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9 Benefits Of Video Marketing For Your Brand

Video marketing is all the rage right now, and rightly so. It has created a level field for both small and big businesses. Earlier, one needed to have an entire board of marketing professionals to promote their brand and its products/services. Today, you can do that all by yourself, thanks to video marketing.

If you also wish to promote your business without making a hole in your pocket, you have come to the correct place. This article will introduce you to the various benefits of video marketing and how it can positively impact your brand:Benefits Of Video Marketing

Comprehensive list of 9 advantages of video marketing for your brand

Video marketing improves sales

The end goal of every business is the same- to sell as many products/services as possible. Video marketing helps you achieve this goal. When you incorporate videos on your website’s landing page, you will notice an instant hike in people’s interest in your products/services. It happens because videos have an extremely high conversion rate. Studies show that videos have a conversion rate of 80%. Therefore, video marketing can significantly boost your brand’s earnings.

Videos help you in establishing your brand’s reputation

If your brand is new, it needs to build a reputation. Building a good reputation is necessary to attract buyers. You can build a good reputation for your brand by making the following videos:

  • Testimonial videos: When clients praise your products/services, it acts as a motivation for other customers to buy from you.
  • Company culture videos: When you tell your potential customers about your brand, its motto, the quality of your products/services, or the various ways in which your company positively impacts people, people tend to connect better with you.
  • Explanatory videos: If your products/services are a bit complex to understand, such videos are an effective solution. It is easier for a person to understand how to operate something through videos rather than reading an instructional manual.
  • Explainer videos are clear, concise, and engaging. They tell a story that resonates with viewers and leaves them wanting to learn more. Animate explainer videos can be a solution for startups to transfer information regarding the business in an easy-to-understand format. By collaborating with an explainer videos agency you can get videos and use them to pitch to investors, train employees, and onboard customers.

Through the video types mentioned above, you can build a good reputation for your brand.

Video marketing helps your brand gain visibility

While you cannot post graphic or written content everywhere, videos can be posted on all social networking sites like Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, WhatsApp, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube, etc. You can even post videos on your blog. The more platforms you use to promote your brand, the better. Video marketing is versatile, and it helps you gain much more visibility than a regular written or picture post.

The best part about videos is that they can be repurposed. You can utilize an online video editor to repurpose the same video in multiple ways. You do not have to waste time and energy creating separate videos for all your social media handles. This is why video marketing is an easy way to increment your brand’s visibility.

Video Marketing boosts your traction

Posting video content can bring you more likes, comments, shares, and followers. It is no secret that today, every social media platform is promoting video content. For instance, making an Instagram reel will get you more traction than regular picture posts. Moreover, videos have a longer shelf life. They are bound to stay relevant on the web for a longer time. Therefore, making videos can increment your traction manifold.

Videos are inexpensive to produce

The price point is the biggest advantage video marketing has over other marketing techniques. Video marketing is no rocket science. Even if you are not an expert, you can still create professional-looking videos with the help of an online video editor.

An online video editor like InVideo provides its users with numerous readymade templates and a user-friendly interface. It allows you to create standard marketing videos without seeking professional help. Certain video editors also offer services free of cost, which means you do not have to spend big bucks for buying software. 

Videos are easy to make and time-effective

Video making might seem like a hassle to some. However, video editing tools have simplified the way we create videos. With ready-to-use templates and filters, video creation has become pretty simple. Even though creating videos may take more time than any other content, videos can be repurposed. It means that you can post the same video on various sites. Therefore, in the long run, videos are also time-saving.

Video marketing will give your brand a competitive edge

Video marketing has existed for a long time. However, its popularity has only grown recently. Despite being immensely popular, many businesses are still not using this tool. You can create videos showcasing all that your business offers, which the other competing brands do not. It will offer you a competitive edge over the other brands. 

Video marketing is assistive in converting mobile users to consumers

According to the latest studies, mobile users watch the most videos. Therefore, video marketing is your best shot at reaching out to mobile users. Since mobile users like watching video content on the go, you must create short and exciting videos.

In fact, you can stand out from the crowd by using MMS messaging, as it is proven that imagery helps boost customer engagement.

Video marketing helps you in retaining existing clients

Sometimes, brands get so busy focusing on gaining new customers that they forget about their existing customers. But retaining customers is as crucial as attracting new customers. You can score brownie points in this department by reaching out to your existing customers through video marketing. You can create these two types of videos to retain them:

  • Gratitude videos: You positively impact your consumers’ buying behavior by thanking them for buying from you. Clients are more likely to return to a brand that values them.
  • Offer videos: When you attach videos in the subject line of an email, you are bound to catch eyeballs. Email videos to your existing customers explaining the various offers you have. It will further strengthen the point that you care about catering to their needs. 


Video marketing offers multiple advantages to a brand, like boosting sales, creating awareness among potential clients, and increasing traction. To sum it up, video marketing is one of the best marketing techniques for brands.

Lokesh Naik is an avid blogger and internet freak who is behind this blog. A tech enthusiast and fan of smartphones who keeps track of every little happening in the smartphone world. When not writing, he loves watching cricket.

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