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Data Breach Prevention: 4 Ways You Can Protect Yourself

Data Breach Prevention Ways You Can Protect Yourself

Modernity differs from the rest of history in that we can now see the use of advanced technology everywhere. This is a positive factor for most companies. You can keep all of your corporate data and documents in one secure location.

But exactly what tool should you use? Most businesses use free or conventionally free solutions like products from Google or Apple. This is the wrong solution because these products are not secure enough. Most attackers are targeting these very services. What is most frustrating is that, in most cases, the attacks are successful and the data is leaked to competitors or put up for sale.

Other companies prefer to cloud services providers like Verticomm, which specifically work towards solving the security issues faced by businesses.

A pretty effective tool to prevent this is a virtual data room. It is not only a secure file storage system but also a means to provide full automation during certain business processes. Among these business processes are mergers and acquisitions, various types of audits, and other processes involving multiple parties. How does security come into play? We’ll talk about that a little bit later in the text.

Why compare different offerings

You need to compare different programs for some reason. In general, everything is learned by comparison, and this has as much to do with technological progress as it does with mundane processes. The fact is that the market for the production of an online data room is very competitive. 

In order to stand out, developers often use innovative technologies and business methods. For example, if we’re talking about classic developers, they have massively opened their labs to explore innovative technologies for each type of enterprise.

There they look at various issues, such as how to most effectively structure documentation to pass a merger takeover process, gather documents for due diligence, and the other processes that take place during the management of a large or medium-sized enterprise.

Generally speaking, these types of programs should be compared based on the following criteria.

A constantly changing market

Every economic market changes quite rapidly, even traditional markets. Now imagine how fast a technology market that provides innovative solutions is changing. The digital data room is innovative enterprise technology, and the developer market is changing at an unfathomable rate.

Some leave this market and stop updating their products, and some just enter the market with top-notch technology at a low cost. To find the best option, you need to constantly compare products.

Competitive market

As mentioned earlier, the virtual data room market is one of the most competitive markets in the world of technology innovation. The reason is that this is expensive and requires high technology to solve most corporate problems.

These technologies can be provided by a large number of private companies that enter the market almost every day. They also offer exceptional business opportunities, which you should compare with each other while searching for the right program.

Four ways to prevent data breaches

We can provide you with four ways to prevent corporate data breaches. All of these ways are repeatedly tested and written as a summation of the experiences of the world’s common corporations. Here are the ways themselves.

The use of specialized applications

For example, an electronic data room at hand is a great example of a tool that provides excellent data security. There is full automation of the workflow, flexible security policies, data encryption, and various additional security systems, like the fact that the entire work environment runs on the next level of the Internet, bypassing the public Internet.

This allows the tool to be used in a more convenient and secure way. Even if the user knows the director’s password, he will not be able to use it, for the reason that all actions are tracked and unauthorized actions are prohibited.

The training of employees

Most hacker attacks are not aimed at the technological features of a particular company but at its employees. Such a phenomenon as social engineering is quite common and allows access to the most unexpected sectors of the corporate network.

Attackers primarily use this method of influencing the psychology of employees to get the desired result. You should constantly train your employees not to succumb to provocation and to constantly verify the identity of the person who approaches them. As well as not connecting unidentified devices to the work computer.

The use of additional security features

Security features such as a firewall or various network activity scanners can help quite a bit in securing the entire network. Most small company executives don’t understand enough the importance of these tools and soon their data can leak to competitors.

Sophisticated hackers are always on the lookout for vulnerabilities in various data and application systems. So, it is important to take all possible precautionary measures to safeguard the company’s information assets from unauthorized access by hackers.

Single factor authentication is not enough in today’s world when data leakage is a major concern. Hence, businesses need multi factor authentication in place to ensure that no unauthorized user can get access to their company’s sensitive information.

Many organizations are now deploying Multi Factor Authentication On Premise for their employees, this helps in improving the overall security of any organization. Multi Factor Authentication can be deployed within minutes in almost any platform like Outlook Web Access, VPN, or any other application.

Using cloud computing

Fortunately, datarooms are already running entirely on cloud computing. This enhances data security for the reason that all data is stored on super-secure servers. The most profitable option would be to use cloud computing as the main method of workflow.


As you can see, data leakage is a significant problem in the 21st century. Data leaks have increased dramatically since most corporations moved to remote work. Attackers began to open up corporate networks and try to pull out sensitive data to sell it on the illicit market. By using data room services, you can keep yourself and your customers safe from unwanted leaks.

A virtual data room not only keeps you safe from unwanted leaks of personal data or confidential documents, but it also significantly increases the company’s risk in the eyes of investors. For example, if you have a fundraising policy and corresponding business process, investors will be more willing to respond to your company if you’ve moved to a virtual data room. 

The adaptability of the company, at this point, is characterized by commenting on today’s technology. The virtual data room provides transferable protections to optimize the time resource.

Investors are primarily looking for an adaptable company that is sure to squeeze into today’s job market. An adaptable company, at this point, is characterized by commenting on modern technology.

The electronic data room is a modern technology that provides advanced time optimization protections. It is this kind of company that stands out in today’s market.

If you take a company that uses traditional methods of doing business, it will most likely not be able to survive in this market. Consequently, investors will look for a more technologically savvy company than a traditional one.

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