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How to Send Money from Nigeria to USA With a Money Transfer App

You may want to send money to family, friends, or a child studying abroad or you may want to make a payment for a product that you want to buy. Whatever your reason is, you have to choose the most convenient way to send the money. A money transfer app will help you in your transactions.Send Money from Nigeria to USA

There are many ways to send money and it is upon you to choose the best method that is accredited. Below are the accredited apps you can use to send money abroad:

Send Money from Nigeria to the USA


It functions almost like Western Union. It is the world’s largest international money transfer app after WesternUnion. It is easy to send money using MoneyGram because all you have to do is visit an agent near you. You have to carry along your ID, the service fee required by the agent, the money you want to send, and know the receiver’s full information.

Knowing the recipient’s full name and address is very critical because you do not want your money going to the wrong person. Fill out the form given to you and the recipient’s information should be correct. After filling the form, hand it over to the agent together with the amount you want to send and his service fee. Then you are done.

You are supposed to get an 8 digit reference number. Send it to the recipient because it will be important before the money gets to them.

Western Union

Western Union is a money transfer app that is convenient to everyone. It is safe, fast, and reliable. As said above, Western Union is similar to MoneyGram. The only difference is that using Western Union is easier compared to MoneyGram. This is because Western Union has partnered with many commercial banks. Therefore, it makes it easy to send money directly to the bank account of the receiver.

Visit any bank that partners with Western Union. Get a money transfer form and fill it out. You should have a valid national ID and know the recipients’ correct full names as contained in their bank information. You should also know their address and phone number, bank name, code, and account number. State a good reason for sending the money to them.

After filling the form with all the above information, hand it to the agent. The recipient will receive the money in their bank account through Western Union.

Afriex Money Transfer App Afriex Money Transfer App

It is a money transfer app for online payments. Send and receive money online or create a trader account. There are 2 types of accounts in Nigeria. One is a personal account for individuals to send money and to pay for online services. The second is a Business account for businesses that receive their money online.

All you need is a valid email address to send and receive money using Afriex. Create an account using your email address. Connect your ATM account to your Afriex account. Login to the server and click the send and request button which is at the top of the page.

You will be given three options and you are to choose one that matches your transaction type. Enter the details of the receiver and the amount of money you want to send to them. After filling in all the needed information, click on the send money now option. In case the recipient has not created an account, they will get a notification through their email address.

Since you are sending money from Nigeria to the USA, you are going to be debited in naira. A point to note is that Afriex does not normally refund money sent to the wrong person. Therefore, you have to fill in the correct details of the recipient. However, Afriex allows the cancellation of a transaction in case of a conflict between you and the receiver.


WorldRemitIt is a money transfer app that is fast and secure. When sending money, WorldRemit offers four options. These are: bank deposits where the recipient will receive the money in their bank account, cash pickup where the amount sent will be collected by the recipient at the WorldRemit outlet convenient to them, mobile money where the money goes into an e-wallet, and airtime top-up where you can buy your recipient airtime.

Go to the WorldRemit homepage and select the country you want to send the money to. Which in our case is the USA. Select from the options how you would like to send the money. Enter the amount of money you would like to send in form of dollars. Before the conversion of currency, the current exchange rates will appear to you.

If you do not have an account with WorldRemit, you will be directed to open one before your money transaction is successful. If you have an account you just go ahead and login. Enter your recipient’s correct information. Select your mode of payment. Afterward, click on the send option.

You will get a reference number for the transaction. This shows that your transaction is successful. You should send the reference number to the recipient. This is because when they are claiming the money, they will have to produce it.

Final Thoughts

The money transfer app systems have helped many people send money to their loved ones across the globe. Whichever method you decide to use to send money from the above ways, best guarantee it will reach the intended person. Just ensure that you follow every procedure carefully.

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