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What district in Pattaya to select to purchase a property?

District in Pattaya to select to purchase a property

Where is the best place to buy an apartment in Pattaya? Pattaya has the largest foreign communities in Thailand; adaptation here will be easier than in many other regions. But which area of the city is more reasonable to select? Are they very different?

Which Pattaya district is best for property purchases?

Districts of Pattaya

Pattaya is split into several sections:

  • North Pattaya. 
  • Central Pattaya. 
  • South Pattaya. 
  • Jomtien.
  • Naklua.

North Pattaya

It is more peaceful, and there are basically no clubs and nightlife. Good infrastructure, tons of motorcycle taxis, and Songtheo (regional public transport similar to a minibus). Easy access to other locations of Pattaya. There is a Big C hypermarket and a shopping center. There are many expats from Germany in this part of the city.


Naklua is a remote, calm area. Located in the north of the city. There is an Orthodox church here. Also, here is the largest hospital, a division of the Bangkok Hospital.

This area is home to well-known and expensive residential complexes – high-end condominiums. Regarding housing costs, North and Naklua are among the most expensive sites in Pattaya.

Central Pattaya

It is the center of the city. The zone from South Street to North Street, including Center Street, is believed to belong to this area. It has everything: shops, markets, bars, cafes, nightclubs. The city’s largest shopping centers are Central Festival and Mike Shopping Mall. Here is the city beach. Very noisy and crowded area, with many tourists. Traditionally, there are many Hindus and Arabs who run their business: shops or restaurants.

South Pattaya

It is close to the famous green Walking Street. Located far from the city center. More suitable for a short break than for a permanent residence.


Jomtien is a more residential area, there are not many tourists here, but Thais and foreigners live permanently. The most peaceful and quiet area. Here is the best beach in Pattaya. It is calmer and cleaner than in the Central. It is this area that is most popular among the foreigners of the city. The construction of condominiums and private houses is actively underway in the area, which attracts even more people. Condominiums with developed infrastructure of various price categories are being built.

Price range

Pattaya is one of the main tourist areas in Thailand. At the same time, apartments in Pattaya are cheaper than in Bangkok or Phuket.

On average, the cost of real estate in Pattaya is from $1,500 to 3,000 per m2. Real estate becomes more expensive if it is closer to the beach and the sea. In Phuket, for example, real estate costs $3,000 to $6,000 per m2. If you are looking for an inexpensive yet convenient beach resort in Thailand, Pattaya may be the city to buy an apartment in.

Pattaya has many options for real estate investment. The main roads in the central part of Pattaya run parallel to the beach. Condominiums in Pattaya tend to get cheaper as you move east, away from the beach and major highways.

What to look for when buying property as an investment in Pattaya?

Pattaya is a tourist city, a resort. People come mainly to relax and enjoy a beach holiday. This is worth paying attention to when buying a property. Greater demand will be for an apartment in the first line by the sea or with a convenient route to the beach, with a stunning view, a swimming pool, and fitness in the building.

Pattaya has a considerable flow of travelers from China, and other countries. A good apartment will never be empty.

Can I rent out my property in Thailand?

In Thailand, there are no restrictions on the rental of housing by foreigners. You will only need to pay income tax.

You can personally search for tenants and rent out housing yourself. Pattaya is a very popular holiday destination for different foreigners. And compatriots prefer to rent apartments independently because it is always easier to negotiate in their native language. This option is convenient if you live nearby. However, you should contact the management company or agency when the owner lives abroad. The management company may be in charge of long-term rentals in most condominiums. Short-term rentals are usually handled by representatives, trustees, or agencies who will help and support you on your path to becoming a landlord in Thailand.

Assistance in buying property

The Thailand-Real.Estate aggregator presents a broad spectrum of properties from developers and local agents. The catalog has only existing proposals with costs in various currencies. Suitable filters will help you find the ideal property choice. If you still have questions or need expert advice, write to the site manager, who will help! Contact specialists today and start your search for the perfect accommodation in Pattaya! Managers will help you select an excellent place for you.

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