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Master Splitgate: Arena Warfare with these Five Top Tips

Master Splitgate Arena Warfare five top tips

Halo 3 comes up with one new game to top your FPS games collection. In addition to the basic FPS experience, lovers of shooter games now have a new feature known as portals. Moreover, we’d like to add that your progress in the game depends on how well you can manipulate Splitgate portals.

If you’ve been on the game before now, you may not need the portals’ introduction you just read, but you’ll definitely need the tips we’ll be sharing below. So, take some time out and read the tips to master your favorite portal-filled Splitgate. In addition, you’ll need some Splitgate hacks to help you overcome unavoidable hurdles.

5 Tips to Help you Master Splitgate

The ability to destroy enemy portals is a vital

Most of us can remember our first few matches on Splitgate, where we made the mistake of attempting to kill enemies with EMPs. While this may work in other shooter games, you’ll be surprised to see your enemies still standing. The truth is grenades don’t harm players in Splitgate.

Grenades in Splitgate are meant to destroy portals – enemy portals. Simply track an enemy portal and throw a grenade at it. Destroying enemy portals will help you tame their mobility. We recommend destroying enemy portals around areas where you want to cast yours to avoid unpleasant surprises.

Maximize your use of weapons

Your first pistol is a formidable weapon that you shouldn’t take for granted. However, you shouldn’t neglect the wonders that you could achieve with better weapons. The sniper rifle, for example, allows you to deal damage to multiple players at once. This is because its bullets can pass through enemies. 

More so, this weapon deals 150-point damage with shots to the head. The Plasma rifle and the Rail gun are another duos you can use to impact damage on multiple foes at once. However, only use these weapons for long-distance engagements and ensure there are no enemy portals nearby – you can’t afford surprises.

Splitgate is fast-paced

Many shooter games may favor camping, but not Splitgate. Splitgate is a fast-paced game where aggression must be the pattern if you’re looking to make significant progress in the game. Well, we’re not saying you should run wildly into a wild gunfight – this will only land you on the respawn screen.

The maps on Splitgate are relatively small. Carelessly emerging from a corner can fetch you a bullet in the head. An essential tip is getting a good knowledge of where the best weapons spawn. Then you must fight aggressively to get to these locations before the enemy.

Be sneaky with portals

Players who can traverse the maps faster and have good aiming and shooting skills have the highest dominance in matches. As such, you’ll need to utilize every resource at your disposal as a weapon or bait. Your portals are very useful assets, considering this point.

For instance, you can run into a portal in plain sight of an enemy. Chances are the enemy will follow you through. If the exit portal were in a location filled with your teammates, that enemy is as good as dead. Also, your crosshair reticle turns red when it hovers over a portal housing an enemy. Shoot through the portal or wait for the enemy to emerge.

Never be static

With the presence of portals in the game, it becomes increasingly easier for enemies to flank you. You must avoid this situation at any cost if you don’t want the frustration of facing the respawn screen ever so often. 

Always being on the move will make it difficult for enemies to ambush you or get a neat headshot at you. If you ever run into a corner where you’re outnumbered, cast a portal and flee. More importantly, don’t forget to close portals you’re not using.


Splitgate has an impressive score making it worth the hype, thanks to Halo Three experts. With the tips above, you’ll be able to significantly increase your kill-death ratio and also improve your mastery of the game. Also, always be conscious of the importance of portals.

As we mentioned earlier, Splitgate is no place for campers. So, be ready to sweat it out, as that’s the most exciting way to play the game. Go for power weapons and never let enemies outnumber you for any reason. Lastly, your grenades won’t do as much as prick an enemy – use them to destroy portals instead.

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