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Corel Painter: A Useful App For Artists and Students

Corel Painter is a universal program for creating a graphic painting, which, unlike Photoshop, allows not only to process but also to create an image. It is very useful for people of creative professions, and students who study arts. Most students lack time for the things they truly enjoy, if that’s the case they can buy term papers online.Corel Painter

Corel Painter – General Information

The app was developed by professional artists from Canada and is aimed primarily at professionals in the field of creating a graphic painting. But thanks to the accessible and intuitive interface, beginners also work with it in this field. The learning process does not cause difficulties. In addition, an easy-to-use editor and supported work with a graphics tablet allow you to create digital graphics from scratch. Here you can make both primitive digital drawings and real masterpieces. All the necessary tools are available for this. The developers focused the app on natural ways and means of drawing. It is very easy to use, you can figure it out intuitively by trying different tools. To speed up the process of learning how to use it, you can check out online tutorials on the website.

The founder is Michael Copeland. He first unveiled his brainchild in 1985. Today it is a modern product that has no analogs. Here you can work comprehensively with graphics, photos, and drawings.

Which Version is Relevant Today: System Requirements

Nowadays, there are versions of Corel Painter for almost all operating systems, including Windows and Mac OS. The application supports the following image file formats: PNG, PSD, BMP, JPEG, GIF, EPS.

Since 2015, the Corel Painter app has been updated annually. The 2019 version is mainly famous for the updated tool model. In addition, the program speed has been optimized. This action allowed to increase productivity. The color scheme has become more saturated. The built-in multitouch function on touch monitors allows you to change the scale with two fingers or rotate the canvas. At the same time, you can set different panoramas.

Version 2020 is endowed with an improved editor. Due to the use of the Brush Accelerator tool, it was possible to provide support for GPU acceleration for the first time. The product was designed for 64-bit operating systems Windows 7 (with SP1), 8 and 10, and mac IOS (from 10.13 and above). For its high-quality functioning, you need a 4-core processor (for example, Intel Core 2 Duo) with AVX2 support, at least 2 GB of RAM (8 GB is recommended). The installation disk requires 1.2 GB of free space (850 MB for macOS).

Advantages and Disadvantages of the Application

The overview of the advantages is quite wide. The most important advantage of Corel Painter is the minimum set of requirements for the operating system to install the program. All Natural-Media tools are imitations of natural drawing tools. Exclusive Painter technologies are also presented here. 

The interface will allow you to customize not only the tool but also the content. At the same time, the program can upload several different copies of the same image.

Beginners working with the program do not have to buy a licensed version or make a paid subscription to questionable sources. The manufacturer provides a system of discounts for acquaintance with the program.

Experienced users note that Corel Painter is an indispensable assistant when creating graphics. But its material base is not focused on fast and bright retouching or multi-sided correction of the finished image. And this is the only disadvantage of the program. In addition, the step-by-step instructions of the app are accompanied by inscriptions in English, which causes difficulties for some.

Corel Painter Features: The Target Audience of Users

The wide possibilities of the program attract professionals in the field of graphic design creation. These are artists, designers, photographers, and just creative people striving to realize their potential.

Corel Painter has a wide range of features:

  • Imitation of more than two hundred varieties of classical painting tools: pencils, watercolor and oil paints, pastels, airbrushes, and so on.
  • If necessary, you can not only select any canvas but also change its texture.
  • It is acceptable to use color channels, which allows you to quickly set the desired tone.
  • In the absence of the necessary color shade, you can mix the colors and choose them yourself. 
  • There is a convenient system designed to work with layers.
  • There is all the necessary set of additional tools to get better images.
  • The program assumes not only saving your settings from existing tools but also allows you to create personal ones.
  • Graphic design is an art. And it, as you know, has no boundaries. Professional users are not limited to this program either. To create masterpieces, Corel Painter is combined with other programs.

Pairing with CorelDRAW

Initially, the program was combined mainly by users with Adobe Photoshop. Images were created in Korel, and in Photoshop they were edited or turned into the necessary collage. But Corel developers have released their line of products that complement each other. And recently, Corel Painter and CorelDRAW have been increasingly used together.

LDraw is a graphic editor for creating vector graphics. It is based on the program Photo-Paint and Corel Capture, which allows you to capture an image from the screen.

It turns out that Korel Painter is an improved program. Its tools are not only focused on natural ways of drawing but also allow you to make drawings more vivid and realistic. If arts is something you are passionate about, you will have fun with this app, regardless of your experience.

In fact, many students find it very handy to work with. The most important thing here is to start small, with baby steps, and do not expect to create a masterpiece in ten minutes. “Practice makes perfect” – this statement is true here similarly to any other area. Perceive the learning experience as a wonderful journey to your true self, where you face multiple discoveries and sometimes difficulties. Joy should be one of your prior goals when doing arts.

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