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Top 22 Best Games Like Episode for Android and iOS in 2022

Games Like Episode: Pocket Gems released an app called Episode in 2014 and the same platform is now very popular among the world. The episode is an interactive story video game that includes interactive stories built for Android and iOS smartphones. The app has over 85,000 stories, and a user can pick any of the stories of their choice as the storyline progresses. Episode also has a UGC creation platform that allows each and every user to create their own stories.

Best Games like Episode for Android iOS

There’s no shortage of games like Episode available on both Android and iOS. In fact, based on our own research, we have identified 21 best and free games like Episode for Android and iOS smartphones. Read on to find an in-depth look at each of the free games like Episode and features comparison.

Top 22 Best Games Like Episode For Android And iOS

Romance Club

Romance-Club-150x150If you’re on the hunt for other games like Episode, there’s simply no app on the planet like Romance Club. Looking for the best game to pick favorite topics and play a story game? Romance Club got you covered. 

If you like to fall in love with boys and girls, if you want romance stories then the Romance club is the ultimate app for you. You will surely fall in love with the graphics and interface of this app. However, you won’t get any rewards or diamonds for the signup or login process unlike many other games like Episode in this list.


Choices-150x150One of the best-known app in the game, Choices is heavily popular in the story game apps industry, having more than 10 million downloads only from Google Play Store. The app boasts the same functionality as Episode game, allowing you to get access to the best collection of story games in the world. 

Just like the above app, you can fall in love with anyone with the Choices app. You can even solve mysterious crimes and take off epic fantasy adventures on the app. The story game app gets updated weekly so you get thousands of chapters in the library. You will be able to customize or modify the character according to your requirements easily and quickly.

What’s Your Story?

What's Your StoryAny discussion on amazing games like Episode for Android and iOS cannot be put to rest without the mention of What’s Your Story?. The app has over a million downloads and a user-friendly interface. The story suggestions on the app are interactive curated based on the interest shown by the users. 

However, this app is not completely free for users. You need to pay $4.99 weekly in-order to access the What’s Your Story. They also have various pricing for different countries. If you are the one who loves to be in your mood for a TV show or movie, then this is a must-try Episode like game for you.

Hollywood Story

Hollywood-Story-150x150If there is a close race between Hollywood Story and other games like Episode then Hollywood Story will win surely. Thanks to the best collection, easy-to-use interface, and an extensive fashion catalog. 

Hollywood Story also offers new locations and engaging new features once you interact and progress on the games. Further, the app allows customization of avatar, clothing, fashion style, hairstyle, and even make-up.

If you ever had a dream of becoming a start or wanted to make a movie star career, love to interact with followers, create your own fashion lines then Hollywood Story is an amazing games like Episode app.

Chapters: Interactive Stories

Chapters-150x150Chapters, as the name suggests, you get chapters of stories that you find on Episode game. It has a great collection of stories on categories such as romance, fantasy, sci-fi, young adult, comedy, and drama series and a lot more. 

This app is a combination of a unique style of selecting your own story gameplay with fiction stories from the platform’s best and top authors. 

Linda Brown: Interactive Story

Linda-Brown-150x150Linda Brown is owned by Other-guys. A user can find a unique story with 600+ episodes in one place. This amazing games like Episode app is available for Android/iOS phones with over 10 million users under its belt. 

The feature on the app also lets users dress-up their characters with customization tools. While you won’t find every category story on the app, it’s an excellent app to find stories on romance, mystery, drama, and suspense.

AdVenture Capitalist

AdVenture-Capitalist-150x150AdVenture Capitalist is one of the highest downloaded games like Episode around and is arguably the biggest competitor for Episode. With in-app purchases, you can purchase virtual items with real money inside the game. 

One benefit of AdVenture Capitalist is that it is a free app. So, even without investment you can play and make money. It now also includes new investments, upgrades, managers, and items in space, so you can get the exact feel of the Episodes app without the need for another app. 

One of the key highlights of this app is it amplifies your money-making potential. You can earn and boost profit from every angle.

High School Story

High-School-Story-150x150High School Story is perhaps the most versatile free games like episode apps for iOS, Android, and among the handful that let you interact with stories directly, without going through the usual complications. Here, you will be able to seamlessly enjoy and perhaps it is one of the best romance story episode like game app. 

At the same time, you can also host parties to meet more than 30 classmates, including writers, cheerleaders, rock climbers, etc.

The app has an initiative interface and gives you options like a homecoming game, cheerleader camp, play matchmaker, and a unique feature to customize your look like casual/formal/nerdy/sporty. Episode will especially be admired by users as it is free. You can also buy some in-game items with real money. 

Midnight Cinderella

Midnight-Cinderella-150x150Midnight Cinderella is an interactive story app for android and iOS that gives you the chance to get the feeling of the Episodes app. If you’ve got a preferred Episodes app, you will likely love this app too. Its other specific features include a love simulation/otome dating/anime game. 

Besides this, this interesting story game app supports a host of other features including 5 free Chapter Tickets every day to progress through your royal love story, clothes, or accessories to dress your avatars.

City of Love: Paris

City-of-Love-Paris-150x150City of Love: Paris is designed to offer you the best interesting story games, which is provided by apps like Episode. The app has a bunch of features with great animation and music. 

While the player interface is very clean and offers amazing animations, it scores big when it comes to fun activities. meet, date, and flirt with different love interests. For those who want interactive drama, the City of Love is an excellent interactive story app for android and iOS.

Choice of the Deathless

Choice-of-the-Deathless-150x150Whether on the Android or iOS or iPod, the Choice of the Deathless helps you to get rich and evolving backstory easily on your phone. You won’t face any issues while using the app, as it is totally a text-based app without any music or animations. 

Further features include play as male or female, gay or straight, dead or alive, build your career on carefully reasoned contracts, balance student loans, sleep, daily commute, rent payments, and demonic litigation, etc.

Offering a wide range of interactive stories like Episode app, Choice of the Deathless gets full points for both simplicity and easy to use UI. 

My Story

My-Story-150x150My Story has to be included in this list of the best episode like app for its features and huge catalogs. This app has stories from categories like drama, romance, comedy, or fantasy. With every weekly or monthly update, they include the most thrilling stories, you can enjoy it to get an unforgettable reading experience. 

One of the most liked features of this romance story app is it’s easy to use and clean interface. The app gets updated with a new episode of the story every week. 

Choice of Robots

Choice-of-Robots-150x150Choice of Robots is a great fun game app that takes on the interactive sci-fi genre that takes you with the unstoppable power of imagination. You’ll need to click Next around each story in order to reach the next story.

With plenty of unique robot characters, you’ll need to select everything from its shape to the name. Everything here is customizable.

My Candy Love

My-Candy-Love-150x150My Candy Love is an interesting story app for iOS and Android with an emphasis on a clean and simplistic user interface. This free dating/romance game has more than 10 million users across the world and includes three otome games. 

This app is more geared towards offering episode-based love games thanks to three otome games and the app gets updated with new stories every month. 60+ episodes can be played on the My Candy Love app.

Hollywood U

Hollywood-U-150x150Hollywood U is another game like Episode app that has got rave reviews from the interactive story fans. The catalog of stories on the Hollywood U app is quite impressive. 

If you love interesting stories, you would find this app a good companion for free. One great thing about this app is you can select your own choices without paying with gems.


Decisions-150x150Decisions has been downloaded more than 10,000,000+ times, so you can be sure this one won’t disappoint! Decisions has a collection of visually immersive game stories that you will surely fall in love with.

This player can be installed on any iOS device, so you can enjoy the greatest alternative of episodes even on iPhone or iPad. This story game app also lets you choose unforgettable titles, which helps people to pick the right stories that match the exact taste.

This story game app is also preloaded with various genres to choose from, features to customize the avatar, dress-up options for modifications, and a lot more. So if you want to see the stories right off your fingertip, you can. 

The developers of Decisions have put a lot of work to add more languages to reach more users around the globe. They are also adding visually engaging stories to make the app as best as it can be.


Amnesia-150x150Another fun-filled app with an array of features offers a variety of enthralling stories that are fully voiced, amazing art. Once you’re done with one story, don’t miss out on the next story. Anyways, it displays four different stories once you finish one. 

Playing Amnesia is very easy, once you install and open the app, just hit “NEW GAME.” If you want to go on with your current game then you have to hit the “CONTINUE” button. That’s it! Easy right? 


Journeys-150x150Looking for a reliable game like episode for iPhone or Android? Journeys has been around for many years and with several daily added features, the app has grown enormously. It can serve your need as Episode game alternatives. 

Journeys is not as popular as Episode app but it certainly is a worthy alternative to it. You will surely like the easy to use and simple interface on Journeys. Beyond simplicity, Journeys is also quite good at collection. 

It includes stories from catalogs like romance, mystery, drama, and adventure. On top of all, Journeys is integrated with stunning visuals from characters to backgrounds.


IndusAny list of Android games like episode is incomplete without mentioning the Indus. Even though the app is new, it doesn’t disappoint at all. You can grab unlimited free interactive story game episode with choices on this app. The minimalist and clean design of the app also adds to value. 

Here is an extraordinary app for iPhone and Android that lets you quickly read the most interesting stories easily. That’s handy if you want to collect wonderful moments to share with family and friends.

Of course, it comes pre-loaded with interactive stories collection from categories like love, romance, suspense, drama, fantasy, shrewd and dangerous affairs. So you can read amazing stories without any hassle or worst experience in the user interface. You can also make use of features.

Ace Attorney

Ace AttorneyThis app is mainly known for its special episodes and costume set add-ons. It comes with an intuitive interface with some exciting features that are really useful. It also comes with high-quality graphics and animations which makes the app more fun. 

Further, you can use the app in specific screen orientations based on which one you like. In this list, Ace Attorney is one of the best user interfaces other games like episode for iOS and Android available. Any user can easily get a popular story game with a simple tap and use the next button to head over to the next story.  

The Simpsons

The-Simpsons-150x150If you are looking forward to games like Episode choose your story, then your search ends at The Simpsons. It allows you to create your own living, breathing Springfield. City can be built from the items present inside the app. 

A clean and easy to use interface combined with sharp twists and turns makes this app special. Some exclusive animated scenes and daily updated hilarious stories make The Simpsons amazing games like Episode for Android and iOS.

Final Words

So here’s what we think of the top games like Episode in 2022. It’s worth noting that all of these free games like Episode will work on Android and iOS devices. Picking the best games like Episode is not easy. 

This is the reason why we’ve done the hard work for you and dug up the best fun games like Episode apps available for Android and iOS. I hope you liked this article. 

Do share this article if you found it useful. Go ahead and try out some of these free games like episode apps and let us know which among these is your favorite app in the comments below.

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