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Top Video Editing Tools That Will Help You Take Your YouTube Videos to Perfection

Although videos have existed for quite some time, it is only in recent years that they have gained popularity. These days, videos dominate both our personal and business lives. With social media gaining popularity, people are now eager to share video snippets from major life events with their friends and family. Brands are trying to leverage this trend by using video as a tool for conveying their message across to the target group.Top Video Editing Tools

Irrespective of the purpose of your video, uploading a video directly after filming it will come off as crude and ill-prepared. Merely having a good camera and a studio-quality microphone will not suffice and you need to walk the extra mile and invest in video editing tools. Luckily for you, not all editing tools burn a hole in your pocket. Depending on your budget and editing proficiency, you can choose a tool that suits your needs. To help you decide, here is a carefully curated list of top video editing tools.

Adobe Premiere Elements

For those without prior experience of using any YouTube video editor tool, Adobe Premiere Elements is one of the best options to consider. With features like Guided Edits, you can work on multiple clips simultaneously and save time in applying effects. The face detection is another useful feature for novice video editors and automatically brings faces to the front of the frame and centers them appropriately.

If you are keen on creating a dynamic video collage, the Organizer feature of this tool will help you work on it and share the edited result on Facebook or YouTube in a matter of seconds. A one-time payment of $70 is worth the features of this tool.

Corel VideoStudio Ultimate X10.5

If you are on the lookout for an elegant user-interface that is uncluttered and simple to use for beginners, the Corel VideoStudio Ultimate X10.5 is an ideal tool for you. Using the motion tracking feature of this tool, you can add texts, special effects, and even objects to your video frame. It is one of the few editing tools that can convey a 360-degree video into a standard one without any compromise on the quality.

With the time remapping feature of this tool, you can effectively speed up, freeze, or slow down a frame. This is especially useful when you are creating promotional content for your brand and would want the audience to concentrate better on some parts of the video. If you want to add group clips or access soundtracks from your music library, you may want to consider the Timeline editing feature of this tool.

On the flip side, the rendering time of this tool is slower than most other tools discussed in this article. Corel VideoStudio Ultimate X10.5 comes at a one-time payment of $79.99 and you have the option of going for the trial version before deciding on making the payment.

Vegas Pro 15

Influencers on YouTube and Instagram are aware of the importance of audio in the overall video presentation. Unless the audio is up to the mark, viewers will not be able to focus on the image. Vegas Pro 15 has some of the finest high-resolution audio editing tools that allow you to come up with multi-track audio for your videos.

With a highly flexible workflow environment, this tool boasts of the latest powering editing tools and supports high-end graphic cards. With advanced features, this is a highly recommended tool for professional editors who are well versed with the basic editing techniques. The only catch here is the fact that there is no subscription-based usage model and you need to make a one-time payment of $399 – $799 to avail of this tool.


With the Trailers feature of this tool, you can simply select a template and present your videos. The tool has a clean and minimalistic interface and dragging and dropping your clips is a simple affair.

Further, for those keen on working on the audio, iMovie gives you access to iTunes audio library. One can also choose to upload their only music or narration created with the Garage Band. If you are in a hurry and do not have the time for such detailed editing work, choosing a track from the built-in music is a feasible option. 

The one-click enhance option is a perfect choice for people who are keen to get the audio and video editing completed in a jiffy. Videos of up to 4K resolution can be directly uploaded from your iMovie homepage to your YouTube channel.

HitFilm Pro

One of the most powerful VFX and animation tools available today, Hitfilm Pro, is the preferred choice of people keen on exploring 3D rendering. Hitfilm Pro offers users a lot of creative freedom by offering serial compositing, editing, visual effects, and pre-set options. Ignite Pro is a plugin that comes with HitFilm Pro and allows you to explore the latest VFX techniques.

With the Boris FX Title Studio, you can animate your logo, edit the title, and do a lot more. The audio mixer is another effective tool for peak metering, pan-channel volume adjustment, and other advanced audio features. Priced at $299, this is an ideal tool for those who want to venture into professional video editing.

If you are a little on the budget, you may consider going for the free version of the tool. Known as HitFilm Express, it is freely available and can be downloaded to your system. While the interface is like that of HitFilm Pro, the functionalities of the free tool are much lesser. 

Thus, you see that there is no dearth of high-quality video editing tools and your choice of tool will depend on the type of features that you need. We hope that the detailed explanation of the special features of some of the top editing tools discussed in this article has helped you and that you are now ready to make your pick. Mac users have the luxury of using a high-quality video editing tool that provides results as good as without having to shell out any money.

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