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11 Stores Like Charming Charlie (Alternatives in 2023)

Stores Like Charming Charlie Alternatives

It is easy to see why so many people are turning to Charming Charlie as their one-stop shop for all of their accessories needs. Are you looking for more stores like Charming Charlie? Check out these stores similar to charming Charlie.

Charming Charlie provides women with one-of-a-kind style inspiration for a colorful lifestyle. With a broad assortment of women’s apparel, fashion accessories, beauty, gifts, and more, the products are categorized by color; allowing you to find the right outfit in no time at all.

The store is committed to the idea that a stylish woman has a unique sense of style, and a diverse assortment of accessories and apparel can enhance her look while remaining affordable, no matter the occasion.

Charming Charlie has led an industry revolution by offering unmatched shopping experiences both in-store and online. Designed with thoughtful consideration, their collections include both traditional and modern design elements, driven by unique color schemes.

The store allows women to connect with one another, discover the perfect gift for their friends, family, and loved ones, and see how small details – from the perfect necklace to matching purses – are all part of what makes a day special.

Featuring more than 260 stores in the United States, Charming Charlie offers fashions at unbeatable prices women love to shop at.

There are unique items featured on the site, and they show off how they can be used in fashion. Throughout its history, the company developed a substantial customer base of women who bought merchandise for gifts, as cosmetics, and to spice up their current wardrobes. 

Since its inception, the company has been dedicated to brightening the outlooks of women and engaging them in the use of color for those purposes. Most women enjoy their in-store experience due to the large selection of appealing merchandise designed to enhance their appearance and make them feel good. 

Designed with care, the collections are unique and many of them are hard to find in any other store. 

Everyone who has ever been to a Charming Charlie store will understand why you are looking for other stores like Charming Charlie.

In this post, we’ll present top stores like Charming Charlie that sell similar jewelry, accessories, and apparel for similar prices, including some that sell higher-quality items.

11 Stores Like Charming Charlie

To streamline the best accessory and jewelry stores like Charming Charlie for you, we compiled this list of the 11 best. 

So if you’re looking to try something new and explore new stores, check out these 11 stores similar to Charming Charlie.

Kate Spade

Kate SpadeKate Spade offers quirky bags for every occasion and provides everyday style with a hint of fun. By combining trending colors and stylish designs with classic patterns and unique touch, Kate Spade products are reliable and durable while still being stylish. 

Starting with a collection of six essential bags back in 1993, Kate Spade has always represented an optimistic approach to women’s fashion. 

The brand is known for its handbags, clothes, home décor, shoes, jewelry, fashionable accessories, and many more everyday essentials. 

Thanks to such a wide selection, Kate Spade bags have grown in popularity, with bags for every need and occasion, ranging from durable totes to stylish top-handle bags, allowing you to choose one that suits your needs.

A large part of Kate Spade’s success lies in the brand’s friendly, lively atmosphere. Adding a bit of girly to the mix, with bright colors, patterns, and youthful spirit, Kate Spade’s unique bags make them stand out.

The brand of choice for celebrities and influencers, offering everything from bold designs to simple basics, Kate Spade caters to all tastes and styles. No matter what your style preference is, they have you covered.


FrancescasFrancesca’s offers a limited selection of handpicked specialty products that are affordable. This online retailer and a popular alternative to Charming Charlie sells fashion items including clothing, shoes, jewelry, and accessories.

The clothing category includes dresses, tops, sweaters, bottoms, and outerwear. There are many types of shoes, such as boots, heels, wedges, flats, and sandals.

A jewelry set consists of necklaces, earrings, bracelets, and rings. The accessories category includes handbags, hats, gloves, scarves, belts, watches, and sunglasses.

Francesca’s helps women find the latest styles and gifts from around the world. Francesca’s operates more than 500 boutiques across 45 states and has an online presence via a website.

Francesca’s Collections strives to offer the highest quality clothing, jewelry, and accessories for women.


ClairesClaire’s has become one of the leading retailers of trendy jewelry and accessories aimed at young women, teens, tweens, and children. You can even shop on Caire’s using Klarna through monthly installments.

Throughout its 60-year history, Claire’s has helped people discover their true selves. We’re dedicated to encouraging this through each experience and product discovery. As a global brand powerhouse for self-expression, we’re passionate about our purpose and our people.

Known around the world for its quality products, Claire’s provides unforgettable shopping experiences with over 2,600 stores owned by the company, Claire’s franchises over 275 stores, and more than 13,000 concessions in 30 countries.

Saks Fifth Avenue

Saks Fifth AvenueSaks Fifth Avenue is yet another Charming Charlie alternative that specializes in luxury fashion, committed to empowering customers by delivering relevant and inspiring styles to them. It sells general clothing lines including suits, coats, dresses, and home furnishings.

In business since 1924, Saks Fifth Avenue offers an unparalleled shopping experience, with carefully curated fashions and exceptional service. In addition to focusing on customer experience online, the company has 41 retail locations across North America.

In addition, Saks continuously pushes the boundaries of premium merchandise, introducing a luxurious experience to customers worldwide. 


BrightonLocated in the United States, Brighton manufactures and sells accessories including jewellery, handbags, luggage, leather items, belts, shoes, perfumes, gift home products, etc.

Founded in 1991 with one belt collection, currently, the store offers a complete line of stylish products designed to complement women’s style from top to bottom. Their products are available at over 180 Brighton Collectibles stores and at more than 4,000 specialty stores or online.


TiffanyFounded in 1837, TIFFANY is known for its elegance, cutting-edge design, artisanship, and innovation.

TIFFANY designs manufacture and sells jewelry, watches, and luxury accessories. In addition, the company offers timepieces, leather goods, sterling silver goods, crystal, stationery, fragrances, and accessories. 


PandoraPandora crafts, makes, and sells handcrafted and contemporary jewellery of high quality at reasonable prices. Pandora sells its jewelry in over 100 countries.

Established in 1982, Danish jewelry maker has gained a reputation for producing affordable and beautiful handcrafted jewelry. Featuring everything from rings and necklaces to bracelets and charms, Pandora offers an assortment of jewellery for all tastes. 

In addition to being one of the world’s largest jewelry brands, and widely popular, Pandora is reputed for its variety of pendants, earrings, necklaces, bracelets, and rings. 

Pandora’s jewelry is made with the finest materials and is meticulously crafted, with several workers involved in the process.

A majority of the brand’s customers are women between the ages of 20 and 40. Pandora offers unique charms designed to complement your ever-changing style. Pandora jewelry can be worn casually or dressed up for a long time.

The Pandora brand is not only known for its charms and charm bracelets, but also for its women’s jewelry, which includes collaborations with Pandora and Disney, Pandora and Star Wars, and Pandora and Harry Potter.

Dooney & Bourke

Dooney BourkeSince their founding, Dooney & Bourke have worked closely with European craftsmen, creating materials that provide enduring performance.

The store manufactures leather goods, including handbags, apparel, fabric bags, stylish phone cases, and accessories.

The Dooney brand has expanded into apparel in recent years. There are many items available for women and men, including quilted jackets, sweaters, gloves for deerskin /driving, hats, and scarves. 

Whatever the occasion, travel, relaxation, professional or casual, Dooney & Bourke makes handbags and accessories with a rich history and a modern twist.


BaublebarA leading retailer of stylish, costume jewelry, Baublebar is a major fashion and jewelry brand. Featuring a wide range of innovative products and collaborations with well-known brands like Disney, Baublebar has a diverse range of jewelry styles at a reasonable price. 

The company has even launched its own fine jewelry collection, making diamonds more affordable than ever.

Baublebar’s eye-catching collections include stackable earrings, ear cuffs, statement necklaces, rainbow rings, and unique accessories. 

In the beginning, the brand sourced designer jewelry direct from designers and sold them online without stores and resellers. In recent years, Baublebar’s lines have been available in leading department stores, including Nordstrom.

The collection features affordable and trendy styles, so you can keep up with the newest styles while still investing in the basics.

There is nothing more exciting than wearing something completely personalized, and this brand offers custom-engraved bar bracelets, necklaces with nameplates, letter bracelets, initial stud earrings, birthstone baubles, and charms.

You’ll find everything you need at Baublebar, whether you’re looking to match your cool look or looking for anything special.

Baublebar is becoming increasingly prominent among younger generations. There is a range of jewelry designs available from this brand to suit every personality and style, attracting trendsetters and fashionistas alike.

There is a piece to suit every style at Baublebar, whether you are seeking unique, playful, and casual pieces, or elegant and stylish accessories.

Jenny Bird

Jenny BirdJenny Bird specializes in fashion accessories and is a brand that is known for providing women with premier fashion jewelry designs.

The company has emerged as North America’s biggest fashion jewelry brand, available in more than 500 boutiques worldwide. Since its launch in 2008, the brand has grown exponentially, one of the most trusted brands in celebrity wardrobes as well as insider fashionistas’ closets.

The brand is a cult favorite with fashion bloggers and celeb stylists and has grown rapidly thanks to its edgy, contemporary style.


VersonaVersona offers unique apparel, jewelry, and accessories value-priced to suit every budget. The company operates over 100 stores in the US, and the online shop has become a popular spot among shoppers. It is a go-to shop for the latest trends in fashion, apparel, jewelry, shoes, accessories, and gifts that will delight you.

Versona specializes in women’s apparel and accessories every day at a great price. We are dedicated to providing high-quality fashions, they offer everything you need for unique outfits, including jewelry, handbags, shoes, and all the current fashion trends.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What kind of store was Charming Charlies?

Charming Charlie, based in Houston, specializes in contemporary clothing and accessories for women.

Why did Charming Charlie fail?

There were numerous inaccuracies in the merchandising department, a low inventory level, and a wide range of vendors unable to deliver consistently. This resulted in a drop in sales and profits.

Did all Charming Charlie’s close down?

In 2017, the brand declared bankruptcy shutting all the stores. Later the brand re-opened 36 Charming Charlie locations, however recently they announced they would be closing all stores. 

Who bought Charming Charlie?

Chanaratsopon acquired Charming Charlie after bankruptcy in 2017.

Charming Charlie is best known for its women’s contemporary fashion and accessories, affordable clothing, and the latest trends for women.

If you’re not satisfied with Charming Charli, this list of jewelry and accessory stores like Charming Charlie will provide you with more options. 

From gorgeous jewelry to the perfect accessories, these are the best stores like Charming Charlie that provide everything you need for every occasion.

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