dive into the features, pros, and cons of Shipt vs Doordash, let’s take a closer look at how they differ.

Shipt vs DoorDash: Comparison


Shipt is an online delivery service for groceries and other products. Shipt hires contractors who shop, purchase, and deliver groceries to your home. The Shipt orders can be placed via its app or online.

Shipt also provides delivery from a variety of retailers, ranging from pet supplies to home goods, medications, and baby products.

As soon as you purchase a product through the Shipt app or website, Shipt connects you with a personal shopper, who fulfills your order at your doorstep.

The checkout process also allows you to add detailed instructions for your customers, such as delivery instructions and replacement options in case an item is not available.Shipt

Furthermore, Shipt offers a variety of delivery options, like self-pickup and scheduled or same-day deliveries.

Shipt gives users access to a wide selection of products from many retailers, giving them a choice of food to suit their tastes or dietary restrictions.

You can also find nutrition facts and ingredient lists for each product. People with food sensitivities or allergies especially benefit from this information.


  • Several products to choose from. From organic ingredients to specific brands, Shipt gives you a wide selection of products that can be delivered.
  • User-friendly. Online retailers provide products with detailed information about their ingredients and make it possible to filter products by price, brand, and category.
  • Delivered quickly and conveniently. A number of options are available for delivery, such as same-day and scheduled delivery.


  • There can be differences in quality. Packaged foods are more likely to be delivered intact, whereas fresh fruits and vegetables are more likely to be damaged.
  • Packaged with plastic. Paper bags can be requested instead of plastic bags, but this may not be offered at every store. Consumers may find this important if they are using paper bags or reusable bags to reduce their plastic use.
  • In certain regions, the number of retailers and products can be limited, and some do not offer pick-up.
  • Along with the shipping, handling, and service fees, the prices of products on Shipt are slightly higher than that in-store.


DoorDash offers food and grocery delivery services through partnerships with local restaurants and stores. DoorDash is a major part of families’ ability to buy groceries on a regular basis. The company serves over 4,000 cities throughout the United States, Puerto Rico, Canada, and Australia.


It is also possible to order groceries, snacks, essentials, and alcohol online and have them delivered. There are many cuisines to choose from, ranging from sushi to comfort food. You can order your favorite meals quickly and easily.


  • Ease of use as well as convenience.
  • Order food, meals, snacks, groceries at any time
  • Delivery scheduling
  • No-contact delivery
  • Real-time tracking


  • Prices are higher after adding delivery, tax, fees, and other charges
  • Occasionally, there is a delay in food delivery or it is delivered to the wrong place
  • Restaurants and service locations are very limited in the app in certain locations.

Delivery Fees: Shipt vs DoorDash


The price of different delivery options varies with Shipt. When checking out, you can select a single delivery option for $10. 

Additionally, one-time orders are subject to delivery and service fees, which will be shown during checkout. For orders containing alcohol, an additional $7 alcohol fee is charged.

During the checkout process, you can also enter an optional tip for your Shipt shopper. The tip can be adjusted after delivery and an additional tip can be added later.


Each restaurant charges a different fee, which typically starts at $1.99 and usually does not exceed $5.99. However, during peak hours, this fee maybe a little more than $5.99.

DoorDash usually charges 10% to 11% of the total order value as the service fee. There is also a small order fee which is typically about $2 for orders under $10.

Membership: Shipt vs DoorDash


If you shop frequently, you could benefit from a Shipt membership, which is the most economical option.

A Shipt Everyday membership charges $99 per year or $10.99 per month, with free delivery for all orders which exceed $35. The fee is $7, and any additional service charges are applicable to deliveries under $35.

There is also a one-time delivery fee called Shipt Pass. With most retailers, a Shipt Pass can be purchased before or during the checkout process. It costs $10 per Shipt Pass. Alternatively, three Shipt Passes are available for $27 and five for $40.


DoorDash also has a subscription called DashPass. All orders over $12 qualify for free delivery with DashPass. A subscription to DashPass usually costs $9.99 a month.

Using DashPass will help you save $4-$5 per order in delivery fees. You can choose from small restaurants to large chains.

How Do They Work? Shipt vs DoorDash


Shoppers can only purchase a small selection of products from Shipt. You’ll be assigned your own personal shopper to shop at a local store. A shopper buys the items you specify and delivers them straight to your home.

Once you’ve registered and subscribed, you need to enter the location where you would like your items delivered. You’ll then see a list of local stores that work with Shipt.

Delivery times for each retailer can be found at the top of the page under the search bar. If the retailer supports same-day delivery, then you can select same-day delivery or schedule it for a future date. 

You can add some products to your shopping cart then choose a delivery window, and submit payment information alongside your contact information, delivery address, and whatever delivery instructions you have.

The app also lets you decide whether you want the delivery person to leave your order at your doorstep and if you want to tip them, with the option to adjust the amount up to 2 hours following delivery.

Shipt shoppers typically purchase items you specify, buying the specific brands, sizes, and a number of items that you request. In the event that an item is not in stock or is not available, you will receive a text message from your shopper requesting alternatives.


The process is pretty straightforward – users order food from one of DoorDash’s thousands of restaurants. After ordering food through DoorDash’s app or website, drivers receive a notification on their phones. 

After that, Dashers can choose to accept or reject the delivery. Once they accept, they must drive to the restaurant to pick up the food and then deliver it to the customer.

The logged-in Dashers will receive order notifications on the app. Upon accepting an order, you make your way to the restaurant, pick up the order from the restaurant, and hand it over to the customer. There are detailed delivery instructions and delivery locations within the DoorDash app.

Shipt Shoppers vs Doordash Dashers


Shipt Shopper

  • Have a valid driver’s license and insurance in the United States
  • You must be at least 18 years old
  • You should own a reliable car (4-door, mid-sized sedan, SUV, a truck with a covered bed, or van)
  • Your vehicle must be manufactured after 1997
  • Capacity to lift 40 pounds
  • An Android or iPhone that supports the Shipt app.

DoorDash Dasher/Driver Requirements

  • Doordash dashers must be at least 18 years of age
  • Reliable bike, bicycle, or a car
  • In order to apply, you must have a driver’s license number
  • US Social Security number.
  • Must pass an individualized assessment and background check
  • There shouldn’t be any major violations in your last 7 years of driving history.
  • You must have an Android or iPhone smartphone

How Much Money Can You Make? Shipt vs DoorDash


Shipt ShopperOn Shipt, you get paid based on the number of deliveries you make, your working hours, and the tips your customers give you. Shipt shoppers earn about $15 per hour, including tips.

With more experience with Shipt, you can handle multiple orders simultaneously and double your earnings in one go. To maximize earnings, you should ensure you shop and deliver orders on time.


The average Doordash driver earns between $15 and $25 per hour. Depending on the order, Doordash pays $2 to $10 as its base minimum rate. Pay is determined by your location and also the time of day. 

Driver’s hourly wages can be calculated using the total amount of fees and the number of hours worked. You may receive a bonus with some orders. The amount you can earn depends on your availability and delivery volume, mostly during peak times.

Not every delivery request needs to be accepted. In addition to earning more money, you will also receive a bonus when you accept more deliveries than other dashers. When you have an 80%+ order acceptance rate, you’re usually rewarded with the bonus.

Doordash Dashers will get the 100% of the delivery fee they delivered, as well as any boosts and tips from customers. 

Delivery Payouts: Shipt vs DoorDash


With Shipt, you work independently and get paid per order. Whenever you accept an order, you’re given an estimate of when you’ll have to complete it. 

Every Friday, Shipt shoppers are paid for the previous week’s completed orders. Pay will be deposited directly into your bank account. Shipt Shopper app lets you monitor your orders and payments.


With DoorDash’s base pay system, DoorDash allows you to track all your work while driving for the company. When you deliver an order from DoorDash, the total is added to your account.

Deliveries are counted during a weeklong pay period that begins on Monday and ends on Sunday. You receive your payment on Wednesday. Doordash will total the base pay and tips you receive.

The payment can be deposited directly into your financial institution or bank account, or you can receive it through a DoorDash fast pay card (prepaid card) that can be used as a debit card.

As you deliver, you may receive cash tips from customers. Often, customers opt to include a tip when they order food. You gain extra income from the tips your customers pay.


It doesn’t matter whether you choose Shipt or DoorDash, If you need money you can try both of them as drivers. But if you have larger career goals, consider something else. The best thing about Shipt Shopper or DoorDash Dasher job is its flexibility. 

Both of them offer a flexible way to make extra money on your own schedule. You don’t need to commit, you can do it whenever you want. However, you will have to pay some money for gas and car maintenance.

Maximize Earnings

How to Maximize Shipt Earnings?

  • By working hard and providing excellent service, you can earn more money.
  • You can also increase your earnings with tips. Shoppers can be tipped by customers for an excellent job and on-time delivery, and all tips are given to the shopper. You can follow the below ways to increase the tips you get by impressing the customer.
  • Ensure that your deliveries are on time. Shipt gives you an estimate of how long shopping and delivery will take. In order to improve your delivery performance, try to deliver as early as possible during the delivery window. In the event that you will be late, inform your customer as soon as possible.
  • Take a look at the instructions added by customers so that you can deliver the exact product, brand, and size the customer ordered.
  • There are customers who will tip more than others, so if you get a customer who tips, try picking up their future orders. 
  • Pack items properly. There are customers who prefer paper over plastic, so consider those preferences if they are mentioned. 
  • Do not mix fresh goods with non-perishable goods, and keep cleaning products and food separated. 

How to Maximize Doordash Earnings?

  • Doordash is a growing company, and there’s always a need for new, reliable drivers. New Dashers can often receive a sign-up bonus, of up to $750. Before registering, you should check if there are any available in your city, as well as find out what exactly you need to do in order to get the bonus.
  • Also, if you refer a new driver to the Doordash, you’ll receive a bonus. As soon as a new driver fulfills their delivery quota, you’ll receive a cash bonus in your account.
  • DoorDash keeps track of how many orders you accept. If you receive a low acceptance rating, you will be placed lower on the dasher list and receive fewer delivery orders. Maintaining your acceptance rate higher will help you maximize your Doordash earnings.
  • You should avoid making deliveries to the areas where you will have to pay for parking.
  • You will earn the most during peak times such as lunch and dinner. What’s more, DoorDash offers a ‘peak pay’ bonus at busy times to encourage faster service during these periods. Find peak periods in your area, and if you can, work during those times.
  • It also shows a map of where orders are being placed, with hotspots highlighting where a lot of collections are being made. Keep your eye on these busy areas and you’ll be more likely to find work, as jobs are offered to the nearest drivers who are available.

Shipt vs DoorDash: Which is Better?

The answer is not clear when it comes to Shipt vs DoorDash. If you are a customer, then you should know that both sites have their advantages and disadvantages. Also, keep in mind that DoorDash focuses more on food delivery whereas Shipt is focused more on Grocery delivery. 

Before deciding, consider your product needs, availability, prices, delivery time, and extra charges. Otherwise, you might end up paying more money.

If you’re looking for the best delivery services to make money by delivering products, you should seriously consider Shipt and DoorDash. If you’re just starting out as a driver, there’s no reason why you can’t use both the services. You can try both platforms as part of your research to see which one pays you more money. 


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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Do you make more money with Shipt or Doordash?

There is no clear answer. Your earnings on both platforms depend mainly on how many deliveries you make, how many hours you work, and the tips you receive from your customers. 

Does Shipt or Instacart pay more?

According to Instacart, its drivers can make up to $25 per hour, but user reports indicate that the average salary for Instacart drivers is $11 per hour. As an alternative, Shipt claims experienced drivers earn between $16 and $22 an hour. But the report claims that the average hourly pay is approximately $11.

How much does Shipt pay per delivery?

The average Shipt shopper makes $15-$17 per order including the tips they get. 

How much do DoorDash drivers make a day?

DoorDash drivers earn $10 per hour on average. Additionally, they can earn additional money through tips on top of what they earn per order.

Does DoorDash pay gas?

DoorDash has its own debit card for drivers called DasherDirect. With this, drivers will get 10% cashback when they buy gas. Drivers will receive cashback if they purchase gas, regardless of whether they are completing a delivery.

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