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Top 19 Alibaba Alternatives in 2023 (Sites Like Alibaba)

If you’re striking out on Alibaba and can’t find the products that you’re looking for, or your product is not shipping to your country on Alibaba, check out these Alibaba alternatives to make your next purchase a memorable one. These are the best sites like Alibaba to get high-quality products or more local suppliers.Websites Like Alibaba

Whenever we hear importing products from China, the first website that strikes everyone’s mind is Alibaba. A leading B2B marketplace started in 1999 by Jack Ma. Even though Alibaba is a leading online commerce platform in China, they are serving even in few other countries. However, they are not so famous in other countries if you compare their popularity in China.

It is worth noting that Alibaba is not shipping its products to most of the countries. In some countries, it takes dozens of weeks to ship a product. Thus, Alibaba may not appeal to everyone. Luckily, there are many other sites like Alibaba com to buy products.

In this article, we have thoroughly researched and curated a list of the best companies like Alibaba. These websites have collections of great stuff, products from each and every category. One can even choose to search from a vast range of products and you can even make use of filters to find the items people need. 

Top 19 Alibaba Alternatives (B2B Marketplaces) in 2023

Before heading to the list of top sites similar to Alibaba, find out the monthly search of all these websites in the list to know their popularity in search engines. We also curated the list of sites like Fingerhut to buy now and pay later.


GlobalSources has actually been around for a longer time and is one of the competitors of Alibaba to find manufacturers of any products from all over the world. The attractive user interface of the website makes it easier and appealing for users to navigate through millions of products from a wide range of categories.

This is easily one of the most popular Alibaba alternatives because of the great way it connects authentic buyers and verified suppliers worldwide through a single platform. It provides a way for sellers to list their products on the platform to sell them. Global Sources

The website has every bit of items categorized in multiple menus, from consumer electronics, fashion, footwear, LED, machinery parts, mobile electronics, and a lot more. Another interesting thing about GlobalSources is you can even chat with suppliers through text, voice, or video to ask anything related to the products you are buying. 

Through the chat with the supplier, you can get the quotations for the products even if you are buying them wholesale. GlobalSources also has a mobile app that shows each bit of information related to placed orders.


DHGate is the platform that probably is closest to Alibaba alternative when it comes to the way it works. Similar to Alibaba, the DHGate is also a wholesale marketplace that consists of millions of consumer products. If you don’t want to shop on Alibaba, you can simply visit DHGate to buy the desired product. DHGate

One of the good things about DHGate is that it has more than 2 million sellers globally. That means you get thousands of items from every category and few exclusive products which you won’t find anywhere else. Wanna negotiate the price of a product while buying wholesale? DHGate is one of the best sites you should try.

If you are someone who spends much time finding textile or clothing products for your business, I urge you to check Started in 1999, acts as a business-to-business (B2B) and business-to-consumer (B2C) marketplace serving users with 20 million products and services from more than 1.3 million companies. All biz has evolved a lot with millions of users buying their desired products from the platform. We have found listings to be more focused and enjoyed finding them as it supports 26 languages and shows product price in various currencies.


Chinabrands is a Chinese dropshipping platform that supposedly connects a million users with suppliers and retailers. This Chinese website like Alibaba lets its users quickly purchase wholesale goods from the suppliers. Finding the desired product on Chinabrands is generally really easy. Chinabrands

Chinabrands truly lives up to its name by serving thousands of products from Chinese brands. The company even has 100 warehouses that are located in more than 20 countries. Another best thing about Chinabrands is it has professional technicians to control, perform and monitor product quality

Another key highlight of Chinabrands is its customer service. They are offering 24*7 customer care in different languages. No wonder why they made it to the list of top companies like Alibaba.


Lightinthebox is a place where people can get high-quality products at attractive prices along with several payment modes. The website is very different from Alibaba where customers can get their product delivered to the home, even if you are not living in China.Lightinthebox

Basically, Lightinthebox is an online retail company where you can buy millions of products from several categories that include apparel, small accessories, gadgets, home, and gardens. Just visit the Lightinthebox website to see what’s trending and get recommendations for you. The platform has an intuitive interface and great support. 

Another key highlight of the Lightinthebox is its offer of customized products. That means buyers will have complete control over customization on how their wedding dress and evening dress should look while buying them. 

Made in China

Made in China is Alibaba alternative for people who are interested in a website that offers several ways for global buyers to source products. The service aggregates product information from 27 industries. With Made in China, you will never face trade risks. Apart from the premium supply, Made in China gives freedom for users to purchase, accept, conclude, manage and fulfill orders for the supplying of items and services online. Made in China

Users can also audit reports to check their authentic information for free. For people who don’t want to buy the maximum quantity of products, Made in China is the right foreign trade website to be on.


IndiaMART is another well-known Indian website for buyers, suppliers, and sellers. It is the best website for small/medium/large enterprises as well as individuals. It is one of the oldest online B2B classified portals.IndiaMART

On this website, the buyers can easily get millions of products and suppliers. Moreover, IndiaMART is also a platform that gives improved credibility to your brand. For payment protection, IndiaMART also offers an instant payment gateway with more security and protection

Like Alibaba, the IndiaMART website is also a great site that connects sellers and buyers from India anytime, anywhere. It’s a well-established fact that IndiaMART is the king of the online B2B marketplace in India just like Alibaba.

Trade India

Trade India is a perfect website meant for business-related needs. This website makes available a variety of online services and facilitation of trade promotional events. Once again, if you’re someone who has a textile/clothing-related business, Trade India is an amazing site for you. Clothing items for personal use can be found on Princess Polly alternative sites. Trade India is quickly catching up to Alibaba and they are constantly delivering business solutions to the domestic and global business community. Trade India

Being the old B2B industry with 20 years of experience, Trade India has a lot more products and serves millions of manufacturers, exporters, suppliers, importers, wholesalers, traders, and distributors around the globe. It is one of the finest Indian B2B platforms.


When one thinks of Alibaba, ECPlaza usually comes to mind. But this global B2B e-Marketplace has a jaw-dropping variety of products, including automobiles/motorcycles, chemicals, security/protection, and a lot more. It is one of the leading sites like Alibaba in the world.

The website, which is user-friendly and easy to navigate, lists products from all categories in a menu with affordable price tags. In addition to their B2B service, ECPlaza also provides a variety of other services including EDI, trade consulting, and offline trade-related services for SMEs. ECPlaza

With billions of products listed all across the website, there is no dearth of products here. From overseas market research to overseas market expansion, ECPlaza offers each and every solution for overseas trade marketing needs. So, if you are searching for a reliable trade partner, look no further.


EC21 is almost a replica of Alibaba connecting global buyers and suppliers. It certainly is the largest online B2B marketplace with more than 7 million products from diverse categories and over 3.5 million purchasers. With more than 3.5 million active monthly visitors, EC21 is one of the quickly growing Alibaba alternative sites. 

To give opportunities for small as well as medium-sized enterprises with sites like Alibaba, EC21 has entered it to this list. A great thing about the website is that alongside a complete list of trade support services, it also provides global business opportunities to customers. EC21

In international trade, EC21 is a leading and one among the fastest growing technology and expertise. Thus, if you are looking for another company like Alibaba, here’s your choice.


eWorldTrade is a popular global B2B marketplace that is a leading alternative to Alibaba. It offers a trade medium with safe, fast, reliable, and authentic. eWorldTrade is one of the better B2B portals out there. If you’re an Alibaba fan, you might be disappointed that eWorldTrade has the worst customer support. eWorldTrade

That said, eWorldTrade is still a trusted B2B marketplace with value-added services. It even has some drawbacks. Nevertheless, eWorldTrade is a great site because it is integrated with advanced features and functionalities.

If spending lots of money and time isn’t a problem for you, and you don’t mind searching a bit for finding the right products for your business, eWorldTradeis the perfect choice for you.

Quality Trade

Another great B2B marketplace companies like Alibaba, the Quality Trade focuses on connecting buyers who love to buy high-quality products with top-class, compliant, ISO-certified companies.Quality Trade

Quality Trade has built its name in the world of B2B marketplace majorly due to the ISO-certified companies that provide the standard items. Quality Trade is one of the prominent sites similar to Alibaba where consumers have reliable access to businesses to maximize the value they provide to buyers. The site offers millions of products on its trade marketplace to quality-conscious buyers around the world.

Thomas Net

Thomas Net is consistently ranked as the best B2B marketplace in the world, and their industrial sourcing platform is a great alternative for Alibaba. With millions of industrial buyers in a single month, Thomas Net has been serving the world for the last 120 years. Therefore, the industrial products available on the marketplace are authentic and trustworthy. Thomas Net

Buyers can choose from over 6 million industrial products and half a million commercial supplier profiles to get the products. Another great thing about the Thomas Net is they offer 2D as well as 3D models of more than 10 million products from top OEMs. Moreover, the models provided by the website are highly compatible with most of the OEM software systems.


With millions of products from a vast range of categories on their platform, SoloStocks has reached out to companies and professionals in a quick span of time of just 21 years. The website operates and serves the customers of Europe and Latin America. SoloStocks

By helping millions of consumers and companies to select and purchase products for their businesses, SoloStocks already grabbed huge attention from professional buyers and sellers from 12 countries including Spain, Brazil, Mexico, Argentina, Colombia, Chile, France, Germany, Portugal, Italy, Poland, and Morocco. The major advantage of the platform is they provide the option of comparing products and prices, contacting sellers. is one more Chinese website like Alibaba to seek products from only Chinese suppliers. It is the fastest-growing Chinese B2B e-commerce website sponsored by Beijing China Network Communications Co., Ltd. China cn

They are providing information storage, search, links, and other network technical services to their Chinese enterprises via their platform along with international brands. After Alibaba and Ali Express, is valued as the top B2B e-commerce platform in China.


Unlike other sites in the list, Europages is a top B2B sourcing platform serving millions of other professionals in 26 languages. The website has a huge database of millions of companies especially from European countries and through the website, anyone can search companies and their activities or products that suit their business requirements.Europages

From essential products from thousands of manufacturers to sellers, Europages making the experience of finding partners and distributors an easy way for every business. You can also boost the visibility of your business by listing your website on the Europages database.


A worst B2B site may deliver you an unpleasant shopping experience, it would be better to try a trusted B2B marketplace that offers quality products for the price you are paying. If you’re looking for the marketplace with the latest and trending products for your new business, ECVV is the perfect Alibaba alternative for you.ECVV

ECVV is one of the largest B2B platform sites because it cannot only provide a million products to buyers. You can also connect with more than a million suppliers from China. That is why this ECVV is our best option. 

Although its collection of products and items is not as massive as Alibaba, you will still be offered machinery, equipment, hardware, building materials, lighting, transport electronics, electrical appliances, and other industrial items. The website serves 22 Arab countries as well.


ExportHub is another Alibaba alternative that offers hundreds of products besides a nice user interface. The site’s interface is straightforward and easy to navigate through. It has a great collection of the latest trade leads, including many from top industries. You can search for suppliers and buyers.ExportHub

The website also provides B2B Marketplace trends and tips. Also, an array of options and categories similar to what you’ll find on Alibaba keeps customers engaging. Despite what it offers to buyers and new business holders, the platform gives the ability to find the latest companies, products, manufactures, and importers through alphabets.


Eezee is the best Alibaba replacing B2B website from Singapore. The best part of it is, it offers a customer-centric eCommerce experience. Eezee is also trusted by thousands of popular companies. The website offers a different selection of products and items that focuses on connecting suppliers with profitable customers.Eezee

As the name Eezee suggests, it not only covers most of the products based on your search term, it also offers an easy way to find profitable products for your business. To be a part of it or to buy something from it, you need to register or login to the platform. Eezee is the place where you can get all the industrial and business supplies.

Alibaba is a great B2B marketplace for increasing your profit in business by finding manufacturers for your Private Label or generic products, However, Alibaba isn’t your only option for finding manufacturers/suppliers of any items from all over the world.

If you’re looking for Alibaba’s competitors, consider one of the many alternatives out there to identify better products for your business and to find high-quality suppliers. Again, most everything on these websites will be different from what you’ll find on another website. If you’re looking to start your business differently these sites could be good alternatives to check out in order to expand your product selection.

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