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Top 5 Auto Clickers in the Market (2023)

Auto Clickers has always been a lifesaver when it comes to automating mouse clicking. It simulates mouse clicks on a computer screen without using a mouse. People use auto clickers a lot in click-based games and websites.

You can find many auto clickers in this competitive era but only live up to the expectation. That’s why I brought a list of the top 5 auto clickers that work in almost every website and game.

Let’s get started. Top Auto Clickers For Different Devices

Top 5 Best Auto Clicker Software in 2023

The following list is a combined list of auto clickers for different devices. Most of them are free or offer a free trial. Here’s the list.

1. OP Auto Clicker

Price – Free to use

OP Auto Clicker is a fully-fledged auto clicker for Windows Operating System. It is a free open-source software. It automates mouse clicks on a computer screen at dynamic cursor’s location or preset targets in XY coordinates. There is no limit on automated clicks. However, you can manually set the number of clicks if you want limited clicks.

You can set to repeat left, right, or middle mouse button actions on any website. You can set the mouse actions for single, double, or triple-click. Users can also set Hotkeys (shortcut keys) to instantly start and stop OP Auto Clicker. The auto clicker is widely used by gaming communities including Minecraft and Roblox gamers. Apart from the games, it is also used by software developers and employees who need constant activity on the same website. 

Key Features of OP Auto Clicker

  • Offers multiple clicking options
  • No limitation on clicks
  • Simple user interface
  • Lightweight and portable software
  • 100% safe to use (no ads and pop-ups)

2. MurGee Auto Clicker

Price – $6.54 for 3 Months (Free Trial up to 20 uses)

Auto Clicker by MurGee is an advanced auto clicker for Windows. The main feature that makes it special is that you can not only use it on any website on your browser but also on applications in your computer system. It offers several mouse actions that most of the auto clickers don’t. It has a system tray that contains pretty much every feature that an ideal auto clicker has. 

MurGee Auto Clicker is a bit complicated for new users because it involves some high-tech mouse-clicking features for professional usage. But it still offers basic clicking parameters for normal mouse-clicking usage. You can save the preset targets for future use. To install the MurGee Auto Clicker, you need to follow the standard setup wizard and admin access to your PC. 

Key Features of MurGee Auto Clicker

  • Advanced auto-clicking options
  • Offer multiple mouse actions 
  • Record and playback options
  • Works with every website and application
  • Offers a free trial with complete features

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3. Fastest Auto clicker

Price – Free to use

Fastest Auto Clicker is another handy auto clicker for Windows with some exceptional features. It is known for its accuracy and speed. The special feature of Fastest Auto Clicker is that it lets users record multiple clicks as a script. Then the auto clicker will follow the same process as you did on the screen.

It lets you set the target in a specific location then it will show in XY coordinates. You can save the multiple targets for further uses. It offers gamers a game assist that lets the computer do the hard work while you sit and watch. Users can download and install the Auto Clicker without spending a penny. Register it with your email to get free technical support and updates.

Key Features of Fastest Auto Clicker

  • Offers auto clicking for universal usage
  • Advanced scripting and scheduling options
  • Game assist for gaming purposes
  • Free updates and support
  • 100% safe to use

4. MurGaa Auto Clicker

Price – $6.54 for 6 Months (Free Trial up to 20 uses)

Auto Clicker by MurGaa is an innovative auto clicker for Mac PC. There are several robust mouse-clicking options to automate Left/Right mouse buttons. It offers multiple ways to Start/Stop the auto clicker. Users can download it on the latest version of the Mac Operating System. (Intel 64-bit machines)

When it comes to auto clickers for Mac, there are not many options. But MurGaa has set its standards. Like other auto clickers, it offers multiple clicking options along with a Tweaker option. The tweaker allows you to structure Time Delay between up and down in milliseconds. You can save your commands and actions. You can select any of them for later use.

Key Features of MurGaa Auto Clicker

  • Advanced auto-clicking options
  • Offer multiple start/stop options and mouse actions 
  • Special Tweaker feature for gamers
  • Works with every application
  • Offers free trial 

5. Auto Clicker –  Automatic Tap

Price – Free to use

Auto Clicker – Automatic Tap is an auto clicker application for Android users. The user interface is simple and crystal clear. Users can install it without root access. But you need to allow accessibility service in order to run the app. It offers a floating panel that lets you set the target on your mobile screen. You can set multiple targets on any website or game.

When you set a target on the screen, it will ask for time delay and stopping time. You can either set a specific time or let it tap infinity until you stop it. Apart from the automatic tap, you can record swipes, taps, and gestures on your screen by using multiple fingers. Then you can import and export scripts to other users. The app is only 4.5 MB and is installed by 10+ Million users worldwide. 

Key Features of Auto Clicker – Automatic Tap

  • Offers multiple target mode
  • Offers a floating panel with every automatic tap settings 
  • Options to record scripts
  • No root access required
  • Works with every application


Therefore, this is the list of top auto clickers for every device. I’ve used these auto clickers by myself. All of them went through a click speed test and as a result, they gave up to 1000 CPS. Not all are free but you can try all of them for free. 

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