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13 Best GPS Land Survey Apps for iPhone & Android (2022)

If you’ve ever had a situation where you needed to survey the land but were unsure of how to do it, there are many GPS land survey apps that make the work simple. We’ve put together some of the best apps out there for Android and iOS that make surveying land as easy as winking.Best Gps Land Survey Apps for iPhone Android

Surveying a land from a smartphone is no rocket science; you just need good GPS land survey apps. Discovering the best free land survey apps is absolutely a tough task for new users as there are hundreds of land surveying apps available on Google Play and the iOS App Store. 

To make it easy for you, we have filtered the 13 best apps for land survey from thousands of apps. Check them out!

Best Land Surveying Apps for Android and iOS in 2022

GPS Fields Area Measure

GPS Fields Area MeasureThis is probably the most commonly-known app mentioned here. The GPS Fields Area Measure is a free land survey app to download and is the best app to start surveying land on smartphones. It features a simple and well-designed interface where users can find hundreds of GPS options in the app. 

Full of handy features like Smart Marker Mode, the option to name/save/group/edit measurements, GPS tracking/Auto measure, this is one of the finest apps for land surveys. The best thing about the GPS Fields Area Measure app is the fact that it can be useful for people for almost all departments, from farmers to contractors. 

The app comes with an option to add the point of interest or POI on the field helps to avoid stones, boundaries of paddocks, and other livestock. You can even send a link to a selected area, direction, or route to your friends or family members

Download GPS Fields Area Measure App for Android

Download GPS Fields Area Measure App for iOS


DishaankDishaank is the most accessible land surveying app for people who are living in Karnataka, India. On the app, you can easily find the survey number of the current location within Karnataka for your own viewing purposes. If your only use for land measurement app is measuring location in Karnataka, India, Dishaank is the best option for you. 

It doesn’t have extra fancy features, but the app is very fast with a simple and clean user interface. It is an excellent shot if you want to find land details like owner details and the area of their land.

Download Dishaank App for Android

Download Dishaank App for iOS


TheodoliteHunter Research and Technology, LLC brings you a highly efficient iOS land survey app. It is called Theodolite. It features a very minimalist interface with an array of options that are useful. This one is also good at viewfinder as the app is mainly built for a multi-function viewfinder facility. The app works in both online and offline mode. Overall, it is an excellent land surveyor app.

Download Theodolite App for iOS

Land Calculator

Land CalculatorThe Land Calculator app is the functional and efficient land surveying app for those who prefer all land measurement and survey tools in one app. Land Calculator boasts the coordinate systems, backup and restores feature. 

With a feature-packed user interface, the Land Calculator app will surely be helpful for field workers, farmers, engineers, GIS students, and professionals. It is one of the lightest Android GPS land survey apps.

Download Land Calculator App for Android

GPS Land Area Calculator

Gps Area CalculatorIf you are not willing to spend money on a GPS land survey app then the GPS Land Area Calculator is enough to help you. The app is straightforward and has all the required options that can help you to calculate the land area.

Users can make use of a variety of features of this app from anywhere and any time. It gives the option of map, satellite, terrain, and hybrid modes view. Users can also use the area search tool to search any particular area.

Download GPS Land Area Calculator App for Android

Map Pad GPS Land Surveys & Measurements

Map Pad GPS Land Surveys MeasurementsMap Pad GPS Land Surveys & Measurements app is basically a multi-purpose app to calculate areas, perimeters, and distances. You can find distance and area for the shapes drawn on the map or captured using real-time GPS tracking of this app.

This app is designed in a way to easily measure the area of the field or a walk distance quickly through the Google or Bing Map Satellite view. If you want to calculate the areas and distances accurately then this is a great app for you.

Download Map Pad GPS Land Surveys & Measurements App for Android

Easy Area

Easy AreaEasy Area offers a wide selection of landing measuring tools, making it one of the most popular land area measurement apps in India for smartphones and tablets. You don’t have to own an iOS device to calculate the area of any land, it’s available on Android only. 

It also includes a built-in multiple-layer option that makes it easy to measure multiple areas on the same map. The Easy Area app provides save/load, share area link, photo import other handy features that enhance your experience on the app.

Download Easy Area App for Android

Land Surveyor

Land SurveyorYou will love the Land Surveyor app for its capability of calculating the area of land. It is a comprehensive app that can calculate or save land records. It provides a clear guide on how to use it once you open the app. Land Surveyor provides the quickest calculation facility.

Additionally, you’ll be able to save the survey for future reference. The clean and attractive user interface of the app makes it more appealing to the users. Even it doesn’t require any internet connection to work properly. So, without any doubt, this app can be a better choice for you.

Download Land Surveyor App for Android

Survey Calculator

Survey CalculatorYou can also try the Survey Calculator app for land surveying without an internet connection. This app includes several transportation engineering survey calculation tools that are very useful for many. Besides, it comes with programs like bearing distance calculator, intersection point calculator, reference line program or line and offset program, lat-long – UTM coordinate converter, etc.

This efficient app will let you calculate any land measurement easily and quickly. The UI is also designed in such a way that every option is accessible easily even for a normal user. So, giving it a try on it won’t disappoint you.

Download Survey Calculator App for Android

Area Calculator for Land

Area Calculator for LandArea Calculator for Land is yet another land surveyor app with a variety of features. It doesn’t matter whether it is a big area or a small area; it takes a few seconds to calculate the land size on your smartphone.

If you are not looking for fancy features, but one that is still thoroughly reliable when it comes to surveying land, this app is a solid way to go.

Download Area Calculator for Land App for Android


GLandMeasureGLandMeasure is a single app that brings together everything you need within one Android app, including methods to measure land, area, and measuring length. With GLandMeasure, users can measure areas and lengths that can be used to measure land, farm, field, home, distance, and length measurement directly using one tool. In addition to that, GLandMeasure allows you to share images of the area in a few steps.

Download GLandMeasure App for Android

GPS Area Measure

GPS area measure land surveyGPS Area Measure is packed with features, lightweight, and simply designed. In some ways, it exceeds the expectations. This is an ideal land surveying app for measuring the perimeter of a field. It is very simple to use. All you need to do is, just open the app and you will find various options. From there, click on the green button “GPS WALK” and now, start walking along the border of the area.

If there is any obstruction you have to click the  “PAUSE” and move on to the next access point. You can also make use of the “GPS POINT HERE” option. At last, click on the “CALCULATE” option and the app will determine the area and perimeter.

Download GPS Area Measure App for Android

Mapit GIS

Mapit GISMapit GIS is a widely popular free land survey app for good reason. It’s easy to use and doesn’t require any special skill to use.

Further, it is a great app that lets the user capture location and determine distance and area for the shapes drawn on the map or captured using real-time GPS tracking. 

Download Mapit GIS App for Android

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is land surveying?

Measuring any land or territory through any of the ways or using mobile apps is called land surveying. However, the calculation should be accurate as it is important for everyone. It could be your property, rural project, farmland, constructing roads, building bridges, tunnels, apartments, and highways. 

Is there any app for land surveying?

These 13 apps we mentioned on this list are for land surveying. Personally, we feel GPS Fields Area Measure is the best app for survey land.

How to view land survey data on an app?

Just open any of the apps from the list by installing it and give all the required permissions like location, storage, etc. That’s it. You are good to go. These apps will help you to view land survey data on your phone by entering some details that are required. You need to fill in some details.

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