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Mahjong Club – Solitaire Game Review

Mahjong Club Solitaire Game Features

Mahjong Club – Solitaire Game is a single-player matching game played with tiles instead of cards. It is based on the four-player game mahjong, however, the way it is played is entirely different from that of mahjong. 

When it comes to Mahjong Solitaire games available today, Mahjong Club – Solitaire Game from GamoVation deserves the top spot. You can download it for free from the Google Play Store and the Apple App Store.

In this review, we will look at the Mahjong Club – Solitaire Game features, performance, and how to play the game.

Mahjong Club – Solitaire Game Review


The Mahjong Club – Solitaire Game features more than five thousand levels. It offers players plenty of variety – the game contains countless levels. Players will find that every stage is decorated with stunning landscape backgrounds, resulting in an enjoyable gaming experience.

In terms of completing a level, there are no restrictions. It is up to the players to decide what score system they want – from Mahjong combi points, stars, time, or even no score system at all. Unlike other games, levels can be completed at any time – you just have to finish them.

In addition, there are also features that allow competitive players to automatically collect statistics and high scores. In addition to beating their own previous best score, players can also compare their scores with those of others.

Additionally, the game has a social feature called a club system – players from around the globe can join a club and interact with each other. Thus, Mahjong Club – Solitaire Game brings people together who love Mahjong Solitaire.


The app works on all mobile devices. It is even possible for players to play offline since no Internet connection is needed. Playing the game is so simple that anyone can get started and play whenever they want.

There are no annoying ads and they can even be removed for a small fee. When your matches are exhausted, the tiles automatically shuffle without a penalty and without limit. There are more than 5,000 levels for players to complete.Mahjong Club Solitaire Game

How to Play Mahjong Club – Solitaire Game?

On the mahjong board, pairs of tiles are arranged randomly. There can be a maximum of 144 tiles. The goal of the player is to find and match pairs. When a pair is matched, it is removed from the majong board. 

As soon as all tiles have been removed from the board, the level is complete. Upon completing a level, the next one will be unlocked. If you’re having trouble completing a majong puzzle, use a booster. While the app even works offline, if you want the best experience, it’s best to be online.

GamoVation’s efforts to bring an incredible experience to gamers around the world are reflected in the positive reviews for Mahjong Club Game. Currently, the game can be downloaded on Google Play and the App Store for Android and iOS devices, capturing an increasing number of users around the globe with its engaging gameplay.

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