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8 Best Free Old English Translator Websites (2022)

There are dozens of old English translators on the internet and its too many for you to pick the best on your own. We’ve done the research to bring you the best English to old English translator in 2022.

Undoubtedly, English is the most popular and most used language in the world. After their mother tongue, most of the people around the world can speak or understand the English language. It doesn’t matter which part of the world. Almost every country’s citizens are familiar with the English language. best old english translator

The reasons for it are many. However, while reading old English books or anything that has old English languages, it is difficult for most of us to understand the meaning of every word. Old English (also known as Anglo Saxon), is an ancestor of the new English language. History says that the old English was spoken between the fifth and twelfth centuries in areas of what is now England and Southern Scotland.

Because the old English is very different compared to Modern English and difficult for Modern English speakers to understand old English without research or study. 

Grammar nouns, adjectives, pronouns, and verbs have many inflectional endings on the old English language and forms, and word order is very free.

Tons of people from every part of the world read old English novels, books where English is prevalent. Thus, to understand the real meaning of old English words is important. 

To understand it, having the best old English translator is rather important. So, all you need is a good old English to modern English translator. 

These days, you don’t even need a dictionary, paper phrasebook anymore. Because smartphones and PCs that we use in day to day life can do everything. They can handle capable tasks. 

Thus, modern English speakers can use these olde English translator tools to get a better understanding. Here are the best old English translators in 2022.

With these tools, you can understand old English from new English easily (visa-versa as well). You can achieve your goal of understanding old English quickly. These websites are made to translate old English to present English language. It will be very useful for people studying old English.

Top 8 Free Old English Translator Tools in 2022

Majstro On‐line translation

Majstro is the most powerful old English translator tool for you. It has very simple and easy to use interface. It is the best translator for almost all popular languages, including old English to modern English. Majstro On‐line translation

There are many other languages listed on the site, and you can pick anyone to translate it to another language listed. It doesn’t matter, whether you are a beginner or an expert, this website will help you to grow your knowledge. If your known modern English, use this powerful tool for learning old English.

Once you visit the website, you will see the drop-down menu of Source language and Target language. You just need to pick the language old English to English and paste or type the sentences you need to translate in the text field. At last, hit the Translate button. 

You can also click on the <-> button to do the visa-versa. Means, if you are translating old English to modern English then clicking on the <-> button will change it to modern English to old English. 

The great thing about the tool is you can paste or type a maximum of 75.025 words, which is amazing. A virtual keyboard also present on the site to pick from Latin, Cyrillic, Greek, Thai, and Hebrew.

LingoJam Modern English to Old English Translator

LingoJam is yet another olde English translator. This is actually a popular translator tool that allows translation from any language. They also have English to Shakespearean translator that allows translation from Shakespearean English to modern English. 

LingoJam Modern English to Old English TranslatorOnce you open the English to old English translator, you find two text boxes. Write your Modern English sentence in the first text box and boom! The website will start displaying the translated part in the second box. Yes. You will see your output translated sentence, automatically on the next text field. The translator also allows you to copy, paste for input, and output results.

LingoJam is a very simple tool and it doesn’t have any other features to offer. It displays the translated result in another text box from where you can copy the sentences directly. 

Fun Translations

Fun Translations is the best tool to translate to old English within a matter of seconds. Head over to and type your sentence of a modern English convert to old English by clicking on the Translate button. This free olde English translator displays some ads and they are not annoying. So, you get better user experience. Fun Translations

Alongside the old English translator service, Fun Translations also has some other translators that can do your translation job for free. Overall, it is worth trying English to old English translator. Note that, a single modern word may map to several Old English words. So, the tool may display different results for the same sentences at different times. This is one of the working old English to modern English sentence translator.


Need a free translator that can give you the detailed old English meanings of any English word? Then try Fontvilla old English translator. FontVilla is the best website to find meaning and translated results of any old English words. Fontvilla old english to modern english translator

Translate normal English words to old English easily and quickly using this free tool. You can type or paste modern English directly and find meaning in old English instantly on this tool. This tool can become a very effective and quick way for you to learn writing in old English.

The tool also includes some amazing tools like text editors to changing the font that can customize the size of the font and it can also change the text to italic, bold, spaces, etc.

Old English Translator

As the name suggests, this is the ultimate website to translate old English to modern English. It has the most comprehensive old English and new English vocabulary you will find in any translator tool. This website has a very user-friendly user interface with only three buttons. Old English Translator

Once you open the Old English Translator, you will see a text box and To Modern English, To Old English, and Reset buttons. 

Unlike translator tools that translate the whole English sentence to old English, this tool is like a dictionary for you. Once you enter the word to be translated and hit the To Modern English or To Old English button, the website will search for that word alongside the meaning. Within a second it will display the result.

If you are happy with the result then hit the Reset button to clear the text field to enter new words. Easy, isn’t it?

Old English Translator is totally free to use and it is ad-free. If you wish, you can donate some money to the developers to cover the cost and to appreciate their work.

Ethendun Plus

Ethendun Plus is a website similar to Old English Translator. It is also a dictionary that will surely help you to translate old English to modern English. Unlike the translators, you have to enter each word to know the meaning of that particular word in modern English or in old English.

Ethendun PlusOnce you visit the site, you will find Word to translate: text box where you need to type or paste the word. Below that, it has Old English > Modern English and Modern English > Old English buttons. 

Once you tap on one of these buttons, the Old English dictionary will find the related word and show you the appropriate result (if found). 

EOW: Englisc Onstigende Wordbōc

EOW is the fastest and easiest way to learn and translate old English to new English within your smartphones or PC. This free and stylish old English translator can find thousands of old English words with their modern English meanings for free. You can easily search for any word you want and EOW will take care of giving the meaning of that particular word and the best thing of this tool is that you also get a set of Search Options to modify.


Freelang transforms old English to new English and also new English to old English. This free old English translator includes each and every word and its meaning that you won’t find anywhere else. Upon opening this free dictionary website, you will discover OLD ENGLISH => ENGLISH and ENGLISH => OLD ENGLISH text boxes to enter a word. FREELANG Old English-English-Old English online dictionary

Choose what you need and enter the word in with respecting the text field. At last, you know what to do! Click on the Search button to get the real meaning of that word.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

How to translate old English to modern English

We have given every best old English translator tool with its working URL. Visit any websites you want to translate English to old English or conversely. We’ve also given a brief introduction of every website and its features (if any). So, the choice is yours!

Does old English translator work?

Well. The answer is simple. If you have a working and active internet connection then each of these English to old English translators should work for you. But, we can’t assure you about the accuracy of these tools.

Final Words

To help you choose the best old English translator tool for your needs, we have listed the top English to old English translator tools alongside its brief introduction and the URL of the website. Give them a spin with and choose the best translator to convert old English to modern English in 2022.

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