Here’s Everything You Need To Know About WhatsApp Bot Duta

Whatsapp duta

WhatsApp is a well-known and popular messaging App to connect with your friends and family. Nowadays it became more popular because of its simple feature which enables you to chat and share photos/videos instantly free of cost. Most of the WhatsApp users heard the name Duta which is one type of service to provide Instant News, Live Score, Wikipedia Information, Live quizzes, Entertainment and more amazing services via mobile messaging apps without paying a penny! You can get all services in WhatsApp using Duta. But note that Duta is not an official service by offered by WhatsApp.Inc. It is an individual site/third party service. Also read How to Set Auto Reply On WhatsApp.

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How does it work?

It is an online robot or JavaScript program powered by Duta replies faster than a normal person and gives exact information instantly. So it is more clear that it is not possible to reply in such a speed by an individual or a person and Duta works on JavaScript or something new which is still unknown that how it works!


Is it Safe to Use?

Many persons say that it is a scam service to get others mobile numbers and photos. And some will say that it is a scam site to get personal information to render it to hackers and spammers. But in our opinion, it is not a scam or hack. The reason is that Duta’s official site clearly mentioned that Duta must be the first person added to your group or even you can create a special group to enjoy Duta’s service. If you don’t think it is real or if you feel it is a scam or if you care more about your privacy, then stop using it or you can create a new group by adding only Duta’s number.

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How does Duta Earn Money? is funded by Rocketship VC fund pioneering quantitative early stage investors in the likes of Facebook, Lyft, and Snapdeal. There is no clarification about how exactly they earn money from this free service.

Popular Services Provided by Duta: –

  • News – Hindi and English
  • Celebrities
  • News about Bollywood
  • Hollywood
  • Tollywood
  • Kollywood
  • Football
  • Tennis
  • Cricket
  • Fashion
  • Astrology
  • Jokes
  • Interactive services like Train, PNR
  • Bhagavad Gita
  • Quran
  • Bible + More

How can I enjoy Duta Service in WhatsApp?

We will try to update all the services which are offered by next article. So keep visiting us and bookmark this page.
You can also Download Duta App From Playstore to enjoy Duta services in the app.

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