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How Much is Turo Deposit? (Answered)

How Much is Turo Deposit Answered

As a frequent traveler and car enthusiast, I often find myself using Turo to rent unique and exciting cars for my trips. But before I hit the road, I always have to deal with the question of how much is the deposit for Turo.

Personally, I understand that it can be frustrating not to have a clear understanding of how much Turo will hold as a deposit. That’s why I’m here to help. In this article, I’ll explain everything about the Turo deposit amount, and offer some tips to make your rental experience a positive one.

If you are a first-time Turo renter or a seasoned Turo renter, you will find this article helpful in understanding how much is Turo security deposit and ensuring a smooth rental experience. 

How Much is Turo Deposit?

Your Turo deposit depends on what type of car you booked.

In the US, guests ages 25-29 who book a Deluxe Class or Super Deluxe Class car pay a $750 deposit.

There are times when Turo’s safety system determines that a driver must pay a deposit. In the case of cars that aren’t Deluxe or Super Deluxe Class, a deposit of up to $200 is required.

When taking on your exciting travel plans and reserving a car with Turo, it’s essential to take into account the expense of Turo car insurance and factor it into your overall trip budget. By doing so, you can ensure a smooth journey filled with peace of mind and delightful adventures, and at the same time keep your finances in check.

For trips within the United States, a deposit of $750 is applicable for bookings of Deluxe Class vehicles made by guests under the age of 30. Additionally, if Turo’s security system selects your trip for a deposit, a $200 deposit will be required. To sweeten the deal, you have the option to submit your personal insurance information during the booking process and enjoy a generous $250 discount on your deposit.

Moving on to Australia, Deluxe vehicle bookings for guests under the age of 30 require a deposit of A$500. Similarly, Super Deluxe vehicle bookings necessitate the same deposit amount for all guests. Just like in the US, you can avail yourself of a fantastic A$250 discount on your deposit by providing your personal insurance information during booking.

As for Canada, a deposit of CA$1,500 is mandatory for Deluxe Class vehicle bookings made by guests under 30. Likewise, Super Deluxe Class vehicle bookings require the same deposit amount for all guests. However, here’s the great news: by submitting your personal insurance information during the booking process, you can enjoy an impressive CA$500 discount on your deposit.

In the United Kingdom, Deluxe Class vehicle bookings for all guests require a deposit of £500. On the other hand, Super Deluxe Class vehicle bookings, regardless of the guest, incur a deposit of £1,000. For those who book a trip to travel in the EU from the UK, an additional deposit of £1,000 will be required. Additionally, if Turo’s security system selects your trip for a deposit, a reduced deposit of £250 will be applicable.

In conclusion, knowing Turo’s deposit requirements is crucial when planning your next adventure. The Turo deposit amounts vary based on factors such as location, vehicle class, and guest age. Knowing these details in advance will help you budget appropriately and make the booking process as seamless as possible. Moreover, Turo offers automatic refunds for security deposits if certain criteria are met. 


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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Do Turo have a deposit?

Yes. Depending on the trip details and other factors, Turo automatically charges a security deposit.

How much is the security deposit for Turo?

The amount of the security deposit depends on where you booked your trip.

Does Turo refund security deposits?

Yes. If you fulfill the conditions, Turo will automatically initiate the refund 80 hours after your trip ends.

How do I get my deposit back from Turo?

When you meet the following conditions, Turo will automatically refund the security deposit amount 80 hours after your trip ends:

  • The host has not reported any vehicle damage, ensuring a smooth and incident-free rental experience.
  • Your reimbursement invoices have been duly settled, ensuring fair compensation for any agreed-upon expenses.
  • If you booked a trip within the EU through the UK, you will not be liable for any roadside service charges.

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