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Become A YouTube Sensation In 2020 With These Video Hacks

YouTube, once hailed as the masterful tool of procrastination, is now a valid career option. While most of us are happy delaying our beauty-sleep while deep-diving into the rabbit hole of recommended videos, some of us might be the enterprising type who are budding YouTubers waiting for the right inspiration to strike. Whether you are yet to begin your YouTube journey or someone with experience, this write-up is for all of you.

Become A YouTube Sensation With These Video Hacks

Video Hacks To Kickstart Your YouTube Career

A common phrase used the world over when it comes to any creative business is ‘content is king’. However, for YouTube, there are a lot of spokes in the wheel that make the final impact. Here is a glimpse at a few of the less obvious factors that can elevate your YouTube video from that of a layman to a sensation –

The Intro

The first 5 seconds of your video determines whether you gain a view or lose one. Make it interesting. The introduction needn’t necessarily be a video-specific summary. It can just be a glimpse into you and your channel.

Although it can be tough finding an introduction that will universally pique people’s interest, it is best not to design your introduction with that overwhelming thought in mind. Instead, create what best fits your channel ethos and know that there are thousands, if not millions, out there with the same interests as you. If your content pleases them, they will stick around.
The technical aspect of it, however, can seem a little more jarring. Fortunately, with technology making the leaps and bounds as it has, there are plenty of intro maker for youtube apps available for you to take your pick. One such video maker that comes to mind is InVideo, which has features aplenty that allow you to create, very professional looking videos in under five minutes.

Clever Captions

Captions are necessary if you want your video to reach an audience beyond the scope of the primary language you speak. They are also incredibly inclusive of the hearing impaired. But that is not the only purpose captions serve.

Captions have now become a language of their own. They aren’t necessarily just subtitles. They are much more.

For example, there are plenty of stand-up comics on YouTube, who use captions as a punchline to their jokes, sometimes as a means to complete their piece. Similarly, using captions as the voice of your inner thoughts, while you say something else on camera, is now widely seen as a YouTube trope and is thoroughly enjoyed by viewers.

Video Pace

Video length might be what most people worry about, but here’s the real secret – what matters is the pace. If your video is too fast, people may not understand it and move away. If it is too slow, they may get bored halfway through and never come back.

video pace

The ideal pace is one that keeps changing. Start off fast when introducing the topic, slow down once you are sure you have captured your audience’s attention. Keep alternating pace to prevent it from getting too monotonous.
As long as you keep your viewers on their toe, they won’t diverge. Remember, the pace of your intro is as important as the pace of the rest of your video. For the best result, use a video maker online to build a professional-looking introductory video.

Leveraging Timestamps

Gone are the days when timestamps were meant to be just tools to comment out your favorite part of a YouTube video. It has now become an effective marketing tool and, sometimes, even a source of humor.

Any YouTuber knows sharing your videos to the right audience is key to building a steady viewership. However, a video isn’t linear, and there are some sections that may attract some sections of the audience more than others. A clever content-creator will market those relatable sections directly to the audience instead of sharing the whole video, and this is where timestamps come into the picture.

Imagine a video depicting nutrition issues over the world where each country has been described for its own set of problems. Americans would be interested in knowing problems in their own country, whereas those living in the Netherlands will be more interested in theirs. When sharing, directing your video at either of these groups by simply sharing the content from the exact timestamp where their country has been discussed will get you a far more interested viewer than sharing the whole thing.

Involving Your Viewers

Last but not the least, make your viewers a part of your channel. Run activities where they feel involved. Whether it is reading out comments or maybe even sharing their work, the more involved they feel, the more loyal a viewership you will gain.

A very popular way to do this is to start videos with shout outs to the best comments from a previous video. Another clever way is to allow viewers access to your other social media profiles, establish camaraderie, and take suggestions for content as well as introduce their opinions on your videos. This makes for a wonderful bond between a channel and its audience.

The More Common Tropes

Now that you know the well-guarded secrets into becoming a YouTube sensation, here is a reminder of the top three more common formulas to success that you must absolutely not ignore –

  1. Consistency – Consistency is key to gaining your place in the YouTube algorithm. Upload videos at regular intervals. Build up anticipation in your viewers with reminders and premieres.
  2. Thumbnail – The thumbnail is the first thing a prospective viewer notices about your video. It has to be eye-grabbing; it also has to convey properly what the video is all about. Using click-bait may get you a view, but it will drive away any regular viewership you may have gained along the way.
  3. The Title – The title is as important as the thumbnail. Treat it as a summary of your video while making it interesting enough to grab eyeballs. Too short, a title isn’t enough to convey your thoughts, and if it’s too long, viewers won’t read through – it has to be just the right length.

Now that you have all the information, you need to build a professional YouTube video from scratch, what are you waiting for? Jump into the line-up of budding YouTubers and find your passion today!

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