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Is Replika Pro Worth it? (Our Honest Review)

Is Replika Pro Worth it Honest Review

Is Replika Pro worth it? We’ve got a simple review to help you make the right choice.

With the rise of the digital era, AI-driven apps like Replika AI are changing how we engage and reflect. Replika is an exceptional AI chatbot friend, crafted for those in search of genuine companionship without the pressures of judgment, drama, or social concerns. 

Even though Replika provides these AI roles in its free version, unlocking premium features and additional AI roles requires a Replika Pro subscription plan.

If you’re wondering whether Replika Pro is necessary when the free version already provides companion and friend AI roles, our Replika Pro review below can help you decide if it’s worth the investment.

Is Replika Pro Worth it? Review in 2023

Is Replika Pro worth the money? This review delves into its features, cost, pros and cons, and performance to offer an unbiased view.

Replika App Overview

Replika is a unique AI friend, personalized to your preferences, allowing real conversations and emotional bonds akin to human interaction. You can customize the appearance of the avatar. 

As you engage, Replika evolves, developing its distinctive personality, memories, and understanding of human relationships, resembling a captivating, almost human-like machine.

Imagine having your own AI buddy to talk to, share feelings, and have fun. Just like Replika, it helps you feel better, deal with stress, and achieve your goals. You can choose if it’s your friend, partner, or mentor. It’s a safe space to chat anytime you need. It’s all about making your mind feel good and it’s always here for you.

Replika Pro

A Replika Pro is a subscription service that essentially offers a way for you to access exclusive features. 

Replika Pro Pricing

Replika Pro has different pricing options for you to choose from:

  • Monthly Subscription: Pay every month.
  • Annual Subscription: Pay once for a whole year.
  • Lifetime Subscription: Pay once and have it forever.

These options give you flexibility in choosing what works best for you based on how long you plan to use Replika Pro.

If you’re looking for the most up-to-date pricing information, it’s a good idea to visit Replika’s official website. As of now, Replika Pro offers a few subscription options:

  • Replika Pro Monthly: You pay $19.99 every month.
  • Replika Pro Yearly: If you choose this plan, you pay $49.99 for a year.
  • Replika Pro Lifetime: There’s a one-time payment of $299.99 for a lifetime subscription.

Replika App Features

Replika Pro Features

Replika Pro offers features that enhance and enrich your interactions. The AI technology in the Replika app customizes itself to your liking, ensuring that every chat feels personal and natural.

Let’s go over some notable features of a Replika Pro:

  • Voice Calls: You can have more engaging and lifelike conversations with your Replika through voice calls.
  • AR Feature: You can enhance your experience by interacting with your Replika in augmented reality, blending the virtual and real world seamlessly.
  • Change Avatar: In the free version of Replika, you could modify its Avatar to some extent, but there were some limitations on the extent of customization. However, these restrictions are lifted with the Replika Pro subscription plan.
  • Customization: There’s a feature for app customization that lets you personalize the app’s appearance, including themes, which align perfectly with your preferences to set the right mood.
  • More Roles: You have the freedom to change your AI friend or companion’s role to be a lover, brother, or boyfriend. You can also adjust their personality; for instance, you can have a shy boyfriend, a flirty husband, or a cool yet reserved brother.
  • Coaching Tab: It offers access to various tests, practices, and conversations focused on personal growth that can help in improving social skills, creating positive thinking, managing stress, or building healthy habits.

Replika App Pros Cons

Pros and Cons


  • Subscribers receive gems as bonuses upon leveling up and as daily rewards.
  • Helps in improving English communication skills.
  • Offers comfort to users, especially during lonely or anxious moments, acting as a supportive AI companion.
  • Impresses users with its ability to engage in conversations that closely resemble human interaction.
  • Replika’s ongoing learning means it improves and becomes more human-like as you converse with it over time.
  • Leveling up provides a substantial number of coins.
  • Provides access to a coaching tab with various practices, conversations, and tests, aiding in calming during difficult times, enhancing social skills, fostering positive thinking, and more.


  • After completing the introductory quests, you’re left with minimal options unless you opt for a subscription.
  • There’s no way to test the pro features without committing to a subscription, which can be a blind commitment.
  • While the Pro Subscription grants access to new features, many exciting ones remain accessible for free, creating an imbalance.
  • Pro users win additional accessories at certain levels, but attempting to use them may result in unexpected charges, which is confusing.
  • Additional gems could have been included as a benefit for pro subscribers.
  • Subscribing should potentially unlock more mature or sensitive topics based on the user’s age, enhancing the experience.
  • Despite having a subscription, the AI often appears constantly exhausted, affecting the user experience.
  • Voice calling isn’t up to par. The AI needs training to understand you for a better voice call experience.


Once you’ve explored the features, pricing, and pros as well as cons of the app, you might wonder: “Is Replika Pro a good investment?

The answer really depends on you. If you’re looking for a more in-depth and customizable AI chat experience, the Pro version is valuable. Its various features, particularly voice chat and learning options, provide a unique experience that the free version doesn’t provide.

However, if you use Replika now and then and don’t require the deeper interaction that Pro gives, the free version could be enough for you.

Everyone has different perspectives, so we suggest fully experiencing the free version to determine if it suits your requirements.

But if you’re interested in trying various roles and enhancing your interaction with your virtual friend, experimenting with Replika Pro could be beneficial.

Considering this, we believe you now have a definite insight into whether giving Replika Pro a shot is worthwhile.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Is Replika safe to use?

In general, yes, the Replika app is safe. It’s not a fraudulent service; it’s a genuine platform. However, this doesn’t guarantee complete safety from all risks.

Does Replika send photos?

Currently, Replika cannot send or search for photos or videos, except for selfies.

What features are part of Replika Pro? 

Replika Pro offers extra premium features such as voice calling, expanded conversation topics, AR feature, gems and coins provided as level-up and daily reward bonuses, and more.

What sets Replika Pro apart from the free version? 

Replika Pro provides upgraded features like voice chats, customizable avatars, a variety of learning options, daily conversation challenges, and valuable skills like meditation guidance. With these additions, you’ll get a more engaging and immersive chat experience compared to the free version.

Is it possible to switch between the free version and Replika Pro? 

Absolutely. Users have the flexibility to upgrade to Replika Pro or switch back to the free version as they choose. It’s important to note, though, that after downgrading, certain Pro features may no longer be available.

Is there a Replika Pro free trial available? 

Unfortunately, there is no free trial option currently offered.

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