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17 Best Light Meter Apps for Android and iPhone (2022 Edition)

As you know, lights play the most vital role in photography. Not only in photography, but it is also a must-required thing for every human being. Of course, a good lighting condition will take your pictures to the next level. It doesn’t matter whether you are an aspiring photographer or a professional photographer, you know that good lighting is a particularly important part of taking the perfect photograph. 

Best light meter apps

Have you heard about the light meter? It is nothing but a small device that is designed to measure the light. Light meters are very helpful for photographers to capture the perfect image tone. In the market, there are two types of light meters available. One is an incident light meter and another one is a reflective light meter. 

An incident light meter measures all the light falling onto a subject. No matter how light or dark the surrounding background is, incident light meters are useful to make the camera focus better. Reflective light meters, on the other hand, measure the light reflected by or bouncing off a subject.

If you are a professional photographer, you may have your own camera. Usually, most cameras today have built-in utilities and light sensors. If you are not willing to purchase a light meter then you have this list of light meter apps for you. The light meter app will show you the value based on the hardware of your phone reports.

Best Free Light Meter Apps for Android and iOS 

Since there is a collection of paid and free light meter apps available for iPhone and Android, you might get confused about which app to pick. If you are confused regarding the same, then you are at the right place. Because in this article, we have compiled the best light meter apps for Android and iPhone. 

The list includes both the categories-free and paid best phone light meter apps. We have also sorted out some of the really cool features so that you can compare them with other apps to decide the best one suited for your needs.

Lux Meter (Light Meter)

Lux Meter Light MeterLux Meter (Light Meter) is the best option to go for if you are looking for an app to measure illuminances using an Android smartphone. This Android app primarily focuses on measuring illuminances (lux, fc) by using the light sensor of the device. The app is good even for adjusting the brightness of the grow lights. 

It comes loaded with a bunch of other features to see lighting options for seed growing. You can easily test the current light value with this app. The accuracy of the values in this app depends on the sensor of your phone. 

You can test the light levels from your phone from anywhere, at any time. Just get the app from the below link and open it to start measuring light. Once you install and open the app you will get a clean and organized interface from where you can measure the reflective light.

Download Lux Meter (Light Meter) App for Android

Lux Light Meter Free

Lux Light Meter FreeAnother not-so-popular app that can let you measure light from your phone. The apps come with the smartest algorithms and exciting features. The app offers minimalistic, intuitive UI, great performance, light evaluation proximity, and much more. 

It offers a ton of features to measure lighting parameters similar to the ones we saw Lux Meter app. Besides, you can quickly analyze indoor environment light levels. Also, the app lets you compare indoor and outdoor light levels. To ensure the best light measuring experience, use the app with a phone that has working sensors. It allows users to save the measurement of lighting to an SD card with title, date, and time. Thanks to the powerful algorithm used in the app, it recognizes the characteristics of the hardware sensor of your Android phone to give accurate results.

Download Lux Light Meter Free App for Android

Lux Light Meter & Tools – Photometer PRO

Lux Light Meter Tools Photometer PROAs the name suggests, it is made for the photographers to easily measure light on the photo scene to set exposure quickly. Thanks to the ease of use, this app also has the ability to export the measurements (lx, fx, W/m2) to a CSV file. 

Another great thing about the app is its Ad-free experience. Yes. You read it right. It offers high accuracy light measurement with support for many languages. Moreover, there is a calibration option that can help you to calibrate the full sensor of your device. There are tons of tools for photographers to select from, making it one of the best non-profit light meter app available for Android devices.

Download Lux Light Meter & Tools – Photometer PRO App for Android

Easy Light Meter

Easy Light Meter Measure Luminance by MobileIf you are looking for a light meter app to test flashlights and other light equipment then Easy Light Meter is the right app for you. It is arguable the top free light meter app that you should definitely download and install on your Android phone to measure luminance.

Just to give you an overview, the app offers you excellent features alongside a pleasant interface. The app has a bunch of additional features like support for almost all screen resolutions, the option to measure the surface light intensity, save measurements, manual calibration of the light intensity measurement, etc.

Download Easy Light Meter App for Android

Pocket Light Meter

Pocket Light MeterThis app offers all the basic functionality of a light measuring app. It’s one of the most powerful options around for iOS that can be used to measure the reflected light. A cool function of this app is the ability to measures exposure accurately just like a real light meter. 

The app offers a sleek interface with all the necessary tools for measuring light levels. Perhaps more importantly, its accuracy is not questionable, even if you compare the measurement with the high-end meters available on the market. To use the pocket light meter app, you have to install it from the below link on your iOS device.

Download Pocket Light Meter App for iPhone

‎Lux Light Meter Pro

Lux Light Meter Pr‪o‬If you’re looking for a handy app without many fancy features, ‎Lux Light Meter Pro is an excellent fit for you. The app has a simple-to-use interface with little to no learning curve. To use it, first, you have to install it and the app even shows the current reading in the analog meter. 

Though only available on iOS App Store, the app overwhelmed with millions of installs and positive reviews from users. The app uses it own technology to measure the reflected and absorbed light. It also calculates the average and maximum light values at once.

Download Lux Light Meter Pro App for iOS

Light Meter – EV for Photography

Light Meter EV for PhotographyLight Meter – EV for Photography is a free and full-featured Android app that will give you light level results immediately on your phone. As long as your phone is with you, you can measure the lighting from your phone from anywhere, anytime. 

The app has a neat user interface, making it easy to use from beginner to expert. Light Meter – EV for Photography Android app doesn’t have many advanced features like many other apps in the list, but is an ideal app for measuring what light levels you have in your room.

Download Light Meter – EV for Photography App for Android

Light Meter

Light Meter FreeEven if you want to measure the lighting of the car, bike headlights then this app is great for you. The app is available for free for Android phones and is a must-try if you haven’t tried it yet. Using its advanced algorithms, Light Meter app accurately measures the lighting. It works well if you want to measure flashlight for a home studio. 

The best thing about this app is its simple user interface which makes it easy to use even for normal smartphone users. Besides, it also gives you options like a color temperature (white balance) meter, a reciprocity calculator, an exposure convert, a manual (sunny sixteen) calculator, a depth of field calculator, and an exif reader. 

Download Light Meter App for Android

LightMeter by David Quiles

LightMeterLightMeter is by far one of the best and convenient paid light meter app available for Android. The app also an option to spot measure even if the camera is in the zoom, making it easier to measure light accurately using the app. 

Good thing is that it does not require a large space for your phone. This tiny app works well even on the fewer RAM smartphones. Using the inbuilt option, you can mute the camera as well. It is overall the best app for measuring the reflected light on a phone.

Download LightMeter by David Quiles App for Android

myLightMeter PRO

myLightMeter PROmyLightMeter PRO is the iOS version of the LightMeter app from the developer of the above app. This app makes use of your iPhone light sensor or camera to function as a portable light meter to measure the lighting and light levels. 

Alongside offering two modes, it has plenty of other functions to adjust the lighting. The myLightMeter PRO app has been around for a while now for iOS, and it’s one of the clean as well as most polished light meter app for iOS right now.

Download myLightMeter PRO App for iPhone

Lighting Calculations

Lighting CalculationsIf you are a person who likes calculating the light, then what recommended app to have on your Android than Lighting Calculations. It isn’t the most powerful apps out there. However, this free application provides you the method to estimate the light power of various objects that produce the light. 

The interface of this app is simple and with just a few clicks it can do the calculation of total flux, lighting requirements for interiors, and a lot more. It is powerful enough to be used as a top app for measuring lights. The only downside here is the app doesn’t offer a one-time purchase.

Download Lighting Calculations App for Android

Lux Light Meter

Lux Light MeterAre you searching for a powerful light meter app to care for your vision? Then download Lux Light Meter app developed by The app is free of cost and also offers a wide array of features for measuring illuminances through the light sensor of your Android handset. 

Thanks to the intuitive interface of the app, you will never interest while using the app to measure luminance by mobile. The good thing about this app is that it can be used without any in-app purchases and you are good to go with multi-language support.

Download Lux Light Meter App for Android

Lux Meter by Crunchy ByteBox

Lux Meter by Crunchy ByteBoxYet another newcomer to the light meter Android apps market is Lux Meter by Crunchy ByteBox. A great app for measuring the ambient illuminance on smartphones. The app can detect and measure the intensity of light with the help of the device’s light sensor and shows the result in lux (lx) or foot-candle (fc). 

It’s free, it’s colorful and it comes with many functions like recording, options to check and compare the illuminance of different light sources, and a lot more. Its recording function makes it an ideal light meter for mobile phones.

Download Lux Meter by Crunchy ByteBox App for Android

Light Meter – LUX Meter

Light Meter LUX MeterLight Meter – LUX Meter stays in the bottom corner of your choice, providing you an easy way to measure the light intensity from a smartphone. Light Meter – LUX Meter is geared towards those who want to check whether the light in the room is good to read a book, whether the room light is enough to work with PC, office work, or any other work. 

It is a better option because it meets all the requirements. One of its key features is its tiny size. Yes, the app is only 2MB in size which makes it one of the preferred choices because it won’t take much storage of your device. The app also comes bundled with a lot of other functions for digital and film photography.

Download Light Meter – LUX Meter App for Android

Smart Luxmeter

Smart LuxmeterSmart Luxmeter is another lightweight light meter app for android. It’s more powerful than some other apps available on Play Store, in that you can measure the ambient brightness with the embedded light sensor of your phone. Its sheer range of options to adjust the lighting makes it definitely worth a try.

Use it to measure the brightness for any particular surface from your Android device. Smart Luxmeter is ideal if you approach real-time graphs and accurate values.  One Smart Luxmeter feature that others don’t have is its optimization.

Download Smart Luxmeter App for Android


IlluminanceIlluminance is the simplest light meter app on our list to check whether the light level matches the lux level requirements. If you find yourself needing to convert your phone to a light meter, Illuminance is a handy app for you. It offers extreme flexibility that is useful for photography as an exposure meter. 

Illuminance is the only app on this list that uses the light sensor of the phone to give you the idea of the best-recommended light level. It allows you to click photos on your phone in dark conditions or in low light conditions to adjust the brightness level.

Download Illuminance App for Android

Lux Light Meter Free by

Lux Light Meter Free by waldau webdesign.deIf you’re looking for an app with minimalistic features and an app that doesn’t require much of your phone storage, this is the right choice for you. It’s a simple yet powerful mobile app that lets you transform your Android phone into a light meter.

The inbuilt options of the app let you quickly capture the light measurements instantly from your phone.

Download Lux Light Meter Free by App for Android

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Do light meter apps work?

Since we’re living in the age of advancement and invention, the smartphone market has seen a heavy number of light meter applications released. There are many working light meter apps for plants available for iPhone and Android. These apps are dedicated to making a simple way to identify light intensity from the phone. You can also identify colors from the phone using these apps.  To help you choose the ideal app for you, just explore our above list of the best phone lightmeter apps that are currently available on Google Play Store and iOS App Store.

Are light meter apps accurate?

Well. We have done the research by testing each app and here are the best that you can find. Most light meter apps for mobile phones are designed specifically for photographers.

How to read a light meter app?

Using these apps is simple. Once you download and install the lumen meter app from the above-given links, you have to open the app and go through quick guides that the app offers to know how to use them. 

How to use light meter app for plants?

Prefer using the Lux Meter app for Android to measure the lighting of plants. Those are amazing features that come as part of the apps. Once you open the app, move your camera towards the plants to measure the intensity of light for plants.

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