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Explore the Globe with iOS & Android AR Strategy Game ‘Domination: Earth’

New Android and iOS augmented reality strategy game “Domination: Earth” has launched, operating in the real world around you – military style! Check in wherever you go using your phone or tablet to capture places and pieces of land, expanding your very own global empire – like Geocaching on Steroids!

Domination Earth - New Capture

Developed by a small startup Epic Dragon UK, the concept of the game was originally inspired by the “Swarm” social network (formerly “Foursquare”), which some of CEO Dan Dragon’s friends and relatives were simply addicted to and kept checking in wherever they went together.

Explore the Globe with iOS & Android AR Strategy Game ‘Domination: Earth’

Game strategies include capturing lands to build military bases and engaging armies to establish regional control. Construction resources keep appearing everywhere throughout the globe, so during the time spent their accumulation you will discover places you’ve never observed!

DE - New _Day_ Earth view

To guard your territories, start unions with neighbors to battle against foreign threats or construct a missile launcher in your lawn to frustrate trespassers of the place where you grew up. It’s fundamental check in five times in any spot to build up another base of tasks. Once you’ve sufficiently gathered resources you can send your armed forces to the abroad base with a specific end goal to improve your impact remotely, even after you’ve left out!

DE - New _Night_ Eart view

One approach to acquiring resources is by item scrapping. You can examine things around your home or around the store by utilizing your camera. You can scan anything video games, toys, DVDs, foods and many. Anything with a code turns into a wellspring of valuable material.


I was awed to see that my quick region is totally covered with resources I can gather, and even several bases that were near my region. A cool aspect concerning Domination: Earth is that it’s far more than basically planting flags and gathering resources; you should effectively shield your territory by assaulting different players in your place. The game even enables you to track known players so you can see when they catch a new area close you. Regardless of whether you live in a rural region, you have the alternative of “scrapping” things by scanning barcodes. This will make resources for you to use in your base.

DE - New Construction shot

Domination: Earth has extreme potential and is an incredible game appropriate out of the door. One extremely cool component enables you to move armed forces between bases, which implies you can visit a remote nation abroad and still have the capacity to protect it when you return home. In the event that you figure out how to make an alliance with adjacent players, you can nearly ensure your base’s survival. Discuss putting worldwide domination inside reach!

At last, Domination: Earth is worth trying on the off chance that you appreciate methodology games that expect you to put in a touch of additional effort. Regardless of whether you need to lead your territory with an iron fist or build alliances to ensure survival, this is definitely a fun game that is worth trying.

You can download “Domination: Earth” on your Android or iOS phones and tablets using this link:

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