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11 Best Night Vision Apps for Android and iOS (2021)

I know why you are searching for the best night vision app. If you’re here looking for free night vision apps for Android or iPhone, we recommend our best apps for both Android and iOS list!

Best Night Vision Apps for Android and iOS

Of course, the stock camera app pre-installed on your phone does a better job while clicking photos at night. Some inbuilt cameras also have a Night mode option to enhance the night photos experience. However, it doesn’t have the extra features like the below night vision apps that some people need.

Do you love taking pictures at night? Is your smartphone isn’t capable of taking pictures or videos at night? Have you ever wanted to take bright images or videos in low light conditions? Well. Our list of 11 best night vision apps will surely help you.

Top 11 Night Vision Apps for Android and iOS in 2021

If you’re a fan of the night and are in the market for new night vision camera apps, here are the best night vision camera apps for Android and iPhone.

Night Vision Flashlight Thermo

Night Vision Flashlight ThermoNight Vision Flashlight Thermo looks like one of the best and working night vision apps for iPhone or iOS and Android devices. It has a decent set of features. It includes accurate night vision detection, simulated thermal vision camera filter, flashlight, and sounds. 

The app also includes a range of features that you can use to see better at night. The app serves you as a camera filter app alongside providing the flashlight service.

Night Eyes

Night Eyes Night CameraNight Eyes is yet another most comprehensive night vision app out there for the iPhone. It has one of the best free offerings out there as well. Loaded with 3 amplification modes for better night vision pictures, you can take 10x digital live zoom pictures using the Night eyes app. 

The app includes worthy optimizations to take enhanced pics at night. Also, it offers real-time luminance histogram features, taps to focus features.

Color Night Vision Camera Simulator & VR

Color Night Vision Camera Simulator VRColor Night Vision Camera Simulator & VR is one of the more competent night vision camera apps. The app does what the name suggests. It gives a clear way to take better pictures at night from your smartphone. You open the app, hit the capture button as needed, and take quality pictures at night. 

It also has a few additional features, like the virtual reality (VR) mode, option to customize the color of the image, silent mode, flash options, etc,. It also has support for an exposure compensation slider that allows you to adjust the brightness of the camera preview manually. The pro version also includes support for a few additional options.

Night Vision Thermal Camera

Night Vision Thermal CameraNight Vision Thermal Camera is one of the more powerful night vision camera apps out there. It offers a Night Vision filter, a Thermo Vision filter, and a UV Vision filter. That makes you watch things with a variety of angles. Along with that, you can zoom, and also record videos. It also comes with object detection support, the ability to transfer the night vision style. The only downside of this app is that it doesn’t support Android.

Night Vision Simulator

Night Vision SimulatorNight Vision Simulator is a simulator night vision app designed specifically for Android users. When you install and open the app, you are good to go. With the app, you can take pictures or record videos with night vision effects. It also tackles adjustable effect sensitivity features so you can make some color adjustments based on your requirements. 

You will be able to record or take pictures with a single tap. It even offers an option to maximize the visibility effect. You can instantly take beautiful pictures even in bright light environments directly from the app. There is also a Pro version of the Night Vision Simulator app which allows you to record videos in 720p and 480p.

Thermal Camera Filter Effect Flashlight

Thermal Camera Filter Effect FlashlightMost of the apps on this list are the apps that let you click better pictures and record videos at night. We thought we’d include at least one app that helps you to improve your vision in the dark. Thermal Camera Filter Effect Flashlight is a top app that offers plenty of features like a special live camera filter, AR filter to make a thermal effect. 

The app lets you turn your phone into a thermal camera. It has all the necessary neat features to get a better view of the thermal effect. The AI algorithm of the app divides bright and dark areas in yellow/red/blue/lilac colors by optimizing the contrast.

Night Mode Camera

Night Mode Camera Photo and VideoNight Mode Camera is a perfectly usable night vision camera app and it’s a good app to end this free app list. This Android app includes what we consider to be impressive features. Those features include a 1X to 8X zoom, own library for images, and sharing options that you actually need. Additionally, it comes with an optimization that helps you to click outstanding pictures or videos in the night. This is a free app. We can’t ask for more features than the mentioned ones.

Nightsight Night Camera

Nightsight Night CameraNightsight Night Camera isn’t as popular as some other iOS night vision apps. It probably should be. Nightsight Night Camera features a slider function to control darker/lighter situations. The app rounds everything up in a user-friendly and simple navigation interface. The app is free to download for iPhone and iPad users with 3.1 ratings.

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Best Night Vision Apps for iPhone and iPad in 2021 (Paid)

Night Vision (Photo & Video)

Night Vision Photo VideoNight Vision (Photo & Video) is a serious night vision camera app for the iPhone and iPad. It has a bunch of features including an amplification mode picker, color saturation picker. It also has customization options, such as fast exposure mode, 8X zoom, focus refresh button, and more.

The app doesn’t have any other special features for the money that you are paying. However, it does the basics better than most free night vision apps for the iPhone. It even has a sharing option that allows taken pictures to send or share with other people.

NightCap Camera

NightCap CameraNight Vision apps are great. However, some people just need a basic app to take better pictures at night. The apps that are mentioned in this article mainly focus on night vision. These aren’t as powerful to take pictures in daylights, but they get the job done for basic stuff in enhancing night vision images. 

In such situations, a NightCap Camera comes in handy for you. This app comes with dozens of features that will surely let you take amazing pictures at night and in low-light conditions. The app uses the inbuilt AI algorithm that makes this iOS app easy job by automatically setting effective focus and exposure for a brilliant, crystal clear shot. 

Night Vision Camera

Night Vision CameraNight Vision Camera is the last iOS app on our list. You do have to pay $3.99 to download this app. However, it shows zero ads and no additional in-app purchases. And is available with features that will allow you to click photos at the lowest luminosity.

It has a lot of average interface and functionality options. You can do modification while taking pictures with options such as camera sensitivity, exposure, and amplify color filters.

Still, there are plenty of great night vision camera apps out there. Here we listed some of the best and tested free night vision apps to keep you hooked!

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