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Wingdings Translator: 7 Best Wingding Translators for Free (2021)

Nowadays there are plenty of free wingding translators available on the Internet. But, picking the best one is a kinda difficult task as we don’t know which one is accurate. Looking for the best Wingdings translator websites of 2021? Then this post is for you! We’ve gathered 7 websites where you can translate wingdings to the English language.

Best Wingding Translators for Free

What is Wingdings?

Wingdings are developed by Microsoft in 1990 using the combination of glyphs from Lucida Icons, Arrows, and Stars. Fonts of the Wingdings carries various largely recognized shapes and gestures and few recognized world symbols. Wingdings uses letters as a variety of symbols. 

Actually, Wingdings (aka TrueType dingbat font) was included in Microsoft Windows version 3.1 to Windows Vista/Server 2008, and several other application packages at that time.

Even though Unicode had not mapped the wingdings at that time, they added several other symbols in the Wingdings and Webdings fonts in Unicode 7.0.

Top 7 Free Wingdings Translator Websites You Can Use For Free in 2021

1. Wingdings Translator 

Have you ever thought about a simple translator tool that allows you to translate wingdings to English? With Wingdings Translator, you actually can. This site helps you to translate sentences and text to Wingdings. Also, you can translate Wingding into English.

Wingding TranslatorTo translate Wingdings sentence or a paragraph to the English text, copy and paste your Wingdings text into the Wingdings text box and the tool will instantly show you the meaning of that sentence/para. To translate normal text into Wingdings, paste or write any text in the Arial text box. That’s it. As simple as that.

2. Lingo Jam

To have access to the Wingdings English translator anytime you want, you’ll have to actually visit the LingoJam website from the above link. Once you head over to the site, type the sentence that you want to translate into English or if you want to translate the Wingding fonts to English then paste the Wingding font in the right box. That’s it. 

Lingojam wingding translator to english

This tool instantly generates the translated result. It is worth mentioning that this tool is currently having some issues while converting Wingdings to English as it shows the same Wingdings fonts in the left box which should show the English text. However, they may fix this issue at any time. Of course, you can translate English to Wingdings any time for free and it is working fine without any issues.

3. Grompe

If your aim includes learning Wingdings, you should check out Grompe. Here in this site, you will have the opportunity to understand the Wingdings and its meaning in the English language. Just enter/paste the sentence you need to convert in English.

Grompe wingding font translatorGrompe translator instantly provides you the translated version of that Wingdings fonts. It doesn’t require any submission or signup. This site offers a way to learn the Wingdings fonts.

4. Fun Translations

Another website that can help you develop your learning of Wingdings fonts. On this tool, you will find the Translate button once you scroll down. Before that, you need to type the sentence or an English line that you are looking to translate. Once you hit the Translate button.

Grompe wingding font translatorThis translator will translate the submitted English texts to Wingding fonts and the results will be displayed on the page itself. You can copy the result of it and it even allows you to Tweet the translation. Sadly, this tool doesn’t help you to translate Wingding to English. It only allows English to Wingding translations. To test this tool whether it is working or not, you can use sample text provided on the website itself by translating them.

If you own any website then the Fun Translations can be embedded in your site through the Embed code provided in this tool. Just cut and paste the code from the Fun Translation to embed the translator on your website or blog.

5. Gaster Dingbats

Gaster Dingbats is the only Wingding translator app available for the Android platform. This app supports Original Wingdings font (W. D. Gaster’s alphabet from Undertale) and the Webdings fonts. Also, if you have the premium subscription, then you will get the support for Wingdings 2 and Wingdings 3. The interface of the Gaster Dingbats looks like a Google translator.

Gaster Dingbats Wingding translator appYou need to select the type of the Wingdings and the language to which you need the translation. This app is also a good Wingdings fonts learning platform as it even shows the Conversions and Translations of any particular Dingbats. Once you click MORE INFORMATION ABOUT THESE DINGBATS it will display you the translations, conversions and other details of the dingbats. 

6. D-Code

If you like to try Wingdings reader, then there is no better place than D-code. D-code’s Wingdings Reader/Translator works well for free. It will be a helpful tool when you need to Decrypt Wingding Ciphertext. Yes. The site has many options for its users. 

Once you open the D-code translator, you will see the text box below the WINGDING (IMAGES OR UNICODE) CIPHERTEXT. In the box, you need to paste the Wingdings that you need to express the sense of (words or text) in the English language. After pasting it, click on the DECRYPT button and it will display the result in the top-left corner. 

D-code’s Wingdings Reader Translator

You can also enter the English sentence o translate them in WIngdings font. To do that, just type the English text in the box below the WINGDINGS PLAIN TEXT and hit the WRITE button. That’s enough! The tool will show you the translated English meaning in the left corner at the top of the webpage.

7. Babylon Translator

Babylon Translator is a Windows translation software that provides one-click translation from any language to any language. It also supports the WIngding translation so you can make use of this software. Unfortunately, Babylon Translator software is a freemium software available only for Windows users.

Babylon TranslatorSo, if you are an Android/Mac/Linux user then you can’t use this translation tool. If you are a Windows PC user then just download the software which is in .exe file and after downloading it, the user needs to install the software to translate any texts that come on screen. 

Which is the Best Wingdings Translator?

Finding the top Wingding to English translator like finding a pin in a haystack, and that’s where this article will help you. Which of these free Wingdings translator is your most loved one? Let us know about your favorite translator in the comments section. And remember: if you’re looking for free best Shakespeare Translators then don’t forget to checkout Shakespeare to English translators. Also, check our list of 5 best Elvish Translators.

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