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11 Apps Like Wizz (Alternatives to Make New Friends)

While Wizz is one of the most popular apps out there to find online people, there are a number of other options that are worth giving a try. Below are 11 alternatives to Wizz and you should definitely consider downloading for iOS or Android.

Our team has done extensive research to find out the popular free apps like Wizz to make new friends. Whether it’s casual dating to meaningful relationships, everyone’s conception of love is different. We’ve tested several apps like Wizz so you don’t waste time searching for the right person.Best Apps Like Wizz Alternatives

Wizz is an underrated app when it comes to making new friends. If you’re looking for apps like Wizz, this list serves as a great place to start. There are many unique features included in each of these apps making them stand out in their own way.

About Wizz App

With Wizz, people with similar interests can find each other through a smartphone. This is a chat app that helps in finding friends, enabling two users or a group of friends to send animated gifs, images, and videos. 

Using Wizz, similar-aged users are grouped together. On the site, users can create profiles with photos, interest tags, and a brief biography. 

In order to stand out from its competitors, Wizz strives to differentiate itself. It looks more like an app for chatting than a social networking platform. As soon as you create a profile, you can view the profiles of other users, add the friends you want, and exclude everyone else.

Apps Like Wizz to Make New Friends for Android & iPhone (2022)

If you are looking for Wizz alternatives, here are a few apps that have been popular among users.


KikKik helps you stay in touch with family and friends faster than ever before. In contrast to other apps like Wizz that ask for your phone number, Kik allows users to sign up with only their email addresses, thus keeping your information private.

Privacy concerns or you simply want to stay connected, this messaging app has a lot to offer. Teenagers are attracted to Kik due to the privacy and anonymity it focuses on. 

A user ID is all you need, Kik enables you to send and receive messages, photos, videos, stickers, web pages, emoji, and more with other users of the app.

Since a username is used rather than a phone number, your personal information won’t be shared with the person you are chatting with. Your chat partners will see your name, username, and profile picture.

Meet New People option lets you start conversations with other Kik users based on your interests. Using “Quick Chat” you can meet people and have a conversation, or find people who share your interests using the “Interest Match” feature.

Your chat time will be limited to 15 minutes, and every day you will be able to pair/chat with up to five random users. 

There’s no doubt that public groups are the perfect way to start an open discussion and find a solution. There will be a lively exchange of ideas among participants, representing a variety of backgrounds in the groups. The public group in Kik will help you make new friends. It is also possible to send direct messages to individuals in public groups using Kik without adding them to your contacts list.


WinkThrough Wink, it is easy to make friends and connect with others. Wink is linked to Snapchat, displays other Snapchat users’ profiles, and lets users add, chat with, or switch to another Snap profile. You can also text, make calls, share photos, ice breakers, GIFs, and audio messages, and play games.

Essentially, it’s an app for connecting with new people. All you have to do is download the app, register, and you can browse countless new profiles. Find someone interesting by reading their bio. Find friends who enjoy the same things that you do, and become friends. 

With Wink, it’s effortless to connect with other people and find things you have in common. Swipes are limited to a few per day and can only be acquired by spending “gems,” 

You can earn points by checking the app frequently, sending contacts to friends, and posting on social media. As you make more conversions, you have a better chance of earning gems. These gems then allow you to make as many friends as you want. You can send these gems to other users or to add friends.


YuboMore than 20 million people have downloaded Yubo to meet new people. To date, the application has connected over 2 billion people internationally. More than 10 billion messages have been sent and received, and more than 30 billion live streams have been viewed. 

Yubo has attracted teenagers with its features, such as a chat room, emoji, live video streaming, among others. You are able to stream live video with up to ten users simultaneously through Yubo. The platform lets you create sessions and invite friends to join. 

It works like Tinder, where teens swipe left or right to see other teens of their age, and they can begin making friends right away without having to waste time searching. The app connects you to Snapchat and Instagram directly. 

Using the app, users can browse profiles of other users by swiping left or right. Users can then begin chatting after liking each other’s profiles. Since the app’s features and user interface are like that of Tinder, many refer to it as “Tinder for teens.” 

A lot of social apps share features with dating apps, but Yubo stands out for its catfish-free video chat feature. If you are connected to someone, you can talk to them live video chat from the app without giving out your contact information. This will ensure you’re talking to the right person, and help ease your first-time meet-up anxiety when you have seen their face.


LMKExtroverts, get ready because this talk-based app will have you hooked. Unlike most messaging apps like Wizz, LMK offers multiple ways to communicate, such as voice chats. Chat or call with people (either privately or in a group) with similar interests, so if you’re feeling chatty, it doesn’t take long to find someone to talk to. Additionally, when you’re on a voice call, the timer automatically ends it when the timer runs out.

Audio Rooms are a great way to meet and talk to multiple people at the same time. You can even send gifts through an Audio Room. If you want to be friends with someone, swipe right on their profile. Make your profile stand out by adding your interests and a brief bio. Adding to the community feed is also an option.


SpotafriendSpotafriend is the best entertaining app you can use to meet new friends. With more than 2 million teenagers in this community, you’re sure to meet someone new. Start swiping immediately if you’re looking for a new friend.

Spotafriend is a swipe app for teens. This app can only be used by children under 18. You are more likely to make new friends with Spotafriend due to a large community. Swipe to see images of teens near you, then swipe right to become friends. 

By purchasing Spotafriend Ultimate Access, you will have access to many premium features, including ad-blocking, unlimited Boomerang, swipe history view, removing old swipes, ultimate badge on profile, 2 extra Super Swipes per day, priority listings in your area.

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SwiprDo you want to make new friends and develop a relationship that will last a lifetime? Swipr lets you meet new people wherever you go simply by swiping right.

Swipr makes it easy to find the right friend. Search for people with similar interests and connect with them. It is easy to find someone with similar interests just by swiping left or right.

Swipr’s messaging system allows you to instantly send a message to a friend. Additionally, you can earn diamonds by participating in fun mini-tasks and these diamonds can be used to access exclusive premium features.


LitmatchLitmatch offers a safe and comfortable community for sharing your candid thoughts and feelings. The community is filled with friendly and caring individuals. This community offers people a way to share their emotions through various online interactive options. The vast majority of users have connected to Litmatch through its outstanding features.

Create new friendships with just one click. Litmatch makes it easy to meet someone new. If you prefer one-to-one chatting or group chatting, there is a space for you to choose on the Litmatch app. Get involved and talk about what’s on your mind. It doesn’t matter how you feel, you’ll always find someone who understands your feelings on Litmatch.


TwooUsing Twoo, you can meet new people or find a lover. Over the years, more and more users have joined to find their soul mates.

This platform is the best option for finding love or friendship if you are looking for either. There are so many dating and friendship apps like Wizz these days, but Twoo far outperforms them all. Try it out, and you’ll see that it’s extremely easy to use and has a wide range of features.

You can communicate with people all over the world and develop relationships with them. You can also learn other languages here. The Discover section lets you browse people. You can find people from the same location or with the same interests in the section.

It is easy for everyone to find a friend or a partner without spending a lot of time on it. Just scroll through the Discover section and check out the profiles you like. To find people of a specific age, you must enter the criteria in the Search section.


MeetMeMeetMe is a social networking website that is similar to Facebook. These types of Wizz alternatives are popular among teenagers and young adults looking for friends and potential partners.

In a nutshell, MeetMe is similar to Facebook, however, Facebook is better for reaching out to old friends whereas MeetMe allows users to discover new people, even those who share interests and a similar lifestyle.

With the Meet feature, you can see the profiles of members who live nearby and match your preferences. Upon clicking on any member’s profile image, the member’s profile will open. It allows you to view their profile picture and send a chat request if you find their profile appealing.

You can send a message to other members by using the Chat feature. The Feed feature shows you a timeline of posts and status updates from the members you follow.  Users can also go live and interact with their viewers.


AbloIt’s an instant messaging and social networking app for iOS and Android, as well as online. Ablo is essentially a social networking application that lets users from different cultures and locations communicate, along with an intuitive user interface that makes you feel as if you are traveling the world with your friends.

What makes Ablo so interesting is that it enables people who speak different languages to communicate by text or video with automatic language translation. Translations are shown as subtitles below the video. 37 languages are currently supported. 

The app is different from many other Wizz alternatives for meeting new people, in that it gives you the experience of traveling from the comfort of your home. If you love meeting new people from around the world, then Ablo is perfect for you. You’re free to meet new people, so make the most of it.


MocoIn the 15 years since its launch, Mocospace evolved from a mobile social network into a global platform, with over 100 million users. It resembles a social networking site and a dating service. Mocospace stands out from other alternatives to Wizz because it offers game-based features and other features. With this platform, people can access a number of unique features, which let them communicate in a fun way.

You can meet new people by playing free multiplayer and social games. The feature is definitely attracting a lot of young people. There are options for searching for users based on gender, age, location, and sexuality.

You can make video calls and send voice messages. Private and group chats are available to users. Your messages can be customized using stickers, emojis, themes, colors, and fonts. On the Moco dating app, you can find dozens of forums and chat rooms. 

Final Words

Don’t be bored by being single anymore, find someone to chat with, make new friends, or date. You never know what comes next. So you should make the most of this time.

It doesn’t matter if you’re looking for a new friend, someone to share your feelings, or a serious relationship with, you can always find a person that matches your tastes. Find the perfect friend or partner with these Wizz alternatives for Android and iOS. Even if you’re a big Wizz fan, there’s a good chance you’ll also love some of the apps like Wizz on our list.

Using Wizz is fine, it is a decent app to meet new friends, however, if you are looking for something different, you should also check out the above apps. That being said, if you use any of these apps, please share your experiences in the comment section below.

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