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Fix FedEx Requested Localization is Invalid or Not Supported, Please Update Error


Fix FedEx Requested Localization is Invalid or Not Supported, Please Update Error

Are you encountering the frustrating “Requested Localization Is Invalid Or Not Supported, Please Update And Try Again” error while trying to ship a package with FedEx? You’re not alone. 

FedEx, a well-known American transportation and business services company, provides essential services like overnight transportation, ground shipping, and more.

However, some customers face issues when attempting to ship their packages. In this guide, we’ll explain what Fedex requested localization is invalid or not supported error means and provide simple steps to help you resolve it. 

What Does “Requested Localization is Invalid or Not Supported FedEx” Mean?

The error message “Requested Localization Is Invalid Or Not Supported” from FedEx indicates a problem with the location details you’ve provided when attempting to start a shipment or access FedEx services. 

The Fedex requested localization is invalid or not supported error could be due to choosing an incorrect location or services that aren’t supported there. For instance, if you’re attempting to use overnight delivery for a place where air transportation isn’t feasible, this error may occur. 

How to Fix Fix FedEx Requested Localization is Invalid or Not Supported, Please Update Error

Check the Location Details

To resolve this error, carefully review the error message to identify the issue—typically, an invalid or unsupported location. Verify and update your location details accurately, ensuring you input the correct destination country, address, city, and postal code. To prevent this error, it is essential to provide accurate and valid location information.

Make sure your shipment’s location details are accurate. Check both the sender and recipient addresses for any mistakes, such as typos or missing information in street names, numbers, city, state, and ZIP codes. Also, validate that you’ve selected the correct country for both. 

Check Service Availability

If you’ve confirmed a valid location but still encounter the error, verify if the chosen service is accessible in the destination country. FedEx offers a variety of services, but availability varies by country. Certain services may be unavailable in specific countries, leading to this error. 

You will need to ensure that your chosen FedEx services are available in your destination country and choose accordingly. You can do this by visiting the FedEx website and selecting the destination country or by contacting FedEx customer service for service availability details.

Update Your Account Information

Regularly reviewing and updating your account information is a crucial aspect of maintaining a smooth and efficient shipping process. Start by double-checking and, if necessary, updating your contact details, such as your phone number, email address, and physical address. This ensures that FedEx can reach you easily for important updates or notifications regarding your shipments.

The next step is to review your billing information. Your account’s payment methods must be active and valid. You should update any expired credit card details or billing addresses to avoid any hiccups in payment processing that could delay your shipments.

Additionally, it is important to review and adjust your shipping preferences. It is important to make sure that your preferences align with your current needs, whether it’s delivery options, package pickup arrangements, or any specific instructions for FedEx.

Try at a Different Time

If you’re encountering persistent errors on the FedEx website, consider trying to access it at a different time, particularly when heavy traffic could be causing temporary technical issues. It’s a practical approach that involves selecting a time when the website experiences lower usage:

To avoid busy periods, opt for times when the website encounters less traffic. Avoid peak hours, such as during lunch breaks or after standard business hours, when a high volume of users are likely to be accessing the website. Go back to the FedEx website during off-peak hours and try shipping again. 

Clear Browser Data & Cache

Browser cache is like a temporary storage in your computer that keeps a bit of data from websites you visit. Sometimes, this storage can hold old or messed-up files that can cause problems when using the FedEx website. 

To fix the error, let’s start by clearing some old stuff saved in your browser that can sometimes cause problems with the FedEx website.

  • For Google Chrome, click on the three dots at the top-right corner. Then, go to More Tools and choose Clear browsing data. Make sure to select “All Time” and check Cached images and files, as well as Cookies. Click on Clear Data to finish.Clear All Browsing Data on Chrome
  • For Mozilla Firefox, click on the three lines at the top-right. Then, select History and Clear Recent History. Choose “All Time” and select Everything. Click on Clear Now to complete the process.
  • For Microsoft Edge, you’ll need to click on the three dots at the top-right corner. Then, go to Settings. Now, under the Privacy, search, and services section, click on Clear Browsing Data. Choose “All Time” and check Cookies and Other Site Data, and Cache Images and Files. Finally, click on Clear Now to clear the old stuff.

Try using the FedEx App

FedEx Mobile App

If you’re facing an error on the FedEx website using your desktop, consider using the FedEx mobile app as an alternative solution. 

Simply download the “FedEx Mobile” app on your Android or iOS device, launch it, and create an account to check if the error persists. Sometimes using the official app on your phone can be easier and fix the issue you had on the website or desktop.

Try Using Incognito Mode

Using incognito mode is like browsing privately. It’s a fresh start where your browser doesn’t remember any previous information from websites. Also, the incognito mode lets you browse without saving website data like cookies or cache.

This can be helpful in resolving the FedEx error as it ensures that the data presented to FedEx during the shipping process is entirely new and without any potential issues from previous browsing sessions.

Contact FedEx Support

Contact FedEx Support

If you’re still struggling to fix the problem, reaching out to FedEx customer service is a wise step. The dedicated customer support team at FedEx will guide you through the troubleshooting process.

It’s essential to keep in mind that FedEx does have restrictions in place regarding package size, weight, and the type of products they can handle. Therefore, ensure that the package you intend to ship complies with their guidelines. 

To get assistance from FedEx customer support, visit their Customer Support page using the following link: FedEx Customer Support. Alternatively, you can call FedEx support at 1800 209 6161

When reaching out to their customer service, be sure to provide your account details, and relevant shipment information, and describe the exact error message you encountered.

Opt for an Alternative Service

If the initially chosen service isn’t accessible for the destination country, finding alternative available options is the best solution. 

FedEx provides a range of services like FedEx Express, FedEx Ground, FedEx International Priority, and more. Consider an alternative shipping option that is supported in the destination country, and aligns with their shipping requirements.

I hope this article was useful in assisting you in resolving the FedEx requested localization is invalid or not supported error. Trying out the various methods mentioned can be useful to potentially fix the issue. Don’t hesitate to share this article with others who might be facing a similar challenge.

Additionally, sharing your experience on which method worked for you can be valuable for fellow users dealing with the same error, creating a helpful and collaborative online community.

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