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Games Worth Playing At Work To Increase Productivity

To work productively without harming your health, psychologists advise taking five to ten-minute breaks once an hour during working hours. In these moments of rest, you can not only relax, drink coffee, take a walk or listen to music, but also play some mobile games. Especially since today, there are games that do not take up much space on your smartphone but will bring you a lot of game enjoyment. Read more about such games on appslikethese.Games Worth Playing At Work To Increase Productivity

It has been proven that video games, including those on cell phones, can be used effectively not only for entertainment but also to stimulate effective performance. Games develop people’s reasoning skills, emotional stability, purposefulness, volumetric and creative thinking, and improve reaction, coordination, and ability to concentrate. Not in vain several giants of modern technology, such as Facebook and Google, integrate games into their working environment, believing that it helps people work more efficiently.

For a little respite, something that allows you to quickly “recharge” emotionally is suitable. Mobile games, or any games, are impulse-based. So they make it easy enough to get joy and satisfaction. They really help to free the mind and shift attention. But, here is also very important to be aware and control your actions – when, what, and how long you should and can play. If entertainment interferes with work, it is better to go for a short walk or find another form of recreation.

It is believed that one way to quickly and effectively give your brain a break is to play simple games, where you can quickly achieve a particular result. Perhaps that’s why some of the most popular mobile games in the world are Angry Birds, Candy Crush Saga, Monster Strike, Pokemon Go, as well as the more classic ones like Space Impact and Snake or Snake. You should also try the lesser-known games, which, despite their simplicity, can be very entertaining. Not only are they entertainment that improves mood and reduces anxiety, but they also develop cognitive abilities, greatly improving productivity.

Games To Increase Productivity

Threes! – for number lovers

This game is designed as a digital puzzle, excellent for developing logical thinking. The idea of the game is very simple – you need to connect the given numbers so that their sum is divisible by three. These numbers get bigger and bigger, which is necessary because the bigger the number, the more points the player scores. At the same time, as the denomination of the numbers increases, the opportunities to successfully combine them become less and less. Therefore, to reach the highest possible number – 6144, you need to work hard. – for the hunters of bonuses

If you remember “Snake”, which was popular on push-button phones, this game is much better! It improves planning skills, socialization, and competition because it is played online: you have to protect your “snake” from other players’ “snakes”, which are usually very long and agile, instead of hitting the walls or the edges of the screen.

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Dots & Co: A Puzzle Adventure – for strategists

The aim of this game is to connect as many as possible, but not less than three, dots of the same color. They can be connected both horizontally and vertically, as well as in other different combinations, for example, in the shape of a square. With each successive level this task becomes more difficult, so here is a good use of “special abilities” that can be obtained in the course of the game. To get as many points as possible, you need to think at least two steps ahead. It’s worth adding that there are a total of 320 original levels in this game, so you won’t get bored!

Mini Metro – for planners

This game is great for developing project planning skills because the main task of the player is to build a subway network in a rapidly growing city. It must be said that it is not so easy, because the number of residents of the city is constantly increasing, creating pandemonium at the subway stations. Thus, it is necessary all the time to plan and build more and more branches of the subway. Also, to reduce these “traffic jams”, players have the opportunity to purchase additional subway cars and build bridges, so that the population could get to the most remote corners of the city. Thus, the more intelligently the player will plan the subway network and use the available resources, the more people can be transported and the more points can be earned.

What makes this game especially interesting is that each time you can plan a subway network in a different city. In general, you have the opportunity to choose one of the 18 megacities of the world – Berlin, Hong Kong, London, New York, St. Petersburg, etc.

Bad Piggies – for engineers

This game is designed more for those people who are fond of LEGO or other constructors. Visually, it is very reminiscent of the popular mobile game “Angry Birds”. But, in this case, we are talking about pigs, which are hunting for eggs. Of course, during the hunt not everything happens as planned – it’s a shame when the hard-won treasure map is torn apart by a fan. So the player’s task is to help the pigs find all the fragments of this map by building very complex mechanisms, which are created in the form of fascinating puzzles.

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