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11 Best MetaMask Alternatives (Competitors in 2023)

Best Metamask Alternatives and Competitors

So, if not MetaMask, which cryptocurrency wallet should I use? This article presents a list of the best MetaMask alternatives available in the market right now. In this article, we will take a look at the best Metamask replacement crypto wallet platforms as well as the features that they offer.

Crypto wallets are essential for buying, trading, and selling cryptocurrency. They enable traders to store crypto securely and to validate and safeguard transaction data. 

If you’re going to purchase bitcoin or another digital currency, you should make sure you have a secure cryptocurrency wallet. A cryptocurrency wallet provides safe storage for ownership evidence and it can be a physical device or software program. 

Crypto wallets are not only safe, but they also give you more control over the digital currency you hold compared to many exchange services.

Whether you’re looking for an alternative to MetaMask or one safe wallet to keep your investments and assets, we’ve got you covered. Here’s our list of the best MetaMask alternatives. 

11 Top Metamask Alternatives 2023

Coinbase Wallet

Coinbase WalletCoinbase Wallet serves as a great crypto wallet for beginners, as it is a simple and extremely secure wallet powered by an established exchange.

Coinbase Wallet would be a good choice for beginners with no prior experience with cryptocurrency. Most major banks are supported by the app, and it features an intuitive interface, with a three-tab design and easy-to-understand functions. 

Coinbase Wallet allows you to store non-fungible tokens (NFTs) and digital collectibles, supporting 500+ cryptocurrencies.

It is compatible with both Android and Apple devices and integrates seamlessly with the exchange, making transactions easy — including buying coins and tokens with traditional currency. Coinbase Wallet can be used as a DApp browser by adding an extension to Google Chrome.

Many security measures protect the Coinbase Wallet, including storing 98% of client funds offline. On top of that, you must bypass two-factor authentication every time you log in. 

Trust Wallet

Trust WalletThe second alternative to MetaMask on our list is Trust Wallet. It is among the popular decentralized, mobile cryptocurrency wallets that offer support for 53 blockchains and supports more than one million cryptocurrencies. This wallet also allows users to make interest from their coins. 

It also comes with a Web3 browser that enables users to access decentralized applications (DApps) built on various blockchains. There are currently around 16 networks that the Trust Wallet DApp browser can connect to.

Users own their private keys; the wallet’s servers do not hold any private keys. You can download Trust Wallet for free on Android and iOS. This app’s interface is clear and intuitive, so downloading, setting up, and using it is straightforward.

With Trust Wallet, you can safely exchange multiple cryptocurrencies. In essence, you receive a protected access key to protect your crypto assets. Trust Wallet also makes considerable efforts to protect the privacy and security of its users.

Multi-coin transactions are also supported, which lets you purchase and exchange a variety of coins and blockchain types; you also have the option to purchase coins with a credit card.

Trust Wallet doesn’t charge upfront fees or require subscriptions. You’ll only be charged transaction fees, however. Using the Trust Wallet, you earn interest on your coins by investing them.


MathWalletMathWallet is a multichain and multiplatform crypto wallet designed for holding assets and crypto. This MetaMask alternative supports more than 67 popular chains, including BTC, ETH, EOS, TRX, and many more.

It is like an all-in-one platform with features such as storing and exchanging cryptocurrencies, managing token exchanges for DApps, and creating multiple wallets within the app. This enables users to store, receive, and transfer tokens seamlessly. It is possible to track assets on the go. 

Assets can be protected with private keys, keystores, Mnemonic phrases, two-factor authentication, etc., and the level of security is excellent. Moreover, it can be accessed from mobile platforms, desktops, browser extensions, and even hardware devices.


ExodusExodus is a multicurrency wallet that supports numerous cryptocurrencies. In the beginning, the crypto wallet was only available for desktops but has now been brought to iOS and Android devices.

Exodus stands out from other wallets by being designed primarily for users who have never used cryptocurrencies before. A user-friendly interface makes it easy to use.

Exodus is well known for supporting a wide range of altcoins, in addition to Bitcoin. The wallet allows you to exchange cryptocurrencies seamlessly without registering. Exodus provides both email and chat support for customers.

Similar to other cryptocurrency wallets like MetaMask, Exodus makes use of codes for users for managing and linking its crypto coins across various blockchains. You won’t have to worry about your wallet being managed or taken care of by it; it is completely under your control. This wallet lets users apply a wide variety of crypto assets.

The Exodus wallet is an option that is well suited for both novice and experienced cryptocurrency investors.  An array of digital assets, flexibility, and control make the platform appealing.  It offers a pleasant user interface and is designed to allow beginners to manage their digital assets with ease.


JaxxYet another Metamask replacement you can use is Jaxx. The multi-currency crypto wallet Jaxx has grown enormously in popularity in recent years. Those who are new to the cryptocurrency world will find it a good choice, and experienced crypto users will also enjoy its robust features.

Jaxx is one of the best wallets to use because it can store a broad range of cryptocurrencies. Jaxx Wallet is free to download, includes a blockchain explorer, includes real-time market data, ShapeShift for exchanging assets, offers more than 80 cryptocurrencies, provides blockchain and cryptocurrency news, and lets you view your digital assets in a portfolio.

Jaxx Wallet is a cross-platform wallet, so if you use different devices to access it, you will be able to sync it across all of them. Jaxx Wallet offers camera scanning capabilities, enabling users to scan QR codes for fast, secure digital currency transactions.

The wallet offers cross-platform compatibility, as well as password security with a 12-word recovery phrase as a backup in case your device is lost or stolen. The Jaxx Wallet allows users to keep track of the market, read news, and learn about the blockchain. 

One of the main problems with Jaxx Liberty Wallet is that assets cannot be purchased using fiat, and customer support is limited to social media and email.


MyEtherWalletMyEtherWallet lets users store Ethereum and Ethereum coins and tokens (ERC-20 tokens and Ethereum Classic tokens) within. When compared to other MetaMask alternatives and cryptocurrency wallets that allow traders to store crypto coins in their online wallets or web-based wallets, MyEtherWallet lets users store crypto coins on their computers rather than storing them online. 

The MyEtherWallet wallet is a completely free, open-source, streamlined platform that enables users to manage the Ethereum blockchain network. MyEtherWallet resembles a paper wallet since users must store their private keys either on their computers or by writing them down on paper and keeping them safe.


ZenGoZenGo is another MetaMask replacement you should consider. It brings innovation to the table, and its facial recognition technology makes it possible for users to retrieve their wallets in no time at all without having to store a seed phrase to recover the wallet when their devices are missing or stolen. Its low trading costs, user-friendly interface, and support for more than 70 cryptos make it an excellent choice for beginners.

There are numerous features that make ZenGo better MetaMask alternatives to consider. ZenGo provides users with the option of buying and selling supported cryptocurrencies straight from the app.

Using the app, you can buy more than 30 crypto assets, namely BTC, ETH, DOGE, and SHIB, in a matter of seconds. ZenGo gives you total control over your cryptocurrency portfolio. There are no minimums, maximums, or additional fees for sending and receiving cryptocurrencies.

It is possible to track assets, verify past transactions, and identify market prices as well as the flow of funds. The ZenGo app shows the date of all transactions. 

With this app, you’re able to buy, sell and trade cryptocurrency effortlessly. The platform provides you with a quick overview of your investments through an intuitive interface through which you can easily buy and sell cryptocurrencies. The mobile app and website are secure, and ZenGo offers 24×7 support. 

Binance Wallet

Binance Wallet is one of the popular Metamask competitors and offers many useful features for Binance users. If you use Binance, it is an excellent alternative to MetaMask or any other wallet you might be using. This is particularly useful for the defi world and NFT world at this point in time. 

Regardless of whether you use the app or the web application, you will have access to all the platform’s features. 

This wallet has an easy-to-use interface, and it is not difficult to use. Since it is a product from the popular Binance, it can be trusted at any time. Its simplicity and ability to display everything you need and want without any issues make it popular among traders of all skill levels. This wallet is definitely something you should consider.

Binance Chain Wallet allows you to connect your Binance account. Once your wallet is verified, you can send and receive instantly. Additionally, you can use your Google account to register, a feature not available on most browser wallets like MetaMask. 

It’s perfectly okay if you want to keep your crypto coins and not sell them right away. BINANCE gives you the option.

One of the most crucial factors to consider when choosing the best MetaMask alternatives is security. You can trust Binance to keep your coins, and your information safe.

There is no doubt that it is convenient to use, works well, and is not problematic. Therefore, it can be considered one of the best alternatives to MetaMask in the market. 


FortmaticRather than letting wallets control your user experience, Fortmatic let your Ethereum app be accessed by anyone. You no longer have to install browser extensions. Ethereum applications are connected via an email or phone number instead. A number of blockchain companies now utilize Fortmatic. 

Fortmatic is a more reliable alternative to MetaMask. Fortmatic provides customization, is embedded, and doesn’t interrupt the user’s experience. Users have access to many security options including OTP code, device 2FA, and recovery email, among others. 

Additionally, without the need for any software or browser extensions, the wallet will be easier to use, especially for beginners, in comparison to other crypto wallets like Metamask that exist.


PortisPortis is geared towards being easily configured and integrated with Decentralized applications. It is an easy-to-use multi-chain wallet compared to web 3.0-based wallets like Metamask, which are browser and extension-dependent.

Connecting to dApps with Portis is as easy as adding a simple email address and password, regardless of the web browser or device being used.

It’s extremely easy to get started with Portis, so those new to cryptocurrency will have no trouble getting started. In place of downloading additional applications or browser extensions, Portis wallet setup is as simple as tapping a screen.

For most dApps, buying cryptocurrency is a difficult and time-consuming process. Portis integrates a fiat gateway, making it possible to buy cryptocurrency with a credit card or a debit card. It does not restrict users to a single cryptocurrency or blockchain. There are several major blockchain networks supported by Portis, like Ethereum, Bitcoin, and EOS.

Keeping your crypto protected is important to prevent theft. The best way to prevent theft is to have secure wallets like Metamask, and Portis handles this for you. 


Coin98Coin98 is a complete DeFi Platform designed to provide access to TradFi users to any DeFi services across multiple blockchains.

Coin98 offers a wide range of tools, including a Wallet. Coin98 wallet enables users to store, send, receive, and manage crypto assets, as well as integrate with multiple blockchains (dApps).

Furthermore, it is a non-custodial wallet, which means that your personal data will never be collected by the app, and only you will be able to see it. It comes with additional security features such as faceID and password protection.

More than 25 blockchains are supported by Coin98, including BTC, ETH, Binance Smart Chain, and many more. Moreover, Coin98 simplifies the transaction process and offers users the best exchange rate when swapping and the lowest transaction fees in the industry.

Which is the best MetaMask alternative?

We found Coinbase Wallet is the best alternative to MetaMask. You can also check out the other ten alternatives above to decide which one you like the most.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Why you should delete MetaMask Account?

  • MetaMask cannot access your personal information, but the browser you’re using can. The browser won’t be able to access private codes, however, it may be able to collect data regarding your app usage. The majority of crypto users will be reluctant to allow third-party to collect their data. In this regard, some users might be put off by MetaMask and opt for more secure MetaMask alternatives.
  • A number of benefits and disadvantages are associated with online wallets. The biggest disadvantage is security. The risk of hackers accessing online stored information is greater than the risk of hackers accessing offline stored information. The security provided by MetaMask is insufficient. 
  • There are several cons on MetaMask, for example, it supports only Ethereum, and Ethereum-based tokens (ERC-20, ERC-721, ERC-1150). Thus, the wallet can’t store other cryptos, which is a problem. It is a major drawback when you consider other MetaMask alternatives capable of supporting the majority of cryptocurrencies and tokens.

Why Metamask showing insufficient funds?

It’s possible that you may not have enough ETH or native currency to fee required to conduct a transaction. This could be the reason why you are getting an insufficient funds error in Metamask.

How can I delete my MetaMask wallet?

We have created a dedicated guide for deleting the Metamask account. This guide explains step by step to close your Metamask account.

Why Metamask fees so high?

For Ethereum transactions to be completed, gas is required. In order to send tokens, execute contracts, send ETH, or perform any other operation on the blockchain, a fee must be paid. Payment is based on gas, which is always paid in ETH.

How do I reduce transaction fees on MetaMask?

The user can adjust the gas price and gas limit when transferring Ether and tokens. The transaction fee can be customized by selecting Advanced Options, and manually entering the Gas Price (GWEI) and Gas Limit.

Why Metamask is not safe?

Metamask is a hot wallet or a crypto wallet that is online. As it’s encrypted, you can decrypt it only with your password, however, brute-force attacks are more likely to crack it. In most cases, MetaMask wallets are compromised by malware and phishing attacks. To date, MetaMask hasn’t suffered any major hacks.

I hope the article above can help you find the best MetaMask alternatives that you should consider moving to. You should take the time to consider each of the above Bitcoin wallet’s offerings, features, and the legal status of the wallet in your country carefully!

If you know any other alternative to MetaMask that deserves to list here, comment below.

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