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How Tech Education Will Evolve in 2023

Within the last few years, the growth of technology in education has changed the way education is delivered at all levels. Most stakeholders today believe technology is what will help deliver quality education currently and in the future. 

Technology in education began to evolve more than a decade ago but the evolution was slow-paced. Within the last two years, there was the need to accelerate the pace because millions of learners were facing uncertainty after schools closed due to the pandemic. 2023 is expected to record the fastest pace of new ed-tech trends ever. How Tech Education Will Evolve

How Covid-19 has affected tech education

In the first quarter of 2020, the pandemic struck every country globally. Little was known about the disease and both researchers and governments had to take swift action to limit the fast spread. One of the actions was to close all schools, which left over 1.2 billion learners locked in homes. 

It was bad news to the children and their teachers because all learning came to a standstill. On the other hand, it was good news to innovators because a lot of innovations were made. No learner knew when they would report back to school but innovators developed technology for remote learning. 

The major gaps that emerged were teachers who were not tech-savvy yet were required to teach using technology. Every education institution needed to be connected online and student-friendly gadgets provided. The future of education technology had just begun and the trend was moving fast. 

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What are the trends of modern technologies in education?

One of the most strategic technological developments in education was incorporating machine learning and AI in education. The technology set a pace for future ed-tech while providing a solution to the current crisis. ML and AI are crucial when preparing courses or syllabi that promote student-centered learning. 

The solutions provided were excellent, but more innovations were required to promote more engagement and connectivity. The results are already flowing in fast because 2023 is looking at education technologies that are versatile and collaboration-oriented. 

AI-enhanced learning

The learning environment is geared towards training students to search for things without relying too much on the teacher. AI-enhanced learning promotes learning where students ask questions and receive answers from machines. 

Remote learning

e-learning gadgets and applications are on the rise. 2023 will see the teacher deliver full courses online. Students connect with teachers 24/7 as they receive quality education through the internet. It will bring on board more students to the e-learning platforms in 2023. 

Learning games

Teaching and learning can no longer be a boring activity in 2023. Learning games include teaching methods that use games to make learning fun. More learning games are being developed to include all learning levels. 

Use of big data

Big data generation, processing, and storing in another big technology in 2023 that will revolutionize the education sector. Institutions will rely on this technology to deliver quality education in real-time.

What can we expect in the development of learning technologies in 2023?

Since the pace is already set, 2023 will deal more with giving strength to the technologies and education systems in place. 

The use of big data in every decision-making process will be crucial. It will help educationists understand the current technologies around the world used in the education sector. This will enhance Edtech development for enhanced trends in the future of education technology. A playful learning environment will be enhanced to encourage students to learn using technology. There will be installations and programming of the infrastructure so that the learners learn uninterrupted. 

There will be greater adoption of technologies such as VR/AR for immersive learning in 2023. Blockchain technology will; be important in the implementation of eLearning strategies that are scalable, authentic, and dependable. 


The fast growth of technologies in the education sector is changing the way teaching is done. Most of the technologies that emerged in 2021 will become fully utilized in 2023. AI, machine learning, and NLP technologies will help deliver customized teaching and learning. Learning games will make education fun, while VR /AR will enhance immersive learning. Big data will be useful to educationists as they seek to deliver courses that are relevant to market trends. 

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