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Best Video Editing Software in 2023

Visuals are the keys to the success of a business in the digital world. Your visuals will not be captivating unless they are edited with one of the best video editing software or online video editors like InVideo. There are so many video editing software out there that it is difficult to pick just one. Here is a compilation of the top video editing software with interesting features to create a professional video. Best Video Editing Software

Top Video Editing Software in 2023

Adobe Premiere Elements

It is the best choice if you are a newbie. Its step by step guide is clear and easy to understand. If you want to create a video without complexities, this software is the best because of its automated tools. 

  • Its user-friendly interface allows the users to find and organize the clips and photos easily.
  • Its intelligent editing feature helps in keeping the best scenes and deleting the rest. 
  • It has the feature of adding text and other embellishments to the videos. 
  • You can create animated videos to post on social media. 
  • The updated 2021 version enables motion tracking with the new mask selection tool. 

Its main disadvantage is it is a little slow in a standard computer. 


It is a  video editing software for Windows. As it is non-linear editing software, it is possible to combine videos and images on this and create lots of compositions. 

  • It has a clip-trimming feature. 
  • It allows the interaction of clips.
  • There is a wide variety of special effects to make your video interesting and captivating. 
  • It has split and side by side screen videos. 
  • It can be used for basic editing like cutting, cropping, rotating videos, advanced editing like double exposure and green screen removal, etc. 

VSDC is free editing software, but you have to pay a small price if you want additional features. Its low price despite its multiple features is its biggest plus. It is a bit confusing for beginners. This is its minus. 


This is a free online video editor with all the amazing features that you want to create and edit a video. There are filters, templates, tools, stickers, and many more to make thumb-stopping videos. It has an enormous video and music library to make videos if you don’t have any clippings. It offers a huge range of graphics and music. Its templates enable the conversion of content into videos. It provides many facilities like; 

  • multiple layer videos.
  • automated voice over.
  • on-screen text editing.
  • multi-language support.
  • drag and drop functionality. 
  • intelligent frames. 
  • Power transitions. 

Its biggest plus is its easy-to-use and offers customizable templates. Some feel online video editing is not a good idea, but most of the users feel it is a budget-friendly tool for video editing. 

Filmora 9

It is a great video editing software for beginners. It is simple to understand and use, but it is powerful. 

  • It has an uncluttered interface. Most of the editing, including the addition of texts, special effects, and export of final footage, can be done from the main window. It is a big advantage for beginners. 
  • It has 3D LUT to change the aesthetics of your video. 
  • It allows direct sharing of videos on Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, and other social media. 
  • It allows the editing and importing of videos of 4K. This facilitates the capture of all fine details of the video.
  • It runs smoothly on Mac and Windows

The absence of a mobile application and its cloud service is its main con. 

PowerDirector Ultra 

It provides flexible video editing solutions to editors from the beginning level to the advanced level.

  • For the newcomers, it provides basic editing options like drag and drop available videos and automatic generation of videos, etc.
  • For advanced editors, it provides a huge array of editing tools like PiP Designer, Motion Blur, Particle Designer and Menu Designer, etc. 
  • You can create professional-looking animated videos. 
  • It is mobile-friendly, which allows you to create videos on the go. 
  • Stylish special effects and templates help in creating quality videos. 
  • A customizable transition effect is one of the important features. 

Its main minus point is it does not run with Mac. 


It is free to use open source video editing software. Originally, it was created for 3D animation, but it is useful as a video editor too. 

  • It is used for basic video editing like audio mixing and syncing.
  • It is also useful for advanced editing like video masking, speed control, keyframes, layer adjustment, filters, etc. 
  • There are about 32 slots for adding audio, images, videos, and effects.
  • Its other important features include histogram, luma waveform, live preview, and more. 

As it was originally a 3D animation editor, the tutorials focus more on it than on video editing. This is its main disadvantage. 


It is also free and open-source video editing software. It was originally designed for Linux, but it was later expanded, and it runs on Windows, Linux, and Mac. 

  • Its timeline editing is one of its special features.
  • It supports 4K resolution.
  • It is time-saving because there is no need to import videos into the editor. This makes it a perfect choice for long videos like tutorial videos. 
  • You can create movies with this software. If you want to make movies, you can also use an online movie maker like InVideo
  • It has a smooth interface. 

Its main negative is it may not be easy for beginners. Some get tired and move on to simpler software. 


Clipify is a free automatic video editor with a beginner-friendly interface. It has a convenient timeline with multiple tracks for visual media, music, voiceovers, and embellishments. Thanks to the editor’s automatic Wizard tool, users with no videography experience can quickly make engaging movies and fun clips for their archive, family, social media, and YouTube channels.

Also, this intuitive editor has all the manual features you need to enhance, embellish, and edit your video, no matter what device you used to shoot it. Here are the key features you will enjoy in Clipify:

  • Handy tools for cropping, rotating, splitting, merging clips, and editing their speed
  • Webcam capture & voice recorder
  • Easily applicable color correction and quality fix
  • 450+ visual effects & filters, beautiful title cards, dynamic transitions
  • Diverse captions, stickers, and cliparts for decorating your videos
  • Built-in greeting card templates 
  • 200+ royalty-free soundtracks you can use in your projects
  • Sound editing tool 
  • 30+ export options for TVs, smartphones, PCs, YouTube, Vimeo, and socials
  • In-program DVD burner with a movie menu customization tool

Clipify also offers some professional features – Chroma Key, stabilization, and Curves. These tools are easy to apply, and videographers of all skill levels will appreciate them. 

You should remember a few key factors before selecting video editing software. First, you should make sure it suits your purpose. If you are planning to make just a home video, software with basic features is enough. This could be iMovie if you’re running macOS or any iMovie for PC alternative if you use Windows. If you are creating a video for promoting your business, you need a high-quality video. Choose a video editing software to suit your needs and budget. 

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