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7 Most Famous Game Testing Techniques

With the growth of the global gaming industry, it’s expected to hit $300 billion of money by 2025. According to the newest report of GlobalData, cloud gaming and mobile gaming will become twice as popular as they reach by the year 2025. Due to this expansion and growth of the gaming industry, top companies such as BigScreenVR and AltspaceVR accelerated twice to a virtual future than we anticipated.

However, these big gaming companies need to focus on their client’s needs and not only on future trends. To prevent a gaming product with bugs and many errors, they need to bring it first to a game testing service. These services will avoid considerable losses in unit sales.Most Famous Game Testing Techniques

7 Most Famous Game Testing Techniques

The main objective of any game testing technique is to find, discover, and examine any error in the documents and software. These errors are called bugs. The game testing procedure aims to eliminate the bugs and maintain the game’s records simultaneously. These methods can be performed in seven distinct ways that include:

Functionality Testing

This game testing method is done to verify if the game works perfectly. The functionality tester primarily hunty the culprits within the game and the user’s interface and graphics like stability issues, audio-visual issues, game mechanic issues, and asset integrity. A game tester considers a few things while examining the game’s freezing, progression blockage, and performance issues.

Combinatorial Testing

Using this testing mode, you can effortlessly examine the game itself during its earliest stage. Typically, the first thing you need to discover is how much examining your game necessitates. This is because you use this method to know whether the game is bug-free and could satisfy the requirements. Besides, it also scrutinizes and analyzes all the inputs and outputs of a game to have a clear image of the combinations and outcomes.

Ad Hoc Testing

Another method of game testing technique is Ad Hoc Testing that could do random examinations on any section of your game product. Ad Hoc Testing has two types. The first one works on an “error guessing” technique that doesn’t require documentation, planning, and process to be followed. This method detects different errors or defects through a random process, with zero errors and documentation.

Compatibility Testing

This test detects any functionality defect and shows that their final product meets the graphics, software, and hardware requirements. The primary purpose of this technique is to keep the customer or user happy and satisfied at all times. This testing mode helps you determine whether the user interface is optimized for specific screen sizes of various handsets. This is done in both PC and Mobile games. For example, in mobile games, this method would examine whether the game will perfectly function on most Android devices. This technique will assess the compatibility of your product on different gaming platforms.

Tree Testing and Clean Room

The clean room technique helps make sure your gaming product has the perfect consistency and reliability of your gaming software. Conducting clean room testing aims to produce a product with minimal errors. The good side of having this type of testing is that it has no requirements to be prepared for testing. 

Regression testing

This testing is used to question the functionality of a gaming application once it has a full feature. It tests and rechecks the game’s sustainability and if the new features are working fine with no bugs and errors. The aim is to recheck whether the app’s functions work fine or verify whether any changes have popped up, any breakage, or new bugs.

Performance Testing

The last test that should be done with your game products is performance testing. It is used to determine your gaming product’s overall performance under real-time load and scenarios. By doing this mode of examination, it will help the present infrastructure if the game is working smoothly. Load testing is typically performed to examine whether the game system and application are working smoothly even though they are under load. 


We are in an era where all the kids and teenagers have been adopted to a gaming world, the growth of technology is too massive. That’s why all gaming developers should realize the importance of these techniques to ensure that their product is well conditioned and make their lives easier.

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