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How to Delete Hinge Account Permanently (Easy Guide)

How to Delete Hinge Account Permanently

For those who want to switch from Hinge to another app, or don’t want to date anymore, here is an article to explain how to delete Hinge account permanently.

With more than 13 million users worldwide, Hinge is often deemed as one of the best dating apps that focuses on long-term connections between users.

In contrast to other social networks, Hinge isn’t always the type of app you’d want to keep around for a long time, and at some point, you may wish to delete your entire Hinge profile.

Hinge is mostly used by people who are looking for dates or finding long-term partners. However, what if you have lost interest or you have found the one for you?

Deleting the Hinge app from your smartphone will not prevent your Hinge profile from appearing on other people’s feeds. Exactly, for this reason, some users may wish to delete Hinge account and ensure they cannot be discovered.

In the event that you decide to stop using Hinge app, it might be problematic if you leave your profile open. Whether you are in a relationship or already married, you might accidentally be discovered by your partner or friend and they may ask “are you still using Hinge?”. It can be annoying.

It’s certain that you haven’t found the perfect match for yourself or found it difficult to use Hinge, this article explains step-by-step introductions to delete Hinge account completely.

Complete Guide to Delete Hinge Account or Profile Completely

How to Delete Hinge Account

  1. First of all, ope the Hinge app (Android/iOS) on your phone
  2. Login to the Hinge account that you want to delete
  3. Now, click on the Profile icon at the bottom right corner Hinge Ap Profile Section
  4. In the next step, click on Settings Hinge App Settings
  5. After that, scroll down a bit to the bottom and click on the option Delete AccountDelete Hinge Account Permanently
  6. At last, click the Confirm delete buttonConfirm Hinge Account Deletion
  7. That’s it! You will get a confirmation popup saying “your account is deleted.”Your Hinge Account Deleted Confirmation


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Does uninstalling Hinge app delete your account?

If you’ve found your match and are ready to delete Hinge profile completely, just uninstalling or deleting the app from your phone will not remove you from the Hinge platform. 

Even if you delete Hinge app from your phone, your Hinge profile will remain visible to other users. Essentially, even if you don’t use the Hinge app on your smartphone, others can still see your profile.

How do i delete my Hinge profile?

You can easily delete your Hinge profile from the app. Once you log in to the app, navigate to Profile > Settings > Delete Account > Confirm delete. 

What happens if I delete my Hinge account?

If you delete your Hinge account, you will no longer have access to your matches, likes, and messages, so they will be lost. All your current matches will be unmatched immediately. You will be hidden from other users for the time being.

How to check if your Hinge account is deleted?

Once you follow the above steps to delete Hinge account permanently, you will get a popup of “your account is deleted.” in the end. That’s enough! Your hinge profile is completely wiped out and your profile will not appear in other’s feeds.

In the event that someone deletes their Hinge account, the Hinge deletes their chats. Additionally, these chat conversations are also removed from the accounts of other users involved.

How to know if someone deleted their Hinge account?

The first sign that a user deleted their account is that they are no longer visible in your matches. A user who deletes their account will lose everything – photos, location, likes, and connections, among others.

How to reset Hinge profile?

You can’t reset Hinge account. You can delete the account permanently, that’s it! There is no option for resetting Hinge account.

This was all about how you can delete Hinge account entirely. Additionally, we have written an article on how to delete Taimi account. Have a look if you are looking for the same.

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