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5 Features That Make NordVPN Apart From The Competition

When it comes to digital protection, securing online activities, and providing the freedom to do what you want online without worrying about threats, VPN is your top choice. With plenty of solutions offered in the market, which name stands out as the most reliable and trusted secure server to mask your identity and acts as a formidable barrier against hackers, surveillance, and threats like malware or viruses.

nordVPN features

Every VPN provider will claim their legitimacy, accuracy, secured servers, and high-end protocols that set them apart from the massive competition. Only a few names have been trusted and proven their worth—NordVPN is a top-rated VPN service provider. What features make it a great choice, and why should you consider using it among the rest? Here’s a quick rundown.

Is NordVPN Worth Buying?

NordVPN is your all-in-one VPN service provider. It’s the name that will surely ring a bell when you check for top-rated and highly recommended solutions to mask and protect your digital footprints. With a top-notch CyberSec feature ideal not just for individuals but for remote work, you can rely on their uncompromising security service. It has multiple servers worldwide to ensure secured high-speed internet connectivity.

NordVPN is the only service provider that offers double VPN security to ensure your sensitive data and privacy is never compromised, whether streaming, torrenting, playing online games, or any online activities.

5 Features Why NordVPN is A Great VPN

Most VPN solutions have the same features and what sets them apart from each other is their subscription packages. However, with NordVPN, there are up-to-date features that set it apart from the massive competition. Here are five reasons why you should check out this tough VPN provider.

  1. Robust Double VPN Encryption

VPN offers a shield of protection to all its users. Still, NordVPN provides double VPN security to ensure your privacy is masked and would never be compromised twice compared to leading competitors.


Whether you share files with its P2P support, downloading and torrenting is guaranteed secure no matter where or when you need it. NordVPN even offers an exclusive IP address for all it’s subscribers to ensure no one can track your digital footprints and activities while connected to the internet.

  1. Uninterrupted High-Speed Internet Connectivity Through Multiple Servers Worldwide

All internet-accessible household devices are protected, from tablets, smartphones, and your desktop, you’ll never have to worry about data leakage, hacks, or threats that can threaten your privacy or access sensitive files.

With one subscription plan, you’ll have multiple simultaneous connections with all devices without lags, buffering, or interrupted connectivity.

  1. Next Generation Powerful Encryption

Have worry-free digital activities knowing that you are protected with the latest innovation of technology. NordVPN protects you against viruses, adware, and malware. It automatically blocks any intrusive ads even before you start browsing.

In case your device is malware-infected, this feature cuts all connection between your infected machine and the source securing your resources and internet traffic. Turning on your Cybersec prevents annoying ads, websites that may host malware or botnet controls.

  1. No-Logs Non-Stop Protection

A VPN, reliable VPN provider will keep no records of all your digital activities. Since it acts as a secured tunnel, you’ll have peace of mind knowing that all online activities are protected, and your identity stays anonymous. It offers a powerful approach with non-stop high-speed protection no matter what device and where you are. In case of sudden internet disturbance, a kill switch features total security against hackers or third-party surveillance.

  1. 24/7 Expert Support With Ease Of Use

NordVPN is easy to use and requires no special technical skills to automate and navigate to ensure you’re protected. With 24/7 active and responsive expert support to assist you, you need any help fixing any issues in the future.

Why Do you Need To Use A VPN?

VPN is a must-have digital solution to ensure data and privacy protection. Aside from that, using a VPN has tons of benefits:

  • It serves as a robust barrier against cyberthreats and crimes affecting and compromising tons of digital activities worldwide. A reliable VPN provider must follow standard security protocols for added protection against viruses and malware.
  • VPN provides protection not just for remote workers but also for restricted company files accessed outside of the secured company premises. With VPN, all files are guaranteed secure and hidden against hackers and surveillance.
  • VPN for businesses ensure client privacy and files are protected to improve trust and reliability on your end.
  • A VPN enables you to access geo-restricted sites or streaming services to ensure complete protection. It’s also an excellent tool if you need to travel to a region that limits your access to various locations and services.
  • Above all the said benefits, VPNs are affordable. Choose the right plan that suits your security preference without compromising your privacy and sensitive data against hacks and threats.


Among several VPN providers out in the market, NordVPN is a name that rings a bell when it comes to proven tough and rugged digital protection. It offers top-notch security like a double VPN that doubles your protection against threats, malware, hackers, and guarantees your privacy whenever needed.

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