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11 Best Property Line Apps for Android & iPhone (2021)

Are you looking for an app that shows property lines? The best property line app is an essential tool for those who are planning to buy a new property or planning to build something on your land. In this article, we are taking a look at the 11 best property line apps that quickly give you all details of any property you need including the owner’s name to its lines, and most of them are available for Android and iPhones— for free.Best Property Lines Apps

Identifying which property line map app makes sense for you is not always easy. Both the Google Play Store and iOS App Store have an endless collection of apps. So, to make your task uncomplicated we have listed some of the amazing find my property line apps.

As we mentioned earlier, some of the apps are free while a few are paid apps along with in-app purchases. To view property lines on google maps every time is not a straightforward solution. So, you need to have any of these apps.

11 Best Free App That Shows Property Lines in Android and iOS

Here’s our pick of the best paid and free property line apps to view your property lines wherever you go.

onX Hunt  

onX HuntOf all the GPS property line apps, onX Hunt is probably our favorite. More than just a free property line app, onX Hunt offers fully-functioning GPS navigation on smartphones. onX Hunt is an accurate GPS app that supports all the basic features of the map app. The app gives you access to public and private land boundaries.

You can even save the map for offline use, just like the Google Map app. onX Hunt has been downloaded more than a million times only on Google Play Store. The best part is that the app is not only for Android but is also available for iPhone, iPad users for free. Overall, a great hunting app that shows property lines absolutely free.

Download onX Hunt App for Android

Download onX Hunt App for iOS

GPS Fields Area Measure  

GPS Fields Area MeasureGPS Fields Area Measure is one of the most popular walk my property line app with all the necessary options. Not only does it come equipped with the area, distance, and perimeter management features, it also has the option to find property line. The go-to app for those who survey property lines.

It works well on Android and iOS devices. You would use the app to mark the needed land points and navigate your land around. Now, if you want to share the marked land with your family members or anyone quick enough, simply share the auto-generated link of measured maps.

Download GPS Fields Area Measure App for Android

Download GPS Fields Area Measure App for iOS


LandGlideBy far the most unique option when it comes to viewing property details of any land. With LandGlide, users can pinpoint the exact location, explore maps and access 150 million parcel records in over 3,000 counties any time, anywhere. The app automatically displays the property’s owner, address, and boundaries whenever you enter the details.

Users of the LandGlider can jump around in the map in order to drop a pin to save the property, add notes by the property, and export your saved properties. This app lets users use the features even without an internet connection. LandGlide is a highly effective and easy-to-use app. The app is free to use with limited features and if you like it, consider paying $9.99 monthly or yearly for $99.99.

Download LandGlide App for Android

Download LandGlide App for iOS

Landgrid Map & Survey Property  

Landgrid Map Survey PropertyAnother straightforward and best app to find property lines is Landgrid Map & Survey Property. In addition to the basic features, the app allows you to find a property by searching zip code, city, and other place-based details.

Anyone looking to have an app that displays property ownership data, tax, and any other property details is advised to check out this app. It has data collection of more than 142 million parcels across the US. So that you can get your work done easily. You can even capture the surveyor’s photos if you need them.

Download Landgrid Map & Survey Property App for Android

Download Landgrid Map & Survey Property App for iOS


HuntStandHuntStand has a similar interface and features to the onX Hunt app. Not only does the most accurate property line on the app, but it does also have all the capabilities you will need in a deer hunting app. It is also an invaluable app for checking the weather. This comprehensive property boundary line app also lets you map your property land with 100+ custom icons, shapes, and lines. This app uses a variety of resources to show the land owner details. It also comes pre-loaded with advanced measurement tools.

Download HuntStand App for Android

Download HuntStand App for iOS

Area Calculator For Land  

Area Calculator For LandIf you want to try a simple and working app that shows property lines, Area Calculator For Land includes an option to edit points on maps. This GPS area measurement app allows you to make a quick measurement of area and distance for free.

This tiny app is an ideal choice for users to auto calculate area and distance from mobile phone and a handy way to share location that includes details such as coordinate and latitude, longitude. This app’s interface is very simple, which may be helpful for aged people who get distracted easily.

Download Area Calculator For Land App for Android

GIS Surveyor – Land Survey and GIS Data Collector   

GIS SurveyorYes, the app is as its name says. GIS Surveyor Android app has a stylish interface. For a few people, a property boundary app is more than just a searchable map to find the line of the land or property. Although it does not have an iOS version, the Android app has all the necessary basic features.

This app is designed in such a way that it can work offline, and everything you find in this app is free for three days. That means for all those working features, of course, you need to buy the app’s subscription. The app offers a three-day free trial. The GIS Surveyor app, rather surprisingly, also lacks some of the important options like the manual entry of a point, etc.

Download GIS Surveyor App for Android

AndMeasure (Area & Distance)  

AndMeasure Area DistanceAndMeasure is another competent property boundary app. This free app works quite well in almost any land line surveys. You can easily measure distances and calculate the area between points on a map. The simple Google Map-like user interface of the app helps make land surveying work more precise and effortless.

You can even use this app to measure off-roads, plotting running courses, trips for watering, shooting/driving range estimation. The free version of the app has advertisements but they are not annoying and you can manage them easily. This app uses numerous resources of property data to show the details like land owner, etc alongside the boundary of the property.

Download AndMeasure App for Android

Map Pad GPS Land Surveys & Measurements  

Map Pad GPS Land Surveys MeasurementsDo you want a standalone GPS survey app with every necessary feature? Map Pad GPS Land Surveys & Measurements is actually a really good app for land measuring people. This multi-purpose app removes the tension of finding lines of any property. You can search by any location for details regarding the property owner, his family, and the boundary of the property.

Additionally, you can find options to draw shapes on the area of the map, location capturing, and a lot more. If you are more of a finding boundary line of property than a measuring area, check out this app. This free app offers just a bit more than others in this category. This is why it is highly rated by users.

Download Map Pad GPS Land Surveys & Measurements App for Android


BaseMapBaseMap is another best iPhone app for finding property lines that let users find info about the property. With this app, you can find the property you want alongside finding its boundaries. Moreover, it will automatically show the weather data and forecasts whenever you open the app.

If you would like to try in-depth hunting research tools, then you will need to purchase the full version of the app by paying $9.99 for one year. Whether you want it or not, this app is packed with a lot of handy tools and exciting features like Hybrid 3D Imagery, 3D Earth view. The app has many features in common with other property boundary line apps.

Download BaseMap App for Android

Download BaseMap App for iOS

Hunting Gps Maps w/ Property Lines, Topos & Trails 

Hunting Gps Maps w Property Lines Topos TrailsThis is another amazing app to tell where your property lines are. The app proved extremely reliable in our time of testing. This tool app enables users to find land ownership details easily. Further features include map layers for 50+ states, finding public, private land lines with ownership details.

It is packed with more features just like a few other apps out there. The only problem is that it misses the satellite view option which is somewhat important for many. Many reviews also claim that this app for finding property boundary lines has old data. If you are looking for accurate property line survey apps, considering trying one of the other alternatives in this article.

Download Hunting Gps Maps w/ Property Lines, Topos & Trails App for Android

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) 

What is the most accurate property line app? 

Having the right tools on your Android phone or iPhone will ensure that you will find any type of property data you might need efficient as possible. In our testing, we found onX Hunt as one of the most accurate apps to view your property lines.

Is there any app that shows property lines? 

I’ve spent a lot of time exploring the worthy contenders for property boundary apps for Android and iPhone.  Most of the apps mentioned in this list work well.

How accurate are property line apps? 

Well. This is a very difficult question to answer as some apps have old data of the property or land while some have the latest collection of data. I’ve spent more time testing each of the apps to know its unique features and identified the apps that rise to the top in the category. We suggest you test each and every app to find the best one that fits your need.

I hope our selection of the free app that shows property lines provides various functions to measure the area of the land and its lines and many apps have additional features to take advantage of. If you like this article, please share it with your friends.

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