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Top 5 Smart Home Gadgets to Integrate Into Your New Property

Smart Home Tech

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Smart home tech appliances can make your homes more convenient, functional as well as energy-efficient. There is a wide range of variety available in smart home tech for new homeowners who are shifting to a newly built construction property, integrating this technology into their construction can improve their home value considerably.

In case you are unsure about the projects you wish to use, here are some of the projects that I used while moving into my new property.

Smart Home Tech To Integrate Into New Property


I invested in these blinds as they can be opened as closed as per the homeowner’s preferences, which makes them easy to use. They can be controlled by a pre-programmed preference and also operated through the touch of a button. Since my home has high windows the heat gain is much more causing a high utility bill, these smart blinds work wonders in reducing the number of sun rays entering the home.


These locks are easy to integrate into the exterior door or main doors. They work like standard lockers that are manually controlled which helps me in locking or unlocking my front door through a latch. Smart locks are different from standard locks as they can be easily controlled with an app on a smartphone or tablet. Or even a computer.

The best option here is that if you are out with your family and want to unlock the door for some member while you’re gone, you can easily do that while being away through a click of a button. These smart locks can be controlled from anywhere with a nearby wifi connection.

Smoke Detectors

Although normal smoke detectors and smart smoke detectors both detect fire the smart version has helped me in gaining a lot more information than the traditional one. Smart smoke detectors help me in locating where exactly is the location where the fire is detected. In a serious threat situation, smart smoke detectors can work wonders in ensuring a safe home. These detectors can help the owner in gauging the level of severity of the fire which the traditional products cannot do.


A smart thermostat is the need of the hour. This product has helped my home by automated temperature control according to the time and day. A smart thermostat is even capable of following the movements of the homeowner’s mobile phones and devices. These smart home tech devices even know when the homeowner is at home or not, and can change the temperature according to it.

Security Systems

Smart security systems are a combination of video cameras, smart locks, doorbells, and motion detectors to help in keeping a home safe. With the help of a smart security system, I can easily gauge who has entered my premises and it also helps me in feeling secure.
These systems offer an excellent alternative to keeping my home secure without the need to constantly monitor the security systems.

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