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How to Delete Lensa Account? (Easy Guide 2023)

How to Delete Lensa Account

You can delete your Lensa account permanently to stop receiving emails, SMS alerts, or calls related to jobs. 

Once you are hired, the emails and calls don’t stop, which can be distracting. For the same reason, if you would like to delete your account, do not worry, here is how to delete Lensa account. If you want to permanently delete your Lensa account, see the instructions below.

Lensa provides job search services. Using the platform, job seekers can receive alerts about new jobs and receive jobs that match their needs every day. 

Lensa’s algorithms recommend relevant jobs according to your preferences for location and job title. 

The platform uses advanced algorithms aimed at identifying the skills that an individual needs to succeed at a particular job. Using computer games, candidates can evaluate their working style, allowing them to understand their strengths and find a job that suits them.

It has a database of billions of job descriptions that provides insight into trending occupations and jobs. With the combination of these data and the applicant’s resume and work history, the recruiter can direct you toward the best candidate.

It is the most efficient and cost-effective way to find a job while reducing both the time and expense of finding talent.

But, if you are unhappy with their service or want to stop their annoying emails, here is how to do that. You can easily close your Lensa account or also you can opt to unsubscribe from their emails.

Interested in ending your Lensa subscription or free trial? We’ve got you covered!

How to Delete Lensa Account Permanently?

Delete Lensa Account through Website

  1. Firstly, visit the Lensa website
  2. Login to your account
  3. Now, head over to the “Account Center
  4. Then click on the “Delete my Lensa Account” button. 
  5. That’s all! Your account will be deleted in 24 hours. 

Delete Lensa Account through App

  1. Open the Lensa app (Android/iOS) on your device
  2. Login to your account
  3. Now, click on the Menu button at the top right corner or click on the Profile icon located in the right corner.Lensa profile section
  4. Then click on the Account center
  5. Now, scroll down and click on Delete my Lensa AccountDelete my Lensa account option
  6. Once you click on it you will be prompted to a page where you have to confirm your Lensa account deletion. It also gives a message that clearly says deleting the account will also remove all of your stored data from
  7. Click on the Delete My Account Permanently delete Lensa account confirmation
  8. In the next step, confirm the deletion by tapping the Delete My Account option againConfirm Lensa account deletion
  9. That’s it! Your Lensa account has been successfully deleted.

When you get a job and don’t want to look for another job, deleting your Lensa account permanently is the best option.

We hope this guide will help you to delete Lensa account. Feel free to leave a comment if you have any issues. It will be our pleasure to assist you.


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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Is Lensa a legitimate company?

Yes. Lensa is a legit job site, so you can rest assured that it’s not a scam. 

How do I delete Lensa account?

You can remove your Lensa account from the app or website by clicking on the Delete My Account option in the Account center section. 

How much does Lensa app cost?

Lensa provides employers and job seekers with a free platform to submit their details. Lensa only charges employers when it matches them with candidates who are suitable for the position. 

How to unsubscribe from Lensa emails?

Navigate to the Account Center and click on Job Alert. Scroll down to find Email settings. Now, hit the Turn off button. Once you do this, you will be unsubscribed from Lensa emails within 24 hours. If you would like to unsubscribe, you can also send an email to their Support team. You will receive a response within one business day. 

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